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My favorite non-US hip hop artist happens to be Lady Sovereign of England! She has an absolutely amazing story and blurs every hip hop stereotype you could imagine, other than her background. Sov is a small, white, young, gay, female MC from Wembly. One of three children she grew up in estate housing (public housing in the U.S.) and dropped out of high school at the age of 15 due to her attendance record. Sov is probably my favorite because despite the fact that she's tiny (5'1") she's got a lot of attitude to back it up. Her journey was difficult but in 2006 she was signed to Def Jam and released her first album "Public Warning" on the label. The spunk and courage Sov displayed while making a name for herself have really inspired me to do what I want to do, no matter what anyone else says. Her lyrics show just how different she is and her grungy style translates very effectively into hip hop. Though she is on hiatus now I feel as though we have not seen the last of the self proclaimed "baddest midget in the game".



This is great--I've never heard of her before. Do you know if she collaborates or performs stateside? Interesting!

I almost chose Lady Sovereign for my blog post too. I thought of her when we talked in class about women queering their role in hip-hop. I think she would fit well into this category, not necessarily by her looks as she still appears as what one could say as feminine, but more by her attitude and presence. Hopefully she does make a comeback!

I completely forgot about Lady Sovereign, shes great! I remember that song "Love Me Or Hate Me". That song was really popular around the time I was a freshman/sophmore in high school, I remember listening to while driving around with my friends. I also like Lady Sov. because she kind of resembles me: small and gay. I would like to see more queer rappers, hip-hop artists in the public. I wonder if Lady Sov. identifies as a queer hip-hop feminist?

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