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Actually, my first exposure to Hip-Hop is Korean Hip-Hop because I grew up in South Korea. In Korea, there are also many Hip-hop artists, and I love listening Korean Hip-Hop songs. Among them, my favorite artist (non-U.S hip-hop artist) is MC sniper, who is a South Korean male rapper. He is considered a controversial and relatively influential musician in South Korea.

The song that I posted below is about the democratization movement and the political repression that South Korea had suffered during the 1960's-1980s. MC sniper is singing about the sacrifices and injustices suffered by his father's generation who built the economic powerhouse of today. Also this song makes people think about the overworked labors who got paid very little while working so hard under strenuous situations. The theme of Korean flag in the Music video reflects for those who died during those days.

Some part of its lyrics in English:

Brush, Brush, Green Brush
In this divided world where the severe wind blows and mother's tear pierces my heart,
For the true world & freedom in which people's spirit becomes the master,
I will row the river even though I may become black and blue watered like sagebrush.
Brush, brush, green brush, don't tremble by the early wind.
In the place where I am tied under the iron bars, I will see you while I am alive.


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