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I have next to zero knoweldge about global hip hop. Like many others from the class, I have heard of Sean Paul, M.I.A and other global artists that have made a name for themselves here in the United States. But I wanted to write on someone I hadn't heard of. I decided to google search female hip hop artists in the UK because I visitied London in 2005 and the music scene was so rich there that I knew someone would pop up. I stumbled upon a female hip hop artist named Ms. Dynamite. She is very well known throughout the UK and has won many Brit awards for her music. I sampled a number of her songs on YouTube and decided to post this one because it reminded me of Lauryn Hill's "Doo Wop."

This song is called " It Takes More." The tune is very reminiscent of 90's hip hop, though it is an early millennium song. I suggest that everyone look up the lyrics and take a listen.


Like you I don't know much about global hip hop but I listened to this song that you posted and I thought it was very interesting. It told a story, and a relatable one at that. I really loved that you blogged about this artist because it gives other people a chance to know about great artists like this one.

I listened to the song and I love that her name is Ms. Dynamite!! I know of a few hip hop artists from outside the United States, but I think it is awesome you went outside the box and looked up a new artist you have never heard of before. Learning new artist and being exposed to different types of hip hop and music in general is so great. The song you selected is really good, powerful lyrics and the video was very well produced. I like that shes says real women work hard to make the dough!

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