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To be honest, I don't really know many global hip hop artists, I am still learning a lot about American hip hop! I would say I am most familiar with M.I.A, I first started listening to her music after the movie "Slumdog Millionaire" came out. I had heard of her before that, because I had a teacher who had her poster on the wall in his classroom and a few friends who liked her a lot as well. As many other people did, I saw the movie and heard the soundtrack and really liked it. M.I.A had a few songs on the soundtrack and after listening to those I was hooked. For a while, her albums were in pretty heavy rotation on my ipod. Aside from M.I.A, I really have no other connection to hip hop anywhere else in the world. Last week in class, my table brought up the quote from Osumare's article where he quotes the british rapper Kerosene, who talks about the idea that when Americans think of England, they think of the Queen and the royalty, tea and crumpets but not about the struggles and the realties of the people who are marginalized just like here in the United States. This prompted me to look up some hip hop artists in London and other places in the U.K. I found some artists such as Klashnekoff, Akala, and the Poisonous Poets. I also found the rapper Lowkey, who is also a political activist. His songs are very conscious and focus on the injustices of war, gentrification and racism. Lowkey.jpg


I think the quote from Osumare's article is very intriguing. It is absolutely true that people have predispositions and certain beliefs about other countries and cultures that blind them from the "real truths" that are going on there. I was in London this past summer and a few friends took me to underground hip hop shows where themes of racism and poverty throughout the city were being brought up. Since London is a major place for entertainment, I assumed it would be a place for pop, rock, and "club" hip hop music. I think people need to take more time out of their day to read the news about what's going on in other countries so that their thoughts and views about those countries are accurate.

I also find the Osumare quote very interesting. We are all exposed to various cultures in different ways that provides us with unique understandings on how people within those cultures interact with each other. I think it is important to educate yourself about the realities of other cultures. I do not think relying on the news and media is the best way however cause they are often biased in what they choose to display.

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