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One of the most important issues facing new generations of young people globally is making sense of all the global messages and internalizing them. For example, when people from the United States hear about news/affairs in other countries, we take in the information but don't know how to process or internalize it so that it creates meaning in our own lives. This problem creates a sense of ignorance among these newer generations because they're solely focused on news and events that pertain only to their lives, they don't take in stories from other countries. They become narrow minded and one sided. I believe that the newer generations need to have a collective mind and engage in world news and global youth's stories so that there will be a greater understanding in the world and everyone can come together to face and solve issues.

The song "Stand Up For Love" by Destiny's Child highlights this theme of a collective mind and everyone uniting and learning about global affairs so as to change the world. They say, "it all starts right here and it starts right now. one person to stand up there and the rest will follow...If we all stand together this one time then no one will get left behind.
Stand up for life, stand up and sing, stand up for love." I believe that once one person begins to internalize and make meaning of global affairs, others will too. All it takes is a catalyst and collective thoughts and actions will result.


I agree with you. Young people need to care about news and affairs in other countries, not only their own countries. And for the young to understand and care about others, they need to stop ignoring others and caring only their own lives. That way the young can have more open-minds and engage in the world's diverse affairs, in turn understand others well and learn a sense of togetherness.

I like the issue that you chose to tackle, but I think it pertains mainly to the U.S. as many people here are only concerned with their own surroundings. I think it's pretty relevant in a nation where many have access via the internet or T.V. to engage with world politics and yet still choose to ignore, as you mentioned. Ignorance tends to breed hate so the song you chose definitely describes the alternative!

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