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I didn't really know any artists that weren't from the U.S. until I started researching. I came across a few artists that really struck me and that I thought were interesting. I really enjoyed the lyrics they had along with the beats. My favorite though would have to be N-Dubz. I felt like they could portray a message and really get it across with the right beat and words. N-Dubz are a British hip hop group from London. They have had six top 40 hits on the UK Singles Chart. The most famous was "I Need You" which was charted at #5. One of my favorite songs that they have though is "Best Behaviour".

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It's interesting how the more superficial attributes of hip hop dominate in first-world variants of American hip hop, where it transforms into an avenue of resistance and subversive discourses in countries amidst crises (revolutions, widespread police brutality, harsh conditions for youth).

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