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Media is the most important issue facing up and coming global youth. Digital media has expanded exponentially since its introduction to popular culture. I know first and second graders who know how to upload videos to YouTube. The digital world gives us access to practically everything, and we consume digital media constantly. Running a search for a music video takes no time at all, or you could search for just a song, no video. This type of media provides an opportunity for great success, as seen by videos made and posted by political activists in Egypt. The digital world works in reverse, messages of hate can proliferate just as quickly. Personally, I believe the most problematic images and messages that will be spread are those relating to women; how they should look, what they should do, who they should be with, etc. Women have become hyper visible in hip hop, especially in music videos. They are objectified and given little agency, and images of women bent over wearing thong bikinis are readily available online for all who wish to see. Although digital media has the power to reverse this type of imagery, someone needs to utilize that potential. If youth cultures don't consciously work against they type of sexism seen in hip hop today, the cycle will continue.

I am a sucker for Atmosphere. I was listening to his albums on random, walking home from school, I heard some of the lyrics from this song and they made me blush. This type of dialogue should be open to artists all around the world.

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Atmosphere has a way with words. His style is not always easy to listen to and the fact he can make me very uncomfortable is actually part of the draw. It is important to be able to see the humanity in every person, in every situation. Global youth are encouraged by good hip-hop to do this. It is great that the media is open enough to create free spaces for these moments of shifting of the mind and heart to occur. There is much out there and i believe the youth are powerful enough to hear and resonate with the truth.

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