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Although I believe this to be a contentious answer to this week's question, I think the biggest issue facing global youth today is apathy. Going along with some of those who have already blogged, propaganda and epistemological violence is not fully executed without the complacence of still formative youth. Many of us take for granted the fact that we encounter diverse peoples everyday, live in a "free" country, have an African-American president, and probably have a gay cousin. These things all contribute to us thinking that most people are happy, and they think the directions are societies are headed in are overall positive. Even being able to eat enough food everyday blinds us from seeing into the distance where there is poverty, starvation, eco-terrorism, nuclear war, capital punishment, etc. Although I think this "condition" reigns supreme in America, it must be global. For example, how many radical groups on campus are there today? In any other decade, youth mobilized themselves to protest things like the Vietnam War, the gas and oil crisis in the 70s, REAGAN, etc. Unless you have a relative who has fought in the Middle East, most of us don't know about Desert Storm or even what has been/was going on in Afghanistan and Iraq. Our global awareness is at an all time low and will be detrimental to the future, for we will make the same mistakes we have made in history.

I do not think that this apathy is pervasive; millions of youth who are not blinded by privilege fight for human and other rights everyday. American youths' awareness could be heightened if we were apt to create international relationships with other youth--but that probably sounds like too much work to us. Lastly, don't take me as a misanthrope: I think that apathy can and should be treated like a disease so that we can cure ourselves and be rewarded with new perspective and a global identity.


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