Same Love

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When faced with this blog topic, many things came to mind. But first I wanted to choose a song that was contemporary and relevant to this topic. Also, I feel like it is a song that can be applied to the things that we have discussed this past semester. I think that there are many challenges new generations will have to face and overcome, but one of the biggest things that I find concerning is ignorance. In our highly technoloically driven era, it is so simple for young people to voice themselves (whether good or bad) through media outlets. From sending harmful text messages belittling a classmate to anonymously posting on the internet. By using these social networking platforms, a space is created where someone can voice their opinion without no immediate regret or repercussion becasue it is so far removed from physical emotional expression. I chose the song "Same Love" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambert because I feel like it is applicable to so many things we have talked about throughout the semester and to our current generation. Also, I cannot get enough of this song, so I wanted to find some way to connect it to the blog topic. Some of the most promient lyrics that stand out to me are :

If I was gay
"I would think hip-hop hates me
Have you read the YouTube comments lately?
"Man that's gay"
Gets dropped on the daily
We've become so numb to what we're sayin'

Our culture founded from oppression
Yet we don't have acceptance for 'em
Call each other faggots
Behind the keys of a message board
A word rooted in hate
Yet our genre still ignores it"

I really like these lyrics because it is very relevant to our technological generation, and if these practices of social media prevail and carry on in new generations, I can only imagine things will become more disconnected and more harsh. Also, I think that this artist does a really good job as a sort of advocate for the GLBT community, and humanity in general. But all together, I really like this song and I feel like it may be a good one to discuss in class.

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Love me some Macklemore! And I love that he really has been an advocate of same sex marriage. Also, having Mary Lambert, a gay artist, sing the hook here was a great touch. I also really like that you bring up the social media harassment. As much as social media can bring us together, I think the lack of face to face interaction can make us feel much less responsible and obligated to be a decent human being and just to generally be kind to others. If offers ways to detachedly hate on people, especially when you can be anonymous if you really want to most of the time.

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