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The most important issue facing new generations of young people globally is them becoming voiceless. In many different cultures, even in America, it is much too common for citizens to become voiceless and quiet about their beliefs and opinions. People are much more comfortable to remain silent rather than defy the cultural and social norms. If the new generation of young people were to defy this tradition and speak up against human inequities, their societies may become more unified. It is vital for all people, regardless of boundaries, to proudly have the right to advocate for human rights, starting with freedom of expression.

Here is the music video of Macklemore's "Same Love":
In this video, Macklemore uses hip hop as a movement for human rights. This video is extremely inspirational and opens the door for people of all ages and cultures to become comfortable with whom they are. This video was released before the election; needless to say it has had a substantial impact on American citizens.

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Wow the music video was amazing, thanks for posting, loved it and the song!

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