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As soon as I heard this topic I instantly thought of one song: "Young" by Hollywood Undead. While this rap-rock band usually sings about partying, drinking, doing drugs, and having sex, this song has meaning. It speaks of how the world has corrupted the youth, not that the youth has corrupted the world. It talks about how we have the heart, desire, and hope to change this world that we live in. It speaks of how we are forced to fall in line with societies desires of us despite the fact that we do not actually belong to those stereotypes. It urges the youth to feel the desire within them to break the mold with the rest of their generation.
The fact that they so willingly and openly speak of the fact that it's not the youth that has created these problems but the generation that has raised us really struck me. It shows that we are independent thinkers and the corrupt world that we live in has taken away the innocence that we were given at birth. It shows that we have the strength to fight for what we believe in despite what our culture, elders, and society tell us. This song makes me think that maybe we shouldn't be looking at this as a "what's wrong with our youth" issue but a "what's wrong with the culture our youth is born into" issue.

Ultimately, I think the shared global problem that youth is facing today is that we're blamed for the problems that culture, society, and previous generations have inevitably created for us to fix.


I'm so glad that you decided to write about this song. It was one of the songs that also popped into my head when I read the blog topic. Many people look at the younger generation and see us as a technology driven selfish generation. It is more noticeable that the older generation thinks so. In doing some community service one year, there was an older couple that we had to work on there house for and in the beginning of the week they didn't even want us there helping because they thought that we all fit the stereotype. By the time the end of the week rolled around they confessed to us that they had felt terrible for believing that a generation that is so willing to help others out could fit such a stereotype. I think that they need to give the youth a chance before they actually make a judgement on all of us.

This is a great song, glad you thought of writing about it! I had almost forgotten about Hollywood Undead! :) I haven't really thought about this being such a huge problem for our younger generation, but after reading what you wrote and thinking about the song, I definitely get what you are saying. Everyone has expectations for our generation but also wants to say that we are selfish, entitled and lazy. We want everything handed to us. If anything, it almost feels the other way around because the older generations have created all of these societal problems and it feels like they are just sitting around waiting and expecting us to fix them.

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