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Before taking this class, I felt less than knowledgeable about the hip-hop realm. I really only knew what I heard on the radio. I had never thought about it more than just a musical genre and thinking it to be a political movement was not even on my radar. I have now come to see it as a medium for (usually) young people who have felt oppressed by dominant cultures and are using music to take back their voices. It is both an artistic and conscious way of developing yourself in the context of oppressive regimes.
Due to this class, I have been introduced to global hip-hop and how hip-hip as a music genre and a community function in non-U.S. areas. Since reading the articles on hip-hop in the East such as Palestine or Egypt, I've starting following artists such as the Arabian Knightz or El Général.
I've come to understand queer and feminist translations of hip-hop and how they fit into the hip-hop community. I've been introduced to artists who alter what it means to be hip-hop.
I wouldn't ever consider myself a hip-hop expert my any means, but I'm much more conscious of the effects it can have on people as a serious global movement for change.

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