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Since taking this class, I have gained a new outlook on the meaning of global hip hop. I came into the course with little knowledge of this music genre and I leave it knowing some really interesting things. I do not view all the music as one anymore and can tell what is being commercialized and what is true. I am able to pick out the main themes of hip hop in the songs and figure out the meaning the artist is trying to depict. This course has also introduced me to some feministic ideas that I have never been associated with. It has broadened my view on such ideas and I am interested in continuing to gain knowledge on such topics. One other item I have gained from this course is the fact that I am more interested in learning about hip hop from other countries and I plan to continue doing so.


I have to say that I had the same thinking as you did upon entering this class. I figured that there really wasn't much to learn about hip hop but I was greatly mistaking. The knowledge I have gained during this semester will probably stay with me for a lifetime. Knowledge about hip hop feminism and the difference between "real world problems" and "partying problems". Like you, I am now able to decipher between commercialized music and true hip hop music and I have got to say that I enjoy listening to the true hip hop music more than the commercialized music.

Great blog! I wrote about similar things in my blog, that this class has really given me a new perspective on the hip hop world and has definately broadened my views on ideas discussed in class. The feminist ideas I found were very hard hitting in class and have for me developed a greater appreciation and respect for female hip hop artist. In the male dominated genre there are many struggles faced, but the women we have duscussed in class are very powerful. Identifying more hip hop artists from different countries is also and interest of mine!

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