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When I first entered this class I had no idea that we would be learning about hip hop for the whole semester, my adviser had just told me I needed one class of this type to graduate, so I took it. I can now say that no other class has broaden my view on a topic as much as this class has. In the beginning, hip hop to me had always just been a music genre that I listened to at parties, filled with references to women, drugs, and sex. Now I have a much deeper appreciation of the power it gives people to speak their minds and talk about social or community concerns they have. I particularly loved writing my second paper on French hip hop, it gave me a more worldly view on hip hop, and the impact it had in many facets of people's lives there including politically, spiritually, ect. I would have loved to learn more about hip hop in other areas, and what it means to them. Also, learning about hip hop as a way of feminism was really eye opening for me, as I had always thought of this type of music as degrading towards women. As this semester comes to a close, I'm really thankful I stumbled into this class because it taught me a great deal of not looking into stereotypes and a topic that I was sure was pretty insignificant in the beginning is now so much more to me.

Favorite French artist Diam.

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