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Before entering this course I thought that Hip-Hop was simply a display of music and tradition. I did not have much of an interest in the genre of music or the history involved with it aside from the fact that I danced to it.
Now, I understand that Hip-Hop is not only music but it is a way for people to communicate the situation they are in effectively to others. Through this course I learned that this genre of music extends far further than I once thought. I never would have looked into current events happening worldwide and how those events have an effect on music. I am personally extremely glad that I took this class not only because it opened my eyes to an area of music that I never would have explored but because I got a different perspective on college curriculum outside of my major. I now look at music with a more open point of view which I find to be more interesting.

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I agree I didn't know really anything about hip hop besides that I liked to listen to it & dance to it. I never thought of it as a vehicle for social change. Looks like we learned alot Callie.... :)

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