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Coming in hip hop to me was exactly what it's "not" in this class. My mainstream outlook on the entire hip hop industry thinking that the only meaning in the music was to party, drink, drugs, and sex. I had no idea about all the under meanings and works of the more concrete hip hop artists and what they are rapping about. This has been an inspiring class and I have learned more in this class than any other through the semester. I really feel like the hip hop community is a welcoming one and I am glad, now knowing the background and meaning of it all, to be a small part of it. I have also gained a lot of respect for people in the industry now knowing more about it, knowing that again there is more to them and their music than drinks, drugs, and sex. Being a lover of music, being able to experience new artists has also broadened my itunes library quite a bit. The exposure to international hip hop, and international music at that, has almost been my favorite part. Not only is it new music that I haven't heard before but it also allows me to learn about what's really going on in the world and the true issues that the U.S. tends not to tell us as citizens. This has broadened my outlook on international work and travel and as bad as it sounds has made my outlook on the U.S. change a bit. I think being able to learn and expand thinking through music is such a great positive thing and I'm glad that's how we are able to learn in this course and I would reccomend this class to anyone because no matter the major or focus this class is beneficial to anyone. It's been an amazing semester.

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