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Before I took this class, I thought hip hop is just one of musical genres, and does not have much of meanings to society. However, this course has expanded my knowledge and understanding of hip hop. I could understand what are the important elements of hip hop unlike other musical genres, and how those elements have changed and adapted to different cultures. Hip hop feminism was totally new to me, but through this concept, I could see how hip hop can promote feminist movement around the world. This class also allowed me to understand how hip hop has helped people inform their absurd social situations as well as express their feelings. Feminist perspective allowed me to see things from the point of view in women side. Moreover, I was only interested in American and Korean hip hop culture, but now I am also interested in global hip hop including Palestine and Egyptian hip hip. Overall, through this course, I could get an expanded perspective and deeper understanding of hip hop.


This course opened my eyes to different cultures' hip hop scenes, too. I wish we could have gotten to more Asian hip hop! Hopefully we'll hear about Korean hip hop culture in a presentation.

Learning about hip hop around the world was definitely my favorite part of this class! I wish we could've learned about asian hip hop too, that would be awesome!

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