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Before I took this class I was well aware of the concious hip hop movement happening in the US, however, I was never aware of the extent of it's progression and global movement. The only conscious hip hop artists I knew of were those a part of Doomtree in Minneapolis. Now I know that many, many artists in the US (even some commercially successful ones) have attempted to facilitate social awareness and changes here, while artists from different countries have used hip hop to expand awareness of issues relavent to their own cultures. For me, the most enlightening hip hop movement we learned about was in the context of the conflicts between Israel and Palestine. Palestinians have long been looking for a way to spread knowledge about theirs beliefs, fears, and resolutions in respect to this conflict, and hip hop seems to be the first success in doing so. By utilizing an art form known and performed worldwide they were able to not only inform others about the conflict, they could also built support by those who now understand that their own situations and struggles are not far from those in Palestine. Considering Osumare's discussion on "collective marginalities" in relation to the Palistinian efforts to spread knowledge of and solutions to their issues, I now understand the importance of parallels between separate cultural issues and truly believe that the only way to resolve and of these issues is to know that they are shared experiences. I have learned to look for these parallels in US as well as global hip hop, and I feel personal fulfillment for being aware that they do exist.

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