In Defense of Hip-Hop

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Since starting this class my respect for hip-hop has grown exponentially. I used to be apathetic and ignorant about hip-hop, but now I see how much potential it possesses. This potential can be harnessed for capital/corporate gain or for revolutionary action. It is unlikely that I will ever personally add to the index of global hip-hop but I will, without a doubt, be a proponent of it. As with any genre, there is a variation in quality and this is particularly exacerbated in our class by the fact that we are being exposed to the best of the best in terms of radical, feminist hip-hop. That said, it is both heartening and exciting to see the range (both in terms of geography and topic) underground and feminist hip-hop has. It has opened my eyes to the varied forms that activists can use as a platform. I also like it how it gives people who might not otherwise engage with activism, a voice and a vehicle to communicate. About once a week I hear people talk about the negative effects of the media and pop culture and they usually reference hip-hop. Now when people bring that up to me I remind them of hip-hop's roots and ask them not to generalize because it serves to erase the oppression that black people face(d) in this country and thus the roots of hip-hop. That said, in terms of the global hip-hop cipher, I am definitely a proud supporter and defender of hip-hop.

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