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In the global hip-hop cipher these days i guess i'm more near the center, Being an artist that is active, producing anf performing music that can educate and inspire young women makes me feel like i am doing my part. It's funny because at first i wanted to write that i am kind of laid back in the ciper but i write poetry at least twice a week and try to make it fit in with hip-hop beats. I am constantly trying to work on the formula that makes a good piece of hip-hop. Conceptual metaphors are one way to express thoughts and feelings. I have come up with a working theory that one needs a concept, then to create a domain, express truth in relation to the topic. Using creative language and remembering that the character of the concept has no literal expression. It's helping me with my art. I have taken inspiritation from men that still make hip-hop, but now i am an artist in the process of creation not a fan.

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For me when starting this class, the only thing I had to really connect to hip-hop was my interest in poetry/spoken word and occasionally writing it as well. So I would agree with you that conceptual metaphors express feelings the same way that hip-hop can. Poetry is like a sister art to hip-hop's beats and rhymes. I would love to hear your poetry!

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