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Before taking this class, I had a certain appreciate for hip-hop but did not spend much of my time immersed in the music or any of the culture. I had friends that I knew were involved in specific Minneapolis hip-hop circles, but never really asked any questions. After taking this class, I feel like I have a better perspective of the meanings and interpretations that stand behind hip-hop. I have a much more expansive view, world-wide, on various types of hip hop and the connectedness of oppression as an underlying theme. Also, this class has been beneficial in so many ways. I had never been enlightened on the Israel/Palestine conflict, and did not expect that my Hip-Hop Feminism class would be the place in which I acquired all of my information. I have further pursued information on the conflict in order to shape my very own view on the on going conflict. I think that this class has really helped me to understand the driving forces in which hip-hop is created and it has led to me to become more involved in my friends' involvement with local hip-hop. I think I have gained a better understanding, and I will now listen to hip-hop with a different ear. I will give more of my attention to the underlying themes to create understandings. I feel like I am better educated on more aspects of oppression and hip-hop as a tool to raise awareness and create safe spaces in which individuals can create and educate on social issues. I have learned about more than just hip-hop culture. I am very happy I decided to take this course for it has bettered me.


I completely agree with this post. Hip hop can and does create safe spaces in which individuals can create and educate on social issues. I agree that this class has given me a more expansive view and the connectedness of oppression creates an underlying theme. Thank you for posting a thought-reflecting entry!

I definitely agree with what you're saying. Before it was all judging a book by its cover and not giving a chance to understand it fully. I also give more attention to the underlying themes. It makes me happy to see others have enjoyed the course as much as me, woohoo!

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