My New Perspective on Hip Hop


I entered this class knowing nothing about hip-hop. When we had to create our first blog, I had no idea what to write about because I was so unfimiliar with the subject. I was worried about offending hip-hop lovers by saying something wrong. Now that the class is almost over, I am comfortable talking about hip-hop music and culture. I have learned many things. Before the class, I was very naive, I didn't even know that people in the middle east enjoyed hi-hop. I learned that hip-hop can be used as a social movement. For example, we talked about Palestinian's feeling like they weren't citizens in their country. They used hip-hop to create awareness of this issue. My favorite unit was the one on queer hip-hop artists. I learned the diverse ways in which people utilize hip-hop. My favorite artist discussed this semester would be Missy Elliot, just because she breaks norms, and uses HHNL to challenge social corruption. It was cool to finally learn the meaning behind the lyrics in her song "Gossip Folks."


I agree with you! I could expand my knowledge and understanding of hip hop through his class. I also had no idea when I entered this class for the first time. For me, I thought that Hip hop was just one of the musical genre and famous among the youth nowadays. But it had more than that. There was not only social and political movement, but also hip hop feminism that I have never thought about. I also didn’t know that people in the Middle East enjoyed hip hop putting their own stories and feelings. Since the class is almost over, now I am more comfortable about hip hop than before.

I didn't even see your blog entry title before I posted mine- Perspective! I had no idea that hip-hop could be seen through so many different lenses. I have see this missy elliot video a number of times and had never thought "queer lense" when I watched it.

I feel the same way! It was so refreshing to learn something new and intriguing from this course!

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