My Place in Hip Hop

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This class has definitely changed my view of hip hop. I feel like I have a much better understanding of the roots of hip hop, especially how it is an art form rooted in oppression. I feel like because I am now more knowledgeable on the origins of hip hop and its use in the United States and other countries as a tool to give voices to the silenced, I can better appreciated "good" hip hop. I feel that I will be able to listen to hip hop artists, like Missy Elliot and Jay Electronica and Queen Latifah and Nas and Lupe Fiasco, and be able to better appreciate the message that they are sending. I also feel like I am much more cognizant of the role women can play in hip hop. It's not a man's game. Realizing that there is feminism in hip hop has definitely changed my views of the genre as an art form and a catalyst for social change, and I am definitely on the look out for more feminist hip hop artists to appreciate.

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