I took this class knowing nothing about hip-hop. I was interested to take it just for that reason. If there could be an entire class dedicated to it, then it must be worth while. What I gained from this class was a cool, fresh perspective on a topic I hadn't really considered worth engaging in before. I had no idea that hip-hop had it roots in southern black preachers, could and is used to express queer sexuality, and I certainly had no idea that global youth use it to spark protests and revolutions around the world. I still stand as a novice in the hip-hop world, but now I have considered hip-hop outside its United States stereotypes and have a new way of considering it.


blue bra revolt.jpg


The picture of the blue bra is probably an image that will stick with me forever. Everytime I see it i'm reminded of the injustices women face not only in Egypt but worldwide. I totally agree with you this class approached hip hop from a completely different perspective then im use to. I never really realized how much of an impact it has on politics worldwide.

Yea I feel the same way about this class. I came into it in a similar position but now it feels great to be more knowledge about hip-hop culture both in the US and abroad.

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