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As i descibed in the first blog in this class. The place i originally came from in hip-hop was that of a groupie. I followed the artists and some even made music about me. I was not actively making my own music. Today in hip-hop i have another identity and that is PRESENT. Present is my stage name and i am a rapper. I did my first open mic this December and am up on YouTube (to find go to search: Lana Trendov and then click on the Present link). This class expereince motivated me to delete five high profile rappers off my Facebook friend list because i came to the realization they are not going to support me with my art. I do have rappers that are real friends that do support me. I plan on doing another open mic Dec. 29th, 2012 (2-4:30pm) @ Rondo Library (community room) 461 Dale Street North, University and Dale, St. Paul, MN. I have found my voice and am using it.

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