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Although I have always been a purveyor of hip hop, only after taking the time to examine it critically have I fully understood it's firm place in the culture of the United States and the World. My place in the global hip hop cipher has changed since the beginning of the class. Now I can identify when hip hop is being used as a way to enact change in the community and organize people and push their ideas. I feel that my deeper understanding is a good thing not only in terms of hip hop but also in recognizing injustice and hegemonic power structures the world over. Although I could be seen as 'privileged' from certain perspectives there is still a lot of power in play working against me. The global recession has waned a bit and created more wealth but still a high number of 20-29 year olds not found jobs. The recession has not quite recovered for them. This along with the high cost of college is viewed by me as the hegemonic power structure protecting their protected place in society. Perhaps I should stand up to this oppression bringing awareness and support to my cause! I have the power to bring new networks of people together to create positive change in my community!

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