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Before taking this class hip-hop to me was just a form of music that only focused on sex, drugs and money. Now that this class is over, I know that my first instincts were completely wrong, there is much more to it. I was as ignorant as the rest of society, not knowing the history behind it. And after reading all the articles of the different elements of hip-hop I can see that it isn't as what it seems and there's more depth to it than what appears. Basically going back to the saying, "You can't judge a book by it's cover."

Although I have learned quite a bit and my views have changed, I still do not enjoy hip-hop all that much. I definitely do not think it's as derogatory as it was before, however, I'm much more of a mellow person so hip-hop can not appeal to me as much as it does to others. But through this course I have found one artist that I do enjoy quite a bit. He was brought up during class, Macklemore. His style is definitely hip-hop, but calming as well and his songs are full of meaning.

All in all, now that the course is over, I have definitely regained faith in hip-hop. Thanks Professor Isoke!

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I really appresicate your honesty. I also dig Macklemore's music. His style of hip-hop is the kind i'm most interested in. It is introspective and politically motivated as well. He is not afraid to speak his mind when it comes to same sex equality and gay rights. His voice is very strong, like he seems to know himself well. I'm not sure what makes him so awesome but i think that one song 10,000 hours about putting in work and seeing results is part of the reason he has become so successful. Glad you've regained faith in hip-hop!

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