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I feel like this course has really expanded my understanding of what hip-hop is all about. Often times people's perception of hip-hop is based off of what they see in the media and they assume all aspects of hip-hop are about sex, drugs, money and violence. Although, I think there are a lot of artists that rap about really materialistic things and disrespect women within their lyrics and videos. I also respect hip-hop as being an oppositional culture and I think it is a really great opportunity for young artists to spread messages about oppression and social injustice. I have learned a lot about hip-hop on a global scale and I admire the impact hip-hop has made on other communities struggling with similar oppressions. It allows people to relate with each other on some level regardless of the differences between their own cultures. Overall, this course has given me in depth knowledge on the history of hip-hop as well as current representations. I feel comfortable talking about and critiquing hip-hop with other people, which is something I would not have been able to do before this class.


I could expand my understanding of hip hop as well. I really enjoyed class discussions, and through the discussions I could get a lot of insights. Like you said, hip hop really helps young people express their oppression and social justice. Now, I feel more comfortable with hip hop than before I took this class.

The connectedness was something I also didn't see in hip hop before this class. I think that instead of being something oppositional, it really has the power to pul people together over issues, oppression and activism.

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