Where Do I Stand in Global Hip-Hop

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Where do I stand in global hip-hop? I do not have a concise answer to this question, but, I know what I feel inside and what I do and do not support.
I don't support the artist who uses power on his/their side to objectify people for a profit. I don't support the glamorized lifestyle of riches and arrogance. And I do not support the upper-class white men who manipulate young artists into participation of the system that discriminates against them and so many others.
With this said, I do support a politic, an art that aims to challenge and eradicate sexist, racist images and representations of black women, the black community and individuals overall. I support a art and politic that strives to understand the dominant operations of power, whether culturally, socially and/or politically. I support the activism of art that speaks from the self-outward and sheds light on multiple intersecting forms of identities that challenge dominant systems of oppression and destabilize hetero-patriarchal systems in order to promote liberation, love and peace. And Lastly, I support anyone who wants to express themselves, build personal growth and just have fun! in which is not at the cost and/or exclusion of others.
With this explained, I may not have a physical place within hip-hop. But, I can relate with aspirations and goals of many hip-hop ideologies and artist we have read.

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Art that supports activism and challenges systems of oppression is in my opinion some of the most powerful method of change. Hip-hop is a tool to help people shift their relations to power and assits in liberating minds. I like self reflective art as well something that shows personal growth and expression. As a hip-hop artist making this kind of art has been very challenging. It has helped me to understand that talent is only a small part of it. Hard work and lots of effort is required in the creation process.

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