Blog #1 Back in the Day/When I Was Growing Up...

This is your opportunity to introduce yourself to the class, using the story of your relationship to hop hop culture and politics as theme. When/where were you first introduced to hip hop? Was it from music video, concert, magazine, ad, movie or the radio? What was your initial impression? Did you feel like an insider or outsider to hip hop music and culture? Why? Make sure that you include an images that best reflects who you are in relation to hip hop. Be creative and have fun!

Here's the link to this song that inspired the topic for Blog #1. It's called "Back in the Day" by Ahmed. It came out during my last year of high school. It brings back a lot of memories!

Class Business:
Your response should be posted to the class blog by Sept. 12. Make sure that you select a user name to ensure that you get credit for your blog.

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