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Here's a video and article regarding the video game that was pulled off shelves on Japan. It allows the player to "choose the type of assault" they'd like to inflict on women.


I heard you in class discuss this video game and never thought it would actually be true. I know that we are a world that lives off the entertainment of sex but to make a video game, is taking it too far. I thought it was odd the comment about the "boss fired me so I raped her, it was revenge" is this the new way to think of women of power? I (said in the news report)saw one image of a girl in a suit and strapped down....does it have to do with revenge of the working women? I think that it definalty has to be a new level of sexism to encourage rape.

when i first heard about this on the news, i wasn't too surprised that japan would create a video game like this. i do understand that by creating a video game that makes women appear weak and submissive, does not make it right for others to engage in this act of "raping" her. however, i know that japan and a few other countries have always been very open about sexuality and in a lot of ways i think that the video game does not harm anyone, besides those that feel offended by it. if you look at the video games that have been out for years now involving shooting, or killing innocent people for game points, most of the time people don't act on these behaviors in real life. japan is rated as #54 in the highest rape statistics, while the U.S. is rated at #9 according to nationmaster.com. i really do believe that it is a lot safer for some people to play these games, rather than to really go out in the real world and commit these crimes. besides how can anyone say that by playing these games, that they are more likely to rape someone in real life? if we were all given an opportunity to play this game for a week, would we all feel the urge to rape someone? it really depends on the individual and how strong their values and beliefs are.

i think that's beside the point. it's not about who's going to commit the crimes after playing the video games; it's sending a message to society that it's acceptable to rape and assault women.

i understand your argument, but society has responsibility to treat everyone as equals, and if we're looking and working for equality, allowing games like this to be made is a huge step backwards. japan having lower rape statistics doesn't make this any more acceptable.

I thought this was a very interesting subject. I have honestly never heard about this video game until you mentioned it in class that day, and it made me curious as to who created the game. I wondered were women involved in the graphics and storyline? As well as what company decided to associate their name with virtual rape?
It was interesting to me after looking up the company, Illusion (Japan) about all the games they further associate themselves with. I was suprised more women's groups did not protest their productions until I read that there games are made to be availible only in Japan (unless something shad goes down with a third party sale). Then it clicked to me why I have not heard about any of these disturbing games where women are objectified and used only for sex.
Below is a list of their other virtual games:
Artificial girl Series
Artificial Girl
Artificial Girl 2
Artificial Girl 3
Artificial Girl 3 Plus
Battle Raper Series
Battle Raper
Battle Raper 2
[Biko Series
Biko 1
Biko 2
Biko 3
Des Blood Series
Des Blood
Des Blood 2
Des Blood 3
Des Blood 4
Des Blood Racing
Oppai Slider Series
Oppai Slider
Oppai Slider 2
]Sexy Beach Series
Sexy Beach
Sexy Beach 2
Chiku Chiku Beach
Sexy Beach 3
Sexy Beach 3 Plus
Schoolmate Sweets!
@ Home Mate

Brutish Mine
Interact Play VR
Requiem Hurts
Requiem Hurts: Rainy Escape (Requiem Hurts Expansion Pack)
Yuusha Kara wa Nigerarenai!
Real Kanojo

Ok, in response to all of you opinions I have a question about the statistic from nationmaster.com. Is that a current number? I would like to see that number 10 years from now when the kids or young adults played the game and now are raging with hormones, not live up their fantasy. I also would like to know how long those types of video games have been out. I tried to look and could not find an accurate date. If the video games just were released last year, the nationmaster.com would be very wrong.

I don't think it matters if individuals are going to go out and rape women after playing this video game. I think the point is video games like this make rape and assault socially acceptable and desensities us to the idea of assault.

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