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Glad to see you all here!


Hello everyone!

I'm Yu Meng, from Beijing, China. It is my second year of being a Master student at the University of Minnesota, majoring in "Comparative and International Development Education" at the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD).

Greetings, future Minnesotans ;)


Salam everyone! ("salam" means "peace" in Arabic. It's a shorter form of saying "assalamo alykum," which is an Arabic spoken greeting, often translated as "Peace be upon you".) My name is Sara and I'm a Fulbright graduate student from Bahrain (a tiny island, the size of the city of Minneapolis, located on the east of Saudi Arabia). This is how my country looks like on a map:

Norway meets Minnesota


Setting the stage, this first blog post will introduce me (Susanne, the Norwegian) and my academic and free time interests (yes, graduate students have free time!).

It's Fall Again:D


Hi everyone!
It is the fall season in Minnesota! That means beautiful colors and a very pleasant weather after a hot summer. My name is Dorothy Gondwe (my friends call me Dotty:-D). I am a second year graduate student in the Epidemiology program at the School of Public Health. I am from a city on the coast of the Indian Ocean called Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. This is my sixth year in Minnesota and I love it here!

Nice to meet you from Kyoko!


Hello! I'm Kyoko from Japan.

This is my second year in the M.Ed. Human Resource Development Program and also in the U.S. Besides studying, I work at ISSS, International Student and Scholar Services, as a student worker.



Ciao! (The Italian translation for "Hi!")

My name is Guido, and I am from Italy. I am a graduate student in Electrical Engineering, and this is my second year at the University of Minnesota. Studying and working hard at school are my priorities, however I like to have fun and going out when I have time.

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