Greetings, future Minnesotans ;)


Salam everyone! ("salam" means "peace" in Arabic. It's a shorter form of saying "assalamo alykum," which is an Arabic spoken greeting, often translated as "Peace be upon you".) My name is Sara and I'm a Fulbright graduate student from Bahrain (a tiny island, the size of the city of Minneapolis, located on the east of Saudi Arabia). This is how my country looks like on a map:


I am half Filipina/Spanish also; my mother is Filipina/Spanish. Actually, my father is half Saudi as well. So, I think it would be safe to say that I come from a very diverse and colorful background :)

Well, I started my Masters in Public Policy program last spring, so this semester (Fall '10) is technically my second semester as a graduate student at the Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota; however, I moved to Minneapolis last fall. I spent the first semester taking pre-requisite courses in preparation for my official admission to the Humphrey Institute, after receiving a Fulbright Scholarship. (By the way: the Fulbright Scholarship is a program funded by the U.S. Department of State awarded to both American and international students to pursue their graduate degrees and enhance mutual cultural understanding.) I'm very interested in development issues with regards to young women, specifically from an international perspective, and that's what I'm aiming to concentrate on in my studies and research.

Aside from school, I would say traveling, making new friends, trying out different cuisines and learning new languages are a few of my most favorite hobbies. I'm also involved in several after school activities. I'm the Vice President for Diversity Outreach for the Humphrey Students of Color Association (HSOCA), and I'm a member of this year's Culture at the Core leaders. Additionally, my advisor and I just initiated an informal group called the Middle East Interest Group (MEIG) to bring together Middle Eastern students and others interested in the region to discuss current affairs. So, as you can imagine, I tend to be quite busy during the school year :)

Anyhow, as a member of the international student ambassadors team, I'll be writing blogs every other Friday about my experiences as an international student living and studying in the Twin Cities. Please feel free to leave comments, questions or ideas on interesting/fun topics you'd like me to address.

Talk to you guys later and have a great weekend!

Hugs, Sara


How are you out there? Because you are enthusiastic about classics, I would really like to share with you the fact that scientists discovered that every human being gets a program at birth. All these programs are documented within Classic of Mountains and Seas or Shan Hai Jing. Basically, all info is recorded by the use of images. It lists and describes them. Additionally, they discovered that I Ching (Classic of Changes) and Chinese classic text Tao De Ching (by Lao zi) are commentaries to Shan Hai Jing.

Die Creme de lá Creme der House-Musik sind hier vertreten . Genannt sind Dennis Ferrer sind mit vielen anderen vereint.

Hi Sara,

I have a question. You mentioned that the Fulbright scholarship is offered to both Americans and International students but I was checking the website and it says that to be eligible one needs to be a citizen; not even permanent residents are eligible. Please can you clarify that to me. Thank you

You really make it seem so easy together with your presentation but I find this topic to become actually something which I believe I'd never understand.

Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass' favor.

I've no clue why I got here here! nevertheless it really is visually fantastic

You really make it seem very easy together with your presentation but I find this topic to become actually a thing that I think I'd never understand.

You actually allow it to be seem very easy together with your presentation but I've found this topic to become actually something which I believe I would never understand.

You actually make it seem very easy with your presentation but I find this topic to become actually something which I believe I'd never understand.

You really make it seem very easy together with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually a thing that I believe I would never understand.

You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually something which I think I'd never understand.

You actually allow it to be seem very easy together with your presentation but I've found this topic to become actually a thing that I think I'd never understand.

You actually make it seem very easy with your presentation but I've found this topic to become actually a thing that I think I would never understand.

106 条 build you a master of

successful communication on the road, a network of more important than knowledge. Development of interpersonal relationships should be your highest priority task. The book includes many practical tips to keep you through the relationships and prosperity.

keep the essence of the following is a summary from the book of 106 tips. Practice these skills in practice, turned into a successful and fulfilling life, master of communication.

1, to help others succeed

social nature is to continually help other people with various forms of success. Sharing out your knowledge and resources, time and energy, friends and relationships, compassion and love, which continued to provide value for others, while increasing their value.

2, to make their pay more than the return

because you will provide value for others, others will contact you. So much to consider others and not themselves.

3, do not keep

do not think friendship is limited. This investment will be more roll and more.

4, the key to success is the generosity

in common than just for the sake of social convenience, but generous.

5, a clear goal of your life you can and want

the intersection is your inner passion. What is your most exciting thing? What you do when you feel the time off fast?

6, clearly know what they want

more clearly what you want, you can find methods to achieve more.

7, used to set goals for themselves

make you different is the easiest way to set goals. The dream into a goal in life, and then broken down into smaller goals.

8, set the plan for the development of interpersonal skills to build communication networks

is a process, your plan should include the following third:

1. your 3-year objectives, and progress every three months.

2. lists can help you achieve the goals of each person.

3. how to point 2 listed contact person.

Once you set up a goal, you often see attached to the place.

9, to create your personal They are your is to these people as friends rather than potential customers.

11, and you know to maintain good contact

beginning to focus on your current social network of people .

12, bold

courage is amazing. similar to the development of two different thickness may be different simply because the nerve.

13, willing to turn to someone else
willing to create opportunities can be obtained and you should be as willing to help others, as willing to solicit and remember to make people say Taking into account before harvest

cheek and do not know who to speak, you will naturally be afraid of failure dilemma. This is a risky thing, there must be harvested, there are achievements we must take risks, while nothing do only mediocrity.

15, respect for others

respect everyone, regardless of high and low.

16, transparent

open heart is a kinds of useful and popular attitudes.

17, make friends

good at social person, not in the results, rather than well-designed target

18, ready to work

you want to see who? how see? see you after what he views to you? these can not be ignored.

19, understanding and exchanges between people

you how you know enough about your contacts who can further his field, a professional dialogue with them you can easily appreciated. a rich and deep to find common ground, then you can contact and can easily impressed.

20, to understand other people's interest

Aiwujiwu, you are soon will become part of their life.

21, never a person to eat a meal

very easy to easy communication. and eat with the others, is an effective method of communication.

22, manage your information

effective information management is very important if you are organized, focused, insisted that no one will leave your communication network.


listed according to their own list of target classification (such as potential customers, potential employers, etc.) put together their own list, not only to list the relevant units, but also lists the unit where the person has the right to speak
24, recognize the authority of your field of expertise

order to achieve goals, you know you are engaged in the field, who is the best. lists the current areas of authority.

25, lists the people you already know you already know

list of people: relatives, college students, past students, teachers before, before my colleagues ... ....

26, flexible organization of information

the way you manage the list to be flexible. by location, by industry, close of ... ...

27, using someone else's contact list, add your own
list of others is your resource.

28, to establish a people, you may want to know them in the future.

29, contact complete strangers (Cold Call)

to strangers when you need to call, how much you will be some fear. just bite the bullet. just want to own will be successful. get to know new people is a challenge and an opportunity

30, insisted

If you connect with others, others no response you should continue with contact them you should take the initiative. or even aggressive.

31, contact person associated with indirect (Warm Call)

with the following four rules to

1 to express reliability: the reference to the relevant person or entity.

2, made valuable: you can do for them?

3, this urgency and convenience: In most cases the next, suddenly called the sole purpose of an appointment.

4, ready for a compromise solution: the start of positioning higher, leaving room for discussion.

32, the guard watching as allies rather than enemies

guard should also be respected. not to annoy them.

33, never lost

build social networks in mind: First, always Do not go away. disappear worse than failure.

34, to remain visible and active

booked your social, meeting and events calendar and you have to start a network of friends and relations remain visible and active.

35, many things will be grouped together

you contact others in order to succeed you have to work, but that does not mean you have to spend a lot of time can be arranged the same event to save time, such as inviting all to meet with people who want to see.

36, find fun

communication is interesting, is not a waste of time..

37, share your passion

share your interests is the foundation of any relationship when you really interested in something when it is very contagious..

38, emphasis time to build quality friendships

spend time in both the quantity rather than quality.

39, follow-up or failure to interact with

After a meeting, let people remember you. follow-up is the key.

40, immediately follow up

after you meet with them within 12-24 hours should continue to follow up. E-mail is the quickest way.

41, do not forget to follow up

again a month later, to give others a message. keep in touch.

42, spent time meeting with people
total meeting be misconstrued as a place to find ideas. wrong! meeting is only one advantage: it is to provide a place to make like-minded people.

43, the conference organizers do
not only do the participants; do organizer. preparations well in advance of information: who intend to see, how to see, where see.

44, public statements speak for others

Remember that your one of the most simple and effective way..

45, as many follow-up meeting

not the inseparable best friends with as many as possible of the others to follow .

46, maintain contact and communication expert

some people much more than we know who these people are the core of each network you friends with these people if you and thousands of links, they are only by the individual.

47, as much as possible with acquaintances

(acquaintance = knowledge, but who are not particularly close)

usually the most important network of people who are those acquaintances. Why? because of our closest friends and we know almost everything, so more people met, the more powerful you

48, to get to know people in various fields

we not only know the thousands of people, and know thousands of people in different fields.

49, exchange contacts with others

expand your circle of friends is the most effective way to put your circle and the circle of people connected.

50, to build your organization committee

politicians' organization Commission increase your the ability for personal advancement, more important than anything else.

52, true to yourself

be impressive, distinctive is the key. to guarantee different , to do the real you. do what you have charm you unique is your strength.

53, others in the chat when a huge role.

54, speak the truth

When you understand that the best way to break the silence after the truth, think about initiating conversations are not so terrible.

55, learn to use non-verbal communication

others see you, as long as 10 seconds to subconsciously decide whether you would like, so that judgments are based on the language communication.

56, ready to talk about the material

ready to talk about things. attention to current events, develop some hobbies.

57, learn to listen
first to understand others, can be understood.

58, to remember people's names

nothing more than his name sounds more comfortable in the.
59, in good faith

no doubt, to be someone else as a special person, you have to let people think he is very special in your eyes.

60, try to find the power of others

when you first communicate with others, you can find each other's power and their power in general is based on three: to make money, find love, to change the world.

61, to help others achieve their soul's desire

initiative to help others solve their critical issues, allowing them to be very close relationship.

62, others allow themselves to be indispensable to people
integral is very important in order to essential, you need to keep your own information, social relations, goodwill message to the people as much as possible..

63, to think about you How can I make everyone around them to succeed

when someone tells you he met point problem, you have to think about what way. The solution comes from your experience, your knowledge, and your friends, your help

64, the initiative to provide such help

not made it to help others, to take the initiative.

65, dissemination of knowledge

financial and personal connections when you are not a long time, in order to profit through social networking is feasible, which is is to pass the knowledge you can easily learn your personal network in the dissemination of knowledge.

66 , the success of others interested in the success of others

interested, you can change within 2 months of the more successful you can spend two years, so that others interested in your success . (Dale Carnegie)

67, from time to time a small contact

80% of the relationship is only maintained by a small link to you to keep contact, contact, contact ... ... Never stop. you have to keep one for your network feeding system to ensure it does not wither.

68, repeat, repeat

remember to get someone good in your mind , there is a very critical way: Repeat..

69, to establish the scoring system

scoring system allows you to establish the relationship easier to maintain, such as:

1. To contact the last time.

70, the small link into your schedule

you need to link into your little one of the areas.

71, in a personal

name if possible try to make all information to your own name.

72, do not forget the birthday birthday

contact should be your best chance.

73, and the They eat together, and point electric charge.

74, to be interesting people

fact, everyone you meet will ask themselves the question like this: hours of time and have lunch with this person? insights.

76, without reservation continuous learning and sharing your content

different with others, you have to mercilessly learn, share, sell your content.

77, get someone else's content

Sometimes you can get easily to other people's ideas into their own content and then the leading share, the application of these ideas.

78 provide your own content

other times, you have to take brains to provide their own content and you need to know all kinds of information,Beats by dre, and unique string them together.

79, attention

one but with the resonance, it will attract attention and you have to offer is simple: the dramatic story.

80, to become an expert

who create content The most common way is to do an expert. do experts do: Put your expertise to teach others, addressed to someone else, say others.

81, to teach the things you want to learn
to teach others, this is you learn and understand the best way.

82, with the story content

express your content with the story of a strong form of expression, can help to achieve targets In your story, use your feelings to let those skeptics believe

83, build a personal brand

strong brand is very competitive, but it is always to provide products based on value rather than the manner described. good personal brand can do three things: make people feel authentic, unique, can be trusted.

84, so that their unique

your expression of your brand can provide something to express why you are special, to tell others why they keep in touch with you.

85, increasing the value of

in a brand, You need to focus and you have done and continue to increase in value, which means you need to constantly go beyond.

86, build a personal brand logo

When people hear you read name, you want people to think? your logo should include the people that you will use all the words.

87, packing your brand to look

valuable, you have to look professional but light, so why not build a personal website?

88, promote your brand

If you do not promote themselves, not others will you success depends on how other people recognize your work, it also depends the quality of your work

89, and the media to keep in touch

you would from now on and the media contact, rather than waiting for the story you really want to tell them to look for them when you.

90, so hard to promote the information content, rather than the author

you should promote to everyone in your heart sense of mission, not your pride.

91, co-writing

If your writing skills are poor, you can write with the others by such co-writing, you had little contact person, can make your personal network drive exponential growth.


write articles writing articles can greatly facilitate your career development. you in a short time to become the person concerned.

93, insist on writing to become good writers become good writers to

: When you are finished, continue writing the lives of friends around a big difference.


trust build trust with those close to the authority of the key so that other people trust you to contact them without any ulterior motivation. let others put their trust in you and not as an ordinary star

96, participate in the Association

There are various associations. If you want face to face with those influential people, you must first become a participant.

97, set up your own club

sometimes you have to participate in some valuable club, do not participate for various reasons, why do not they do clubs do? develop their own outreach program to establish a new organization to invite those you want to see people to join your organization.

98, modest

arrogance is a disease, it will make you forget true friend, forget the important friends in your progress, stay humble. progress with you to help other people, even more than you.

99, review your frequent review of the past

your past, and those from an early age is important for you to maintain contact

100, find a few mentors

find material, experienced, and willing to invest time to help you progress mentor, rather than based solely on salary and prestige to determine their own career development.

101, take the house long

three from everyone, there are many around you can learn people.

102, to establish a good mentoring relationship

need to effect a successful mentoring relationship and passion. effect means that you can let the teacher can see his impact on you. Passion means that your instructors will progress to your investment.

103, find a few disciples

when you constantly strive to move upwards, we must help other people come back to you from your students who learn a lot

104, adhering to principles

communication should be forward, not backward compromise with people must not go against their own values.
105, do not try to balance your professional and private life

you should shut the occasion for different people to provide the same value instead of working life is divided into two parts of life.
106, create a close friendship

how many people can enter your home, they open the refrigerator looking for food? have close friends, will make you happy.





















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