It's Fall Again:D


Hi everyone!
It is the fall season in Minnesota! That means beautiful colors and a very pleasant weather after a hot summer. My name is Dorothy Gondwe (my friends call me Dotty:-D). I am a second year graduate student in the Epidemiology program at the School of Public Health. I am from a city on the coast of the Indian Ocean called Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania. This is my sixth year in Minnesota and I love it here!

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Biology from Macalester College in Saint Paul. The city of Saint Paul is separated from the city of Minneapolis, where I am currently studying, by the Mississippi river. While at Macalester College, I also studied Psychology and hold a minor in this area. After completing my undergraduate studies, I took a year off and worked as a Research Associate at the Minnesota Department of Health in Saint Paul. While working at the Department of Health I realized I wanted to know more about how to prevent diseases and promote health in communities. A graduate program in public health was a natural choice.

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In my graduate studies at the University of Minnesota, my particular interest is in prevention of infectious diseases and changing health behaviors in resource poor settings. I am especially interested in prevention of HIV/AIDS in Tanzania where the disease continue to claim the majority of the labor force thus paralyzing the economy and denying the new generation of a better future. I also work part-time as a Graduate Research Assistant in the IPUMS-I project at the Minnesota Population Center located at the West Bank Twin cities campus. My plans after graduation are to work in the public health area and to join the PhD program thereafter.

When I am not in class I like to run, play tennis, cook, read books, and chat with my family and friends. Occasionally, I catch up on my favorite TV shows I have missed while attending class or working. I like to do that on weekends! I also like other sports like soccer, volleyball, and basketball. I am especially looking forward to watching the commonwealth games in Delhi this year!

Please feel free to ask me any questions you may have about the epidemiology program at the School of Public Health, graduate studies at the University of Minnesota, or anything related to living and studying in Minnesota!
I will be more than happy to answer your questions!

Thank you so much for reading my blog:-)


Hujambo Dotty,

I have a question about finding support for Tanzanian students in US graduate schools. I taught at Tumaini University in Iringa last semester and had an excellent student in Computer Science who would like to go to graduate school for a PhD or MS program. Can you give me any suggestions of where he can look for support?
I wish I was in Tanzania today and I'll bet you do too.

Asante sana,

Dan McIntyre on behalf of Timothy Wikezi

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No one who cannot rejoice in the discovery of his own mistakes deserves to be called a scholar.

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Were you guys affected by the tornadoes recently?
I hope that all is well.


I have to say that Im really unimpressed with this. I mean, sure, youve got some very interesting points. But this blog is just really lacking in something. Maybe its content, maybe its just the design. I dont know. But its almost like you wrote this because everybodys doing it. No passion at all.

Hello Dorothy,i will love to study epidemiology like u in the university of Minnesota early next academic year 2012.I graduated from the university of Buea,Cameroon with a bachelor degree in Microbiology.I do not know if it is possoble and also when or how to apply to start next year.Will be very grateful to hear from you.

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You actually make it seem very easy together with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually a thing that I think I would never understand.

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Hands down, Apple's app store wins by a mile. It's a huge selection of all sorts of apps vs a rather sad selection of a handful for Zune. Microsoft has plans, especially in the realm of games, but I'm not sure I'd want to bet on the future if this aspect is important to you. The iPod is a much better choice in that case.

Apple now has Rhapsody as an app, which is a great start, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store locally on your iPod, and has a dismal 64kbps bit rate. If this changes, then it will somewhat negate this advantage for the Zune, but the 10 songs per month will still be a big plus in Zune Pass' favor.

You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to become actually something which I believe I would never understand.

You really allow it to be seem so easy together with your presentation but I've found this topic to become actually a thing that I think I'd never understand.

You really make it seem very easy together with your presentation but I've found this topic to be actually a thing that I think I'd never understand.

You really make it seem very easy together with your presentation but I've found this topic to be actually something which I believe I would never understand.

You really allow it to be seem very easy together with your presentation but I find this topic to become actually a thing that I believe I'd never understand.

You really make it seem so easy together with your presentation but I've found this topic to become actually something which I think I'd never understand.

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You really make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually something which I think I would never understand.

You actually allow it to be seem very easy together with your presentation but I find this topic to become actually something which I think I would never understand.

You actually allow it to be seem so easy with your presentation but I've found this topic to be actually a thing that I think I would never understand.

You actually allow it to be seem so easy with your presentation but I've found this topic to be actually something which I believe I would never understand.

You really make it seem very easy with your presentation but I've found this topic to become actually something which I think I would never understand.

You really make it seem so easy together with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually a thing that I believe I'd never understand.

You really make it seem very easy together with your presentation but I've found this topic to become actually a thing that I believe I would never understand.

You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually a thing that I believe I'd never understand.

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LEONARDO play the male lead, was a soldier took part in two wars, he had witnessed the Nazi concentration camp for Jewish atrocities, from his memories can be seen, and he also witnessed Nazi concentration camps chieftains as clumsy suicide, shot himself after leading in and did not immediately die, the film actor dying of Nazi leaders and looked exhausted all means in the gun again, like committing suicide, it chose to move their feet pistol open and let the Nazi leader in an hour after committing suicide, death, and when there is tension as a Nazi prisoner wants to escape when the team where he will not hesitate to give all those Nazi prisoners killed, he was going through his suffering the so-called post-war spirit of the syndrome, symptoms such as anxiety, anxiety, alcoholism, etc., concrete can go look at other information.
then continue back to the film. In fact, the film's shooting style, and then This actor is a mental hospital where most sick patients, because he has a clear dual personality, that is, the so-called split personality, the personality is divided into two parts, one is Andrew Laeddis, is the fire burned his house, smoked his wife and child dead man; the other is Teddy, that is his fantasy that the Marshalls. The cause of the story, he returned home after the war, and his wife married, and had several children, and his spirit after the war as a strong performance, making himself for his wife, children although it is but neglect to care, which directly make their marriage life was not, led to his wife in the case of long-term medication of mental disorders, and finally one day, the wife of her mental illness outbreak, drowning his hand a few children, and when he came home witnessed this scene, because of excessive sadness sad, in the spirit of extreme tension, pressure in the case ended with a pistol his wife's fate, and fire burned his house. This is from the movie can be seen in one scene his arm around his wife, in a room full of smoke, his wife's stomach bleeding, which reflect his dead wife is not being smoked, or was burned to death, but he shot.
Next, in this mental state, the main character appeared in the so-called split personality, and extreme violence. His consciousness is divided into two parts, has already been mentioned above. He kept standing on his good side and the other side looking for their brutal, so that his mental state is difficult to tell the difference, in the end what is the truth, they are looking for what is the truth, because he was living in his own mind the created world. The reason is simple, he could not accept his wife died from his gun.
Next, he should be sent to a mental hospital for treatment. We know that in 80 years ago, the general way of treating such mental illness is the use of drugs and surgery. Sedative drugs is generally nothing more than like, but surgery is the removal of the forebrain leaf protein, which in general surgery aims to make people lose their memory, loss of intuition, etc., is simply a fool, no pain, no pleasure, feeling happy and a series of awareness (see the movie, All of the safety committee the film (probably mean a) members agreed that the actor should be allowed to carry out this operation, but he's the president of this psychiatric hospital and his physician, that is, the movie actor to imagine themselves The assistant, the man from Seattle, are strongly opposed, because they try to use another way to cure this disease, that is, into the role of law, role-play, which is often said that the role-playing, they hope to create a hero out of the imaginary space and time, so that gradually the male lead in this fantasy scenario, out of the fantasy, and truly aware of their own, so the film's first act began,moncler jackets online shop, also known as role-playing treatment be formally launched.
actor's fantasy, his character's evil side to refer to specific objects --- Andrew Laeddis, go to the island in the confinement of that hospital, and he gave himself to find a good reason, is that mothers drowning their children ran from the hospital, so he kind of personality in which individuals, Teddy, federal law enforcement officials, there was the island to investigate the reasons for confinement. So he took fantasy assistant chuck, in fact, his attending physician (Lester Sheehm), came together Shutter Island, and from his boat, seasickness, do not drink,Moncler Polo Shirts, you can see, his subconscious very afraid of water, because his child was drowned by his wife, and he does not drink, because it is due to alcohol abuse lead to unhappy family life, this is a home from his first drink will be able to see it. Came to the island, the island such as forest guards are the enemy, while the actor has turned up their noses on this point, because he believes that the arrival of federal judges is not that, in fact, prison guards who are against the fact that it is not protagonist himself, because he himself is a retired soldier, the FBI detective, experienced after the split personality has become an extremely violent and dangerous man. Before entering the hospital gate, their arms have a plot, you can see, the protagonist unloaded gun proficiency and his assistant are very different, because that person is not a service revolver of lawman can, but a doctor only, and this so-called Goof to his
When actor in the hospital to conduct their own imaginary so-called that, according to the fourth rule, who was the first 67 patients. In fact, this is the actor in his subconscious search for the target, in the end who the disease No. 67. The answer is simple, it is his own, which is in the later his only actor that he does not admit it. On the fourth rule, where the lighthouse was in the movie, also president of the hospital's head that tells him, in fact, that name came from his name and his wife re-arranged the letters in the name of a combination. Missing in the film Rachel, in fact, take care of his nurse, and later from his lying in bed, and that nurses are carrying drugs in the side of the plate can be seen.
after actor in his world, a series of that the patient is very scared, nervous, afraid to speak, in fact, that the patient is to recognize the actor, well aware of his level of violence, but the actor has to know each other can not tolerate the kind of things with sharp objects, friction sound, but intentionally use a pen to paper friction noises to provoke, intimidate each other, we can see the horrors of actor, such a result makes the latter in great anger and fear out of that under their own child drowning people should be capital punishment, and even poison gas should be poisoned, and the words to stimulate the actor's deep subconscious, we should say is a beginning of a cure to his right.
then his name. She told the actor, that the so-called Rachel to the hospital where patients have to imagine everyone has become their neighbors, giving their social role, which is the wanted men should realize that in fact he himself is saying this, but when Who is the actor Andrew Laeddis this same question thrown at her, kind-hearted aunt did not know that he has saved, it is estimated to be the kind of surgical removal of the cerebral lobes, the Zhizou his attending physician, in the paper He wrote on a letter to the
then later there is a movie plot, a man asked the hospital to open what will be to discuss the lost of Rachel and her own home because of holiday and what the attending physician, the results of tension when he came in, we found We did not seem too concerned, he was very angry, asking why, and we feel they are nothing but ridiculous, and now want to come true, a bunch of normal people in the discussion of a no, no lost of Rachel, the so-called Rui Autumn doctor actually his assistant, and actor, but in seriousness, there is a funny thing how ah.
story then development. Actor to the hospital guards to the beach looking for Rachel, the results in line with his gang of prison guards had to look for, why not go to the lighthouse when he mentioned the other side of the mountain also search, guards the road where the answer is not good to go, and soon to come to the storm, and another day to say. And after the film we set out to do, he just a person, without the aid of any climbing tools, case can be easily climbed down the rocks, and also found a hospital because of dissatisfaction with the implementation of surgical patients to escape the female doctor when, you know, go there simply does not cost any effort, but the guards that his fantasy of all this is false, there is no Rachel, go there to find what.
, the After the actor's doctors, that is, his assistant, only through another means, is to let him into his thinking in the so-called environment, and to convince him that the hospital be able to power the plot before he asked the hospital to open in the collective when the General Assembly, those who had revealed to him. Then, he and his doctor came to the so-called Area C, C District is a degree of care has focused on the mentally ill and extremely dangerous to the patient's place. To Area C, the doctors arranged for a first patient, the heart of him suggested that the patient told him that he did not want to leave here because he has been here too long, but do not want to accept the outside world, he does not know what is the hydrogen bomb, and so on. . . Intended to make him realize he has been living in their own world, so isolated, and the above case, no effect. Later, doctors excuse to leave him,Moncler Handbags, let him go that called George Noyce, is what he calls the college students, imagine, if not George Noyce himself tells what the actor himself set fire to things, how he learned it from the outside world. Then easily found the actor who, in fact, the reason is very simple, because the actor is living in Area C of a patient, and is the most severe, the most dangerous that one. Actor and his conversation is around Who is this Andrew Laeddis which began in the latter has been suggested that he actually is his own man, told him in fact, this all just a game for him, but he is a maze in the rat until he realized the truth, really put his wife drowned their children, he killed his wife this, otherwise he will never leave here, that is, from their own world, never came out. He then asked Andrew Laeddis who in the end, when the latter pointed out that he seems, and his face thanks to the protagonist who is also the gift of injury, because the latter had indicated that he was face to face is hard to trace his own, Andrew Laeddis, the result is the protagonist does not believe, but to give him a meal beat. After the failure of this move, which can only end in mind all clues point to the protagonist's
end. Protagonist in the lighthouse, a man saw his In this case, the protagonist, becomes anger can not be obscene, even prepared to shoot the two men killed, but they found that, in fact, that his gun is just a toy. . . . . . There is one detail, that is the so-called BT's operating room, but only a mere guards, and guards asked him to disarm after the
outcome. Wake up in his own fantasy world Zouliaoyizao actor, and finally a clear understanding of their own who is, what is the truth in the end, and we hear from his own for the real world cognition. This seems to have everything that he has been under way in this treatment completely recovered. However, the outcome of the accident puts this movie to a climax. In the next morning, his physician, that is, his assistant, sitting beside him, heard the accident but still call him Chuck protagonist, still with his plan to flee the island to discuss things, the doctors and hospital long in the eyes of the intersection, we can see that the protagonist's sense of a doctor or not clear, their plan is failed. The so-called plan, the President said, is to communicate the patient, try to listen to their words, try to communicate to them to help them out of their own shadows, without having to undergo surgery. But the protagonist of these words, let them completely down, so had to accept his plan for surgery. Then, a man stood up, slowly to be taken away several of his guards and hospital staff time, said something profound words, as a good man. When he heard these words of the doctor, when in fact know the protagonist's illness has completely recovered, but, the actor himself can not accept this reality, he would rather live in their own world, would rather die in their own world, but also unwilling to bear this burden as heavy ideological live. So he chose the surgery to get rid of their memory, thinking, senses, awareness, rehabilitation because he did not want to face before, but after rehabilitation he could not face, and his doctor, it is silent and respect his choice.
all watching the film.
In fact, some film ideas, viewpoints, is a very thought-provoking. When the protagonist of the most sober, when in fact it is the saddest time of his own, his wife killed their children, then himself hand over his beloved wife's life, such an outcome, the need to take, people will how much damage it caused heart. In the end is to select the outside face of this tragedy, pain, or, or in the closed island, the paralysis of their own, lose self alive. In the end is to be a murderer Andrew Laeddis, or to make a good federal judge Teddy, I think, the protagonist has made his choice.
Sometimes, people can forget the past, forget some things hard to forget, in fact, is a happy case, why people should return to the origin of tragedy and re-start it!

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the small cap on the inside, before going to sleep while the small cap can be safely placed in the pillow to sleep for several days to cure, those who sleep all year round, border treatment 5 days to go to the root.

Class rheumatism


Coronary heart disease

dried dates two or three, three rooster liver, the use of fire Dunlan, soup to drink, even to drink three.

How to sober up

take a small amount of raw almonds twenty-two MSG into water, then soak two drops in on the wine, drink together, you can stop drinking.

Longevity secret

Foot odor, sweaty feet

Epilepsy (claw crazy)

cabbage root slices to put Zeng clay pot with vinegar water to boil two long fine hair, and even wash 78 days, make hair soft, shiny scalp to disappear soon . Hair one can not afford.

pound of rice vinegar, the vinegar into the bowl, soak or dip, twice daily, each about an hour, anti-inflammatory, can cure the foot of, and simple, effective and fast , the light four days to cure.

Face speckle method

Teeth whitening

Shao Baitou

pound fresh corn kernels. Amount of boiling water, to the corn after flowering in four a day, drink a bowl, this side can not go to the root, can only control the disease. Can lower blood sugar. Increased urine output in patients with edema taking particularly effective.


sleep mouth with an orange peel, with fifteen minutes later, spit out 3-5 times a call can cure bite.

Rough skin becomes tender

alum research into Ximo, rub feet feet hearts after 10 minutes 3-4 times longer sweat does not stink. Can keep seven or eight months.

Toothache trick

crush a small piece of cactus plus three drops of sesame oil after the affected area.

Heart disease

urea thirty-two will open up the pot to brew into the wet, wring a towel to put on the bench Teng. First ten minutes three times a day, while Teng seven days. Within external hemorrhoids can be cured, blood in the stool rectal prolapse.

with fresh mulberry tree, how much can be chopped, mixed with a little wine with Guochao yellow, add water, boil water, eyes, morning and at night a cup, effective and even clothes.

Swallowed hard objects of metal

Migraine treatment tips

the grated line melon leaves redness in the affected area until the friction, twist once every seven days to three times, once every six severe cases can be cured.


Tuberculosis recipe

throat rinse with vinegar, then slowly swallow, repeated several times to heal.

Cure hemorrhoids remedies

a betel nut, drill a small hole, go down the hole in the generation of oil poured into the little smoke out with a blistering two days to dry, like smoke, the smell is not smoke, and who smell can quit smoking.

fresh beans 100 grams, water boiled add a little salt, taking 3-5 days before each meal restore health, such as strong physical force often eat on the best.

tender ginger ginger to find clean, be sure to skin, and then smashed ginger, wrapped with gauze, the ginger mud juice, then pour in the ginger injury Department, do not wrap, you can not sleep at night fever, no swelling. Once a day, a week can be cured, and will not leave scars.

Visual impairment how to do

vinegar, sugar, tea, 100 grams of water, drink immediately after the drink, sober up quickly, drink more than wake up faster.

garlic nose cat from cat urine. Ear drops three times a drop or two of cat urine can cure illness deafness. Tinnitus can be baked snake ash, blowing your ear, even blowing three times to cure tinnitus.

New methods of diabetes control

Beriberi Tips

peeled, smashed drunk, plus an egg white and mix thoroughly, every night before bed, next morning wash with white wine, until the spot back.

Dermatitis Tips

mouth at each egg with a facial, an hour later wash with water, if often rub the skin more tender.

brush your teeth with toothpaste on a small soda, brushing teeth after three white jade, rust and natural tooth loss.

Itching how to do

Inflammation of the mouth

when the nose heavy bleeding, the patient is placed flat under the nose of the hand holding the opposite eye, points automatically sealed, and can immediately stop the blood.

fresh seaweed twenty-two, made into a bowl of seaweed soup, although do not put the vegetables inside, fasting drink, even 10 can, kelp can quickly restore normal blood pressure.

500 克 live pupa cocoon drying research into the use of fire fine, each with 3-5 grams twice a day, served up, the effect is very good, this side is the Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine provided.

Cleft hands and feet



with aspartate ashes, into a small bag, which pain where to paste, paste every night for one hour, three times a cured paste. This square and simple. Good effect on low back pain significantly improved.

dried apricot skin as a small pillow can be eye-catching pieces repose. Of visual impairment. The wind tears myopia hyperopia have a certain effect.

twice daily to eat pineapple 50 g 5-7 days is best, 2 years or so will not fall ill, fall ill after eating again and then once a seriously ill person to eat twice a day, can be a solid condition.

catty vinegar soaked twelve peeled pine seeds, soak two days, three times a day rub, the better. Also be a spoonful of orange peel powder and half spoon spoon sesame oil painting.

the earth element (on hold in a) seven-baked ash, rice wine seventy-two, put a bottle of bubbles within seven days and nights, seven money 7pm drink wine, and hard with his fist naughty playing surface of the skin seventy-seven looked nine, the seriously ill who served more than a few courses can be cured.

How to do voice dumb

How to cure burns

the middle with a piece of tape cut a small eye, posted on corn, small eyes appear corns, Zaisa eye on that side of urea (fertilizer) and then a tape suppressed, changed every three days, for six, corns from the consumer self-destruction.

​​a day sooner or later, and slowly swallow, keep 3-4 days, immediately improved. Serious illness can also be with the side treatment.

Fishbone card throat


After the disease deafness, tinnitus

Soak apricots will

Sleep snore teeth

How to knock down the worms

put a few slices of tea a day chewing in the mouth three times, it will give you mouth to keep fresh, three days later to remove bad breath.

Stomach trouble

Rapid weight loss

Big Onion chopped

How to remove bad breath

sesame fried, add salt, preferably beginning 10 days pre-eat meals as a staple food, can quickly increase breast milk, eat more milk come faster.

civil governance Extraction of egg shell twenty on the red tiles on the use of fire into the drying research into the go, taking with sugar, drink a teaspoon before serving, twice a day, served so far, this side is very valuable, while calcium and rickets have good results.

regular exercise, do not worry about gas, year after year to keep eating garlic, garlic is the best medicine to extend life, it can kill many harmful bacteria in vivo.

Frozen shoulder, low back pain, sciatic, back off

vinegar 50 grams sugar 50 grams, 250 grams mixed with cold water evenly, slowly drink a day can be severe in patients at increased twice.

vinegar 100 grams, cumin powder 5 grams. Reconcile even rubbed several organs under the odor disappeared immediately.

Or injured tendons

Underarm body odor

to the countryside to take sesame twenty-two, with hot water after drinking four cups of light can, drink a few days more severe, it can quick menstruation sedative effect on the menstrual dysmenorrhea large cold abnormal effects.


How to treat foot corns

take a piece of ginger cut rub soles of the feet, rubbing the right men and women rub the left, a rub for ten minutes.

How to quit

How alcohol

with white Luobu Pi posted on both sides of the temple, night posted 20 minutes up quick, do not paste on the head does not hurt, and the parties attending dizziness brain up.

fry the leeks can be the next big mouth, broken glass, goes after eating, you can also use this side.

. .White teeth, how to quit 1 2 3 4 sobering how how how to remove bad breath alcohol 5 6 7 how to do voice hoarse psoriasis 8 9 nose bleed pain trick how to do 10 fish bone stuck throat tips 12 11 beriberi disease after deafness, tinnitus 13 control of diabetes and new approaches to sleep snore 14 teeth 15 foot odor, sweaty feet 16 epilepsy (ram's horn crazy) 17 oral inflammation of coronary heart disease 19 18 20 tips migraine treatment remedies cure hemorrhoids fast lactation 21 22 23 heart disease treatment insomnia tips 24 visually impaired how to do 25 foot gap 26 tips dermatitis rhinitis 28 27 30 Hypertension 29 kidney speckle method face 32 or 31 injured stomach muscle longevity secret 33 fast weight loss 34 36 35 menstruation the skin becomes coarse Shao Baitou 37 tender 38 frozen shoulder, low back pain, sciatic, lumbar tuberculosis recipe off 39 41 40 arthritis pain relief method how to do armpit odor itching 42 44 43 hyperostosis swallowed hard objects of metal numb hands and feet 46 45 hair loss from scalp 47 how to treat nail fungus how to knock down the worms 48 49 50 how to treat mastitis how to treat foot corns prostatitis 52 51 53 how to cure rheumatism class burns

pumpkin seeds (shelled leaving Jen) 50-100 crush Ban Cheng amount of sugar paste with water, empty stomach one guys, this can only destroy a variety of worms in children.

soaked black fungus, peach,Outlet Coach Handbags, honey, 120 grams, a total of pound drunk, steaming hot bowl, sub-four days after eating and never numb, pregnant women, disabled.

leek mash, a little boy of less urine, swelling can be attached to the wound a few hours, three days can return to normal.

with 500 grams of scallop shell (scallop) Jianshui shampoo, wash once a day 6-8 times with washing, so that in the long black hair out of thick, such as old age may be more particularly washed several times.

Numbness in hands and feet

Irregular menstruation

beans 50 grams, cooked, add salt to eat ate amount of 3-4 days, this party does not control the development of coronary heart disease, particularly desirable, fall ill and then after this party.

will of garlic smashed drunk, add a little alum coated on onychomycosis. Do not wipe too thick. Then sealed with plastic sheeting to nail. Closed plastic sheeting light effect only 78 days, feel up feeling just fine.

to state-run Tea House to buy twenty-two oolong tea, oolong tea to drink one week can quickly melt the fat to promote fat metabolism to achieve weight loss, but also to prevent the occurrence of obesity. (Thick tea)

with onion leaves to treat burns, the effect is very good. Is encountered water, fire or burn oil, a pinch of green onions that leaf, split into pieces, there will be mucus attached to the burn at the side, a large burn area can be posted more than a few pieces, and gently wrap , can relieve pain, and prevent blisters, one hundred and twelve days to recover. Some people also eat soup accidentally burn the mouth or esophagus, immediately chewing green onion leaves, and slowly swallow, was also very effective.

sheep tibia four, with a large wood burning coke broken into the side after the yellow, a day after dinner with one or two wine delivery service, once every several times.

How to treat mastitis

How to do nose bleed


Rapid lactation

egg oil burns treatment taking two boiled egg yolk with chopsticks minced into the wok, with the text Huoao, such as when the egg yolk with a teaspoon of paste made squeeze oil ( Do not boil the oil when the fire is too busy to squeeze in time the oil, or egg yolk on coke) into a small bottle for later use. Clean the second, three days after the cure.

The treatment of insomnia tips

Hair loss from scalp

Heat over the fire with a peach on a tooth after biting on the pain, so a few times and never toothache.

earthworms one, two and a half into a large bowl using alum open Baishuichong open. A bowl of morning fasting, and even drink ten days.

stick a drop of sesame oil with a cotton ball after 15 minutes on the nose out for 2-3 days, three times a day, with 2 times more severe. Vinegar, garlic bulbs can also be inserted nose.

medicinal rheumatism ointment, paste in the affected area, can be removed the day after a good long shot.

How to treat onychomycosis

Arthritis pain relief method

I can't remember the last time when I have read something really useful about epidemiolgy and the resources like in this post. :)

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I don't know how you can like Minnesota so much! Isn't it freezing there 6 months of the year?!

Many-2 thanks Dotty, I am too glad to hear about you.

Long time no see saw , today, finally ~ Depressed ! ! ! ! ~ ~
Hope ~
Suddenly discovered how close the friends are gone could not find even a shopping ! Cough ~~~~~~

Wat een leuke site zeg!

Ik ben heel nieuwsgierig wie dit voor jullie gemaakt heeft?

Thanks for your comments on this.

I have to say, the presidential race that is going on right now is nastier than I have ever seen in my lifetime. These 2 are throwing more mud and trying to confuse the american public, than they are trying to tell us what they are going to do differently. I think Obama has the biggest burden to bear, because he has not been able to do 1/2 the things he said he would, and he said that if he couldn't pay down 1/2 the deficit in his first 3 years, he should not be reelected, I think that is going to haunt him. He also just made a remark about business owners that I think Is going to bring heat. ...... and then there's Romney, well I think that's enough said.

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