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Hi readers!

We changed the setting of comment to allow anyone to leave comments.

You can just say "Hi" to ambassadors or ask quick questions without university ID.

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Kyoko :D

Hi there!

Do you like winter? Do you like snow? If the answer is "Yes!", then I'm sure that the state of Minnesota (or Minne-snow-da) won't disappoint you!

If the answer is "No!", and your biggest concern is afraid of the extra coldness in Minnesota, then you are just on the right webpage!

We won't let the coldness be a hinder towards your selection of the University of Minnesota, since we are going to provide you some useful and practical tips to better ease you into the Minnesota winter life!

$Money money money$


"Education is priceless."

Why, then, does it cost so much?

Here is a guide to how you can prepare for tuition and living costs through fellowships (check out Kyoko's blog for information about financial aid and assistantships).

It depends on how you budget your time!
Hi everyone,
Thanks for coming back to my blog again this week! Yesterday I wrote my first exam of the semester and it actually went pretty well! A lot of my friends are also writing their midterm exams this and next week. One can usually sense when midterms are here. There is a feeling that days are too short, lots of coffee consumption, no dinners out with friends, NO FREE TIME! But is it always that way? Not really! There is this myth that graduate students do not have free time to do anything else besides studying. It is true that graduate students work hard, but I found out this semester that graduate students CAN have free time. A little lesson in time management and prioritizing my tasks helped me figure that out. For all the other times that I do not feel like following these rules I use another trick, I CREATE FREE TIME:-) Don't believe me that graduate students do have a social life? Well here is the evidence they do...

"Omg...I will be kicked out from U of M...." (*Omg: Oh my goodness)

This morning, I found my friend posted the state above on Facebook.

Why did he thought that?
Because he couldn't pay tuition by the due date.

Being honest, I had an exactly same experience last year...

As same as many international students, tuition and living cost was one of the biggest concerns of mine before I came here.
When I was still in Japan, I had saved money for paying tuition by myself.
But it's not enough.

Are you wondering how I'm managing it...?

OK, I'll tell you the REAL stories!

Find your VISA


After you have made the best decision of your life "enrolling at the University of Minnesota", the first thing you have to start thinking about is your VISA. In fact, United State is pretty strictly regarding alien's status. However, do not worry it is nothing too complicated!

Usually, students who enroll in a United States University have an F-1 or J-1 student visa.
Which one is more suited for you depend from the reason you are coming to the university. You can find many other cases looking directly at our International Student & Scholar Service website.

At the ISSS office there are many super nice and extra good experts of students visa who are waiting to help you!

Minnesota =/= USA


(on the phone)

Mom: Oh my god, sweetie! Are you Okay?? I heard that there was a campus shooting in the United States!

Daughter: ......Yes, Mom, I'm fine. It was NOT in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Mom: Oh my god, sweetie! Are you still doing Okay?? I saw it on TV that there was an earthquake happened in the United States!

Daughter: ......Yes, Mom. You are right! But I'm still good, because that was NOT in Minneapolis, Minnesota, either.

Mom: Oh my goodness, sweetie! Are you still alive???! There was a tornado happened in the United States!!

Daughter: ......Yes, Mom. Of course, I'm still doing great! Okay, let's say, that was true as well! However, it just not happened here--NOT in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Why I <3 the U of M?


Salam everyone,
When I first thought about writing this blog, I wasn't sure how I was going to approach it, considering that I probably can't summarize ALL the reasons why I made that decision of coming to the University of Minnesota, but let me try to give this a shot anyways :P

Born with skis on my feet


Minnesota: The Land of 10 000 Lakes
Minneapolis: The safest city in the US
University of Minnesota: Driven to Discover

Why did I come here?

The million dollar question


Hi everyone! I am so excited to be back again on the blog. The past few weeks have been absolutely pleasant in the twin cities. The weather could not be better. In the mornings, the fresh cool breeze sweeps the leaves away into a little song, by the lunch hour, it's warmed up enough I find myself tossing away the light sweater I put on in the morning. I love the fall season:) However, the fall season is not the only reason I chose the University of Minnesota. Today I will try to answer the million dollar question, Why did I choose to attend the University of Minnesota?

Minnesota > New York ?


Hi readers!
The blog topic of this week is "why U of M?"

Umm.... being honest, I had wanted to study in New York but changed my mind.

Do you want to know why...?

UofM because...


Why Did I choose the University of Minnesota??!

Well, the main reason at the beginning was because...

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