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Hi readers!
The blog topic of this week is "why U of M?"

Umm.... being honest, I had wanted to study in New York but changed my mind.

Do you want to know why...?

I'll tell you the top 3 reasons why I chose U of M not C******a University in New York.

No 3: Learning Environment
U of M campuses are not only beautiful but also helpful for our study!
Kyoko's favorite study room.JPG

We have three campuses in West Bank, East Bank, and St.Paul.

In the HUGE campuses, there are plenty of helpful resources such as Writing Centers.

There are also various places to study including libraries, coffee shops, and even just lobbies of buildings. I'm sure that you will find your favorite place to study!

This is my favorite place.

Find this quiet and beautiful study room if you come here!

No 2: Cost
The tuition is reasonable, and living costs are cheaper than other big cities.
Comparing other top schools, the tuition of U of M is reasonable. Living cost is not expensive because Minnesota State doesn't require tax for non-prepared food and clothing. In my case, the total estimated cost for U of M was half of one for C******a University.

No 1: Highly Ranked Program!!!
U of M is a hidden top school in the U.S.!
Your friends may not know that U of M has a lot of highly-ranked programs, but it's TRUE. I was surprised when I realized that my program was ranked TOP 3 in the U.S. in the field of Organizational Psychology. Please check here! Since there are many research organizations that have different evaluation methods, you should check the programs that you are interested in with multiple resources.

From the reasons I mentioned above, I believe that U of M is the best school to receive high-level education with reasonable expenses.
Actually, I found more wonderful attractions of this university after I came here. I'll tell you them someday soon...

Thank you for reading our blog, and feel free to ask me questions if you want to know more about my decision to come here. I hope you find the best school for you.

Then, have a nice day... everyday!

Kyoko :D


Where is this place located?

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