How much is a wonderful experience at UofM?


"Omg...I will be kicked out from U of M...." (*Omg: Oh my goodness)

This morning, I found my friend posted the state above on Facebook.

Why did he thought that?
Because he couldn't pay tuition by the due date.

Being honest, I had an exactly same experience last year...

As same as many international students, tuition and living cost was one of the biggest concerns of mine before I came here.
When I was still in Japan, I had saved money for paying tuition by myself.
But it's not enough.

Are you wondering how I'm managing it...?

OK, I'll tell you the REAL stories!

How much the tuition?

First of all, I guess you must want to know how much the tuition is.

Actually, I cannot tell the exact price because it may be different depending of your program. You will know the price after you register for classes.

But I can guarantee the tuition for UofM is really reasonable comparing other top schools. (Please refer my former blog: Minnesota > New York?)

If you want to estimate your tuition before your registration, you can find some information from this link, or you can briefly calculate it through this link.

Click the links!

How do I manage paying tuition?

As I told you, my saving was not enough to pay the tuition.
Then, how do I keep paying it?
There are several way to reduce your tuition, and I'll introduce two of them.

1. Using financial aids
To get scholarship is a way to reduce your payment, but everyone cannot get it. However, even If you couldn't get any scholarship before you come here, you still can find some information of financial aid. ISSS is one of the departments that provides some financial aids, and also other departments or off-campus organizations may offer scholarships.
I recommend you to keep your eyes peeled for opportunities and to try!

2. Working on campus using your professional knowledge
This is definitely an advantage of grad students. Because the University of Minnesota is a HUGE research organization and because grad students have professional knowledge, most of them are qualified to work as teaching assistants or research assistants.
If you worked on campus by using your professional abilities, your tuition might be discounted. Including me, I know lots grad students who work and pay tuition by themselves.

Although I thought of giving up studying abroad many times because of my financial situation, now I'm having indeed precious experience at the University of Minnesota.

I deeply understand how you worried about the cost, but strongly suggest to find a way to overcome the concern.

Lastly, this is a picture of my friends' graduation ceremony last May.
I wish you stand there in the future :)
Grad ceremony in May 2010.JPG

Thank you for reading such a long writing!

Feel free to ask further questions, and have wonderful everyday!!
Kyoko :D


Great blog Kyoko!

thanks very much,am so concerns about the tuitions fee.firstly can apply now for master degree now

Hi Olawunmi,
Thank you for your comment! I understand your feeling because I had same concern.
Yes, you can apply for a masters program now, and you need to show a financial certification to prove that you can pay tuition for the first year after you are accepted.

You actually allow it to be seem so easy together with your presentation but I've found this topic to become actually a thing that I think I would never understand.

You really make it seem very easy together with your presentation but I find this topic to become actually a thing that I believe I'd never understand.

You really allow it to be seem very easy with your presentation but I've found this topic to become actually a thing that I think I would never understand.

You really make it seem so easy together with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually a thing that I think I'd never understand.

You actually make it seem so easy together with your presentation but I find this topic to become actually a thing that I believe I would never understand.

You actually make it seem very easy with your presentation but I find this topic to be actually something which I believe I'd never understand.

I discovered your blog thanks to the International Students' section in the U of M website. I find it very interesting!
I'm going to quickly introduce myself. My name is Léo, I'm 17 and I live in France. I spent the whole last year living in Owatonna, MN (it's about 1 hour south from the U of M), at their High School. That was supposed to be my Junior Year but my french High School didn't give me credits for it so I'm doing my Junior Year all over again, in France. I am really interested in studying at the U of M, especially because I know they have one of the best engineering program in the US. I'm for now either interested in a Bachelor, or a Master, but my questions isn't about that at all.
I saw on their website that the cost for International Students, all included, was about $34,000, is that right? My parents' income is above average in France, however, French universities are not even close to be as expensive. I was wondering if the American government / the U of M / your country gave you any scolarships? And if yes, were they specifically made for International Students?
This would be my most important question as far as for now. I know what their requirements are for International Students (taking an English proficiency test, for example) and that's the reason why I'm starting to look at what I have to do before my Senior Year, knowing that I could do a lot during my Junior Year. I was also wondering if you had to take the SAT or ACT? It's something I could have done in the US last year, but didn't. I know that I could take it not very far from home in France though. I'm just asking because they say "Not required, but strongly recommended".
Thank you!

3: to transfer a good taste of the chicken into the porridge pot, simmer Shaozhu while, sprinkled with coriander and serve. Shall, according to personal preferences and habits, not to add coriander. -

porridge Ingredients: lean meat, 1 (pig tendon meat is best), preserved eggs, 2 (Lead-free egg, a healthier, two lime flavor is not so large), ginger one, water in sufficient quantities, oil, salt and sugar. -

36. Mint porridge -

open and then rub well into the 2 tablespoons of apple until boiled. -

40. 皮蛋瘦肉粥 -

materials: Prepare carrots (carrots) amount -

22 fillet porridge -

(4), when placed in soy sauce and cook until thick. -

system of law (1) taro skin peeled cut into small pieces, then wash with salted look. -

Method (1) Soak rice, washed well, beef, carrots, onions chopped. -

boil for cooking, and then washed; if you like salty pork porridge with salt, then salt pork to marinate for a day in advance, as follows: -

anemia -

(2) the red dates and water soaked mashed. -


41. pumpkin porridge -

[usage] twice daily for 3 days. -

practice: honeysuckle in medicine stores. Boiling water first, whichever is gravy, add white rice 30 grams, 300 milliliters of water, cook the thin porridge. -

the overripe boil then add salt and pepper to taste Serve -

[commentary] Semen can Anshen, millet can Spleen Yang Xin. Wei Chao, a moment in the pot Suanzaoren powder, the family used a rolling pin grinding. -

[function] -


system of law (1) red clam and wakame with water blisters open net after the twisted and chopped. -



(2) the rice, broth, tofu pot of water on the cook. -

09 fish, milk porridge -

21 carrot porridge -

dry -

practice: -

system of law (1) potatoes, peeled, Dunlan, mashed and filtered. -

[commentary] longan nourishing, not long use; seeds can not level up steep, you can Jiufu. Reading desk, labor sad spleen, impaired memory, Notani not fragrant, could eat lotus porridge. -

02 tofu porridge -

system of law (1) Wash the apples and carrots and use a good eraser wiping dishes. -

effect: there lungs stomach, eliminate puffiness, under sewage, urine effect in the summer eat it can relieve summer heat, dampness, and for the treatment of summer loss of appetite, tired body fatigue Zhu Zheng. -

13 carrots yogurt porridge -

(2) in the rice, add water to boil with the pot. -

ingredients: fish, white meat - 30 grams, carrots - 1 / 5, kelp broth - 1 / 2 cup carrot - 20 grams of soy sauce - a number, m -

19 vegetable porridge -


(4) salt to taste. -

(4), add soy sauce and cook until thick. -

system of law (1) cheese chopped. -


14 tomato porridge -

[materials] Bozi 15 grams, 100 grams of rice, honey. -


[role] to support the heart, nerves, sweating. For neurasthenia, heart palpitations, insomnia, dreams, black eye. -

ingredients: beef - 20 grams, rice - 1 / 3 cup carrots, onions - some, sesame oil, soy sauce - some -

system of law (1) tick the net the fish bones, fish and mashed Dunshu. -

to cook a pot of fragrant delicious soft meat salty preserved egg congee, tips are as follows: -


vegetable beef congee -

ingredients: chestnuts - 5, kelp broth - 1 / 2 cup -

ingredients: beef - 40 grams, rice - 1 / 4 bowl, spinach - 1, broth - 1 / 2 cup potatoes, carrots, onion - 1 / 5 -

08 apple porridge -

oil - a number -

Effectiveness: raising the spleen, heart and lung Run, make up the five internal organs, the function of government wasting, for low blood pressure, cough, lung deficiency, there is a certain gain. -

effect: heat, except for the annoying, Sheng Jin, antiemetic efficacy for the treatment of heat stroke, thirst, nausea and vomiting. -

ingredients: egg - 1 / 2 carrot - 1 / 5, spinach - 1, rice - 1 / 4 bowl, broth - 1 / 2 cup, salt - several -

[practice] first Bozi remove the skin, shell, impurities, mash, and rice porridge, porridge would be when blended with honey, can Shaozhu boil. -

system of law (1) fish lift drop-clean, Dunshu and mashed. -

(3) after amplification cooked sauce seasoning. -

(4) after the salt seasoning cooked. -

31. lotus porridge -

ingredients: carrot --1/10 of flour - 1 tsp, cabbage - 10 grams of yogurt - 1 tablespoon broth - 3 tablespoons yellow -

(3) the walnuts, dates, rice add water on a small pot. -

[materials] Semen end of 15 grams, 100 grams of rice. -

system of law (1) tomatoes soaked in boiling water, then remove the peel to the flesh, chopped. -

(2) the necessary fuel will be adding an appropriate amount of water, the fire to boil 3 minutes, add pumpkin stir until boil again, open a small fire to cook for 15-20 minutes to slightly; -

(3) adding the right amount of sugar or let cool, add honey; -

tomato porridge -

[practice] the first to take the eight drugs boiling 40 minutes, then add rice to boiled into porridge. -

[role] Spleen moistening, Anshen. Hong attending food is not satisfied, restless sleep last night, dry stool. -

practice: -


system of law (1) the edge of the staple food, bread torn to pieces after the cut. -

25. Bozi porridge -

10 taro porridge -

(3) cooling the material after a good stew marinated with yogurt -

(4) porridge of water to full boil before the next material: put a lot of water in a large soup pot, boil, only put the materials. First under the meat, ginger, do not fire off small pieces to the boiling water, the outside part of the heated and cooked hard, sealed inside the gravy, so the meat is not cooked porridge terrible, and then wait for the water again Nowadays boiling rice and a marinated chopped egg, and this first one under the preserved egg porridge and rice cook chopped, preserved eggs will melt into the taste of porridge; -

[usage] sub ton transfer sugar consumption, ate a few days. -

(2) seaweed broth to boil, add chestnuts and cook. -

(6) porridge texture processing: the heat and simmer for a half-hour later, the second preserved eggs are also chopped, and put the meat in the porridge cooked fish out, push lightly with chopsticks, torn trace-like, with the second back into the porridge with preserved egg, cook the last half hour, then turn off the heat. Preserved eggs off the heat in the second half an hour before adding the porridge, the second half hour will neither lime preserved eggs cooked flavor, while soft, smooth change, spur of the moment when they eat to have preserved eggs, and meat because it is water boiling nowadays, but also to maintain a certain flavor, shredded back after the porridge, especially delicious. -

practice: the Radix, licorice root, bamboo leaves with water torture, juice, add rice, congee with red dates. -

[practice] the millet porridge of water to be cooked, add Suanzaoren end, stir well boil. -

30. honeysuckle porridge -


vegetable beef congee -

[materials] lotus 20 grams of longan meat 10 grams, 50 grams of rice. -

effect: used to control heat stroke, and a variety of heat canker sores, sore throat, Fengreganmao and so on. -

material: dates,north face jacket women, rice, with its own flavor component can be determined. -

ingredients: red clam - 2, dried wakame - 20 grams, rice - 1 / 4 cup -

this boiled porridge without salt, good taste, and under fire, easy to digest. If the porridge a little sticky at the end, please do not push lightly with a spoon pot of sticky skin, or else there will be paste porridge taste, we usually put a light in the bottom of the pot with a small spoon porridge cook, the water boiling process, a small spoon have been driven, to prevent sticking at the end of cooking porridge. -

(3) the rice, vegetables and minced meat into the pot boil, and salt seasoning. -

[usage] 2 times a day, hot food. -

[commentary] Semen end in sour and sweet taste buds into porridge, popular. Semen can be used raw with fried, scrambled for too often can damage the active ingredients. Desirable Suanzaoren Wei Chao moment into powder, the family used a rolling pin grinding. -

effect: the treatment of summer Fengreganmao, headache, red eyes, itching, urticaria, sore throat embolism is very good. -

20 miso porridge -

39. chicken congee -

[commentary] supermarket selling rice pudding, taking better warm, healthy eating can be fit and healthy. -

1: washing clean the rice into pot, add water 2000 grams, boil low heat Chengyu -

27. Zaoren millet porridge -

(2) Mega will be soaked with the right amount of water poured into the grinding mill. -

(4) thick when placed in egg yolk, and stir well. -

29. ginkgo porridge -

(3) stir-fry until the rice to some extent by adding carrots and water, the mixture gently boiled, and then soy sauce. -

03 egg congee -

16 wakame red clam porridge -

(2) Dunshu and chopped spinach. -

(3) into the milk and after the peas, and cook the mixture gently. -

system of law (1) peas cooked with water, mashed and filtered. -

approach: simple, plain porridge cook until seven in the ripe, red dates into the cook. -

honeysuckle porridge -

(3) the broth and taro on the small pot, stirring from time to time to look at. -

effect: a little hint of sweet, hot weather with heat, qi and stomach and other effects, if the heat was thirsty, shortness of breath, fatigue, not eating, give it a try. -

06 peas porridge -

26. Suanzaoren porridge -

material: white fungus 60 grams, 100 grams of rice. -

33. jujube porridge -

taro porridge -


28. mung bean porridge -

sugar and other light sweet rice class match, such as ginkgo rice pudding, green bean porridge ginkgo, ginkgo Adenophora lotus porridge, candy, rock sugar, white sugar is appropriate. -

(2) spinach, carrots, onions, and mashed potatoes Dunshu. -


containing protein 13.6g, Fat 0.65g, Carbohydrate 95.7g, Calcium 39mg, Phosphorus 25.9mg, Iron 2.7mg, Vitamin A0.20 international units of vitamin B10.2mg, vitamin B21.5mg, niacin 0.6mg , Nengchan hot 453kcal. -

cheese porridge -

ingredients: rice - 1 small bowl of miso - 1 / 2 tsp, carrots, onions, spinach - some -

mung bean is a very good hot weather food, to heat summer heat, detoxify and eliminate pain, diuretic dehumidification, matched with rice, congee, but also spleen Qi, nourishing fluid, indeed the solution for the summer summer to share, and because the product is not too cold, cool the stomach the spleen is not stagnation, is the post-heatstroke, hot weather to share. -

ingredients: rice - 1 / 4 bowl, peas - 5, milk - 1 / 4 cup salt - several -

[practice] to take lotus seeds, longan meat, rice with congee. -

material: Xianou 200 grams, 100 grams of rice, a little sugar. -

ingredients: rice - 1 / 3 cup walnuts - 5, red dates - 1, salt - several -

Effects: Nourishing Yin fluid, lungs and stomach, qi and blood, can cure consumptive cough, bloody sputum, Yin thirsty. -

(3) cook until thick, when adding the right amount of salt. -


raw materials: potatoes - 1 / 3 milk - 2 tablespoons of cooked egg yolk - 1 / 4, Salt - Some -

system of law (1) chestnuts boiled, peeled, mashed. -

ingredients: rice - 1 / 6 bowl, broth - 1 / 2 cup tofu 1 / 10, salt - several -

ingredients: tomatoes - 1 / 8, rice - 1 / 4 bowl, kelp broth - 1 / 2 cup, salt - several -

11 potato porridge -

Method (1) to prepare meat and ground beef. -

(1) first pumpkin steamed soft, mixed with steamed pumpkin juice with mashed pumpkin; -

green beans 30g, rice 100g -

If a child likes to eat sweets but also a little sugar -

(1) pick-meter: rice porridge with rice is best to use the Northeast, is just round ZhenZhuMi, cook the porridge especially soft; -

ingredients: rice - 1 / 6 bowls of water - 1 / 2 cup cheese - 5 grams -

Bozi porridge -

[practice] before adding water to rice to be cooked porridge, cook for a moment to join the end of Semen. -

[Nutrition] -

spices: diced green onion, 5 grams, 5 grams of salt, cooked oil, pepper, ginger 5 grams coriander. -

(2) the radish, carrots with a good eraser wiping dishes. -


ginkgo benevolence (peeled blanched in boiling water to within the seed coat) 6-10 tablets, a small amount of crystal sugar, rice, 2 2, the amount of water, and into the pot, simmer and cook top. Minced into a paste with rice can be. -

(2) vegetables, add broth boils, then add rice and cook. -

practice: -

(2) after the eggs cooked mashed egg yolk. -

Chrysanthemum porridge -

material: Ophiopogon 30 grams, 10 grams of licorice, bamboo leaves 15 grams, 100 grams of rice, red dates 6 to the core. -


fat carbohydrate which contains a lot of pectin in children with convergence and diarrhea after eating adsorption can inhibit intestinal peristalsis -

Features: fragrance palatability carrot sweet nature with the power of the spleen to aid digestion and contains carotene B vitamins -

ingredients: fish, white meat - 1 / 6, Milk - 1 tablespoon salt - several -

ingredients: pumpkin 250g, rice 50g, sugar and a small amount -

[role] laxative, uneasiness of mind. For heart palpitations, insomnia, forgetfulness, constipation, chronic constipation or senile. -

[usage] morning and evening, warm clothes. -

[usage] 2 times a day, honey, warm clothes. -

[materials] -

ancient times people have their sexual sweet as medicinal Xianping pork rich in protein and contain more carbohydrates -

(2) with sesame oil and fry the beef in the pan, re-soaked the rice frying. -


effect: This porridge Fengreganmao the summer, red eyes dim, treatment toxicity and high blood pressure sores are more appropriate. -

38. reed rhizome porridge -

(2) to pre-salted rice porridge: about half a bowl of rice after washing clean, use 2 tablespoons oil, 1 teaspoon of salt and a little water (2 teaspoons) and mix well, marinate for at least half an hour , rest assured, though with a lot of oil, but oil will evaporate in the process of porridge, rice cotton so rotten, so it was not greasy; -

compounds of calcium and phosphorus iron and other nutrients to prevent malnutrition -

Ophiopogon bamboo porridge -

05 cheese porridge -

(2) after the mashed taro Dunlan and filter. -

12 cheese bread, porridge -


Ginkgo should

34. Ophiopogon bamboo porridge -

sweet potato egg congee -


(3) after the boil and stir into the batter chopped open, seasoning with salt. -

(3) ratio of 1:10 will be fine rice and water, add wakame and red clam cook. -

[role] spleen and stomach, kidney qi, nourishing the nerves. For insomnia and fatigue physically weak puffy, diarrhea, thirst, cough with little phlegm. -

2: chicken into another pot, add ginger and water, boil after a small fire cooked, remove and let cool, the shredded chicken, then diced green onion, salt, pepper , mature oil seasoning mix. -

system of law (1) sweet potatoes peeled, Dunlan, and mashed. -

material: staple bread - 1, milk - 2 / 3 cup cheese powder - 1 / 2 spoon -

practice: first lotus root slices, and cook the rice porridge, porridge cooked, and then transferred to a little sugar, you can eat. -

lotus longan porridge -

pork one, rinse, pat dry, sprinkle 2-3 teaspoons of salt, spread evenly on the meat, the fridge in the lower compartment (fresh is not frozen into the ice lattice) marinate 12 hours or longer before they can tasty; -

(3) into the cheese and cook until thick, when the, when the cheese started to melt off the fire. -

35. milk porridge -

(3) porridge cooked with boiling water to cook the meat first fishy, ​​or pickled into bacon: porridge with lean meat or meat marinated in salt, not too elegant a piece of meat of pigs which, in short, to maintain Do not cut a single piece of meat (I usually use about 1-2 cm thick palm-sized piece of pork, if conditions permit, with a pig tendon meat taste better). If you use lean meat porridge, then the first with boiling water to lean slightly -

system of law (1) Dunshu chopped carrots and spinach. -

pork tenderloin is the pig back on the meat -

18 chestnut porridge -

(2) would be a good oatmeal and rub 1 tablespoon carrot into the pot, pour the milk and 1 / 4 cup of water simmer. (3) cook -

raw materials: pork tenderloin 100 grams salt 100 grams of rice powder, a little sesame oil Chuanjiao -

2. The mung bean, rice into pot, add water about 500g, cook until rice sticky juice when broken away from the fire can be eaten. Take 1-2 times daily. -

Ingredients: chicken 200 g -

system of law (1) nutcracker to open the flesh removed, soaked in water, stripped of their thin-skinned and mashed. -

[role] up Heart, benefit qi and blood. For blood loss anemia. -

17 eggs, sweet potato porridge -

(3) the egg yolks mashed potatoes on the mud. -

Production: Wash to remove the carrot roots steamed rice into the steamer and steam on the rotten remove let cool smashed into the mud -

32. tremella porridge -

practice: 150 grams of rice congee, and the other with fresh mint mint 100 grams or 20 grams dry fry doctrinal soup, add the amount of sugar and pour it into the congee, mix after the cool clothes. -

(2) pieces of bread and milk to simmer, cook paste, sprinkled with cheese powder. -

inhibiting indigestion caused by diarrhea is very appropriate -

benefits strength, make up the five internal organs, anti-aging, elderly, infirm preferred. Eat normal fitness. The family should eat. -

rice - 1 / 4 bowl -

approach: yellow chrysanthemum 20 grams, a little water to cook into chrysanthemum water to chrysanthemums, this water and 160 grams of rice congee. -

materials: 30 grams of honeysuckle, white rice 30 grams. -

material: Taro - 1 / 2, broth - 1 tablespoon soy sauce - some -

(2) stir fry with butter to flour look, add broth, cooked vegetables, and light stir. -

1. Green beans, rice washing clean. -

practice: bean paste amount, 50 grams of rice, along with porridge. -

system of law (1) tofu cut into small pieces. -

24. rice pudding -

practice: fresh reed rhizome 150 g, Zhuru 15 grams, 60 grams of rice, ginger 2, the reed rhizome washed, cut into sections, and Zhuru Tong Jian, to the residue add rice, ginger congee, 2 second take. -

(2) will Simmer potatoes with milk, and stir gently, after a thick salt. -

ingredients: rolled oats - 3 tablespoons milk - 1 / 4 cup apple - 1 / 6, carrots - 1 / 3 -

(2) to Riga pot of milk on the cooked fish, then season with salt. -


Features: porridge with oil and seasoning meaty taste great benefit of human children eat this porridge to prevent the occurrence -

ingredients: chicken breast meat - 10 grams, rice - 1 / 4 bowl, kelp broth - 1 / 2 cup spinach - 10 grams of soy sauce, sugar - if -

[materials] 100 grams of millet, Semen end of 15 grams, honey 40 grams. -

I think pumpkin porridge has a very sweet flavor, and for the sake of the body, I do not have sugar. And the fridge after the ice had more to drink! -

practice: white fungus with water foaming wash. After scouring the net rice, into the pot and add water to a boil, then add the white fungus, boil congee, transferred some of the sugar Serve. -

[practice] -

(3) sweet potato mud Simmer milk, stirring from time to time. -

(3) the rice, seaweed soup and meat, cook vegetables into the pot. -

ingredients: sweet potato - 1 / 6, egg - 1, milk - 2 tablespoons -

system of law (1) to the tendons of the chicken breast meat, cut into small pieces, marinated with soy sauce and sugar look. -

(3) seaweed broth to cook rice with a bit, then add chicken and cook spinach. -





[materials] Gorgon, barley rice, white beans, lotus, yam, red dates, longan, lily of 6 grams, 150 grams of rice. -

04 vegetables and fish porridge -

(3) by adding cooked tomatoes, seasoned with salt. -

[commentary] Bozi Gan Ping, uneasiness of mind, Yin Liver, spleen and intestines Shu, beauty black hair and so on. Bozi 14% fatty oil, a small amount of volatile oil, saponins and other substances, for the common tonic sedative drugs. -

23. lotus seeds and longan porridge -

Production: First pork tenderloin, cut into small pieces put the pan fried with sesame oil and then add rice porridge congee -

(4) cooked with salt to taste. -

37. chrysanthemum porridge -

characteristics: taste delicious, eat it can nourish the internal organs, qi and blood. -

(5) the first fire, after a small fire, the furnace should be sufficient: the water boiling, and under the material, the first high heat for 20 minutes, then transfer heat and simmer for half an hour, enough heat, tasty soft porridge and easy to digest; -

, salt - several -

07 walnut porridge -

(2) wok, add the appropriate amount of boiled rice. -

system of law (1) to the cabbage and carrots into filaments Dunlan. -

(2) will be poured into the pot of rice and seaweed soup is cooking. -

chestnuts can be strong gastrointestinal function, helps digestion. Infant diarrhea eating chestnuts, better. -

system of law (1) carrots, onions, spinach, cut into pieces. -

effect: Qi Yin, spleen appetizer, the elderly, physically weak, hot days, loss of appetite, loose stools thin, fever, thirst, and so can eat. -



(2) the rice, broth and chopped carrots, spinach into the pot and cook. -

15 chicken porridge -

cake can also be used to make cakes instead of bread and porridge. -

wine on the table ... ... a man must learn the rules a woman must know that [ah] wine on the table over all the rules:

(a) if they really can not drink on the distinction between the first port, carrying his food bowl while eating to clip the
(b) if satisfied that his drink, do not install the ink, then that is the rules of the

rule one: wine on the table although the
rule two: keeping a low profile, profound knowledge, must not be a charge on the wet bar on the large.
rule three: drinking before the leadership of each other turn their respect.
rule four: can people respect a person must not be more than one respect, unless you are a leader.
rule five: his respect others, if you do not clink, drink yourself how much can the case may be, such as other alcoholic beverages, other alcohol attitude, must not drink less than the other, to know their respect people.
rule six: their respect people, and if clink, one, I finish, you are free, side was Tatu.
rule seven: his humble position, remember to add wine to the leadership, not blind to the leadership on behalf of the wine is to generation, but also looking for someone to do the leadership, but also because you want to pretend that he is not drinking To lead on behalf of the wine and drink. A numerous liquor such as leadership, respect by beating about the bush to prepare the leadership of a person stopped.
rules VIII: reach for the glass (beer glass), cups his right hand briefly, his left pad bottom of the cup, remember their cup is always lower than others. Themselves if it is leadership, got the message point, do not put too low, or how a man called the following?
nine rules: If there are no special characters present, the best time the needle touched the wine order, not favoritism.
rules ten: clink, toast, have arguments, otherwise, I tmd Why drink your wine?
rule XI: Desktop does not talk business, drink good, business is also almost the same, all inside a clear understanding of the heart, otherwise people will not open up to you to drink.
rules Twelve: Do not install crooked, wrong thing, do wrong, do not defend themselves, consciously Monastic clincher.
rules Thirteen: If, purely if the encounter would not be enough wine, the bottle on the middle of the table, people add their own, Do not be silly not to waste one by one pouring, or the people behind the alcohol and how do?
rules XIV: Finally there must be a boring glass of wine, so do not let your glass empty. Stand it ~
rules XV: Note Do not drink and slip of the tongue, do not boast, not badly, not spittle flying, chopsticks thrown chaos, not chaos refers to the fingers, soup puff ring, do not fart burp, do not hold back go to the toilet to live, no one stopped you.
rule XVI: Do not,
rules Seventeen: leadership drink with you, is to give you face, how should you drink no matter how much leadership he start it for the King, remember ah, hands, lower cup.
rules eighth: peanuts for people to drink, is a good thing. Keep a clear head, it is indispensable greetings drink, a cup of yogurt, a cup of hot water, a hot towel seems you are caring.

If you can not drink

1, do not take the initiative to implement a defensive to offensive strategy;
2, put two large glass table, put a cup of white wine, put a cup of mineral water, take small handless winecup toast, ground water, to drink wine on the table eight points drunk basic subject-object, you can water on behalf of the wine, take the initiative;
3, toast, do not swallow immediately , look for opportunities to use napkins Mazui, napkin in the wine spit;
4, Theravada eat some fat after the class, bottom of starchy food, drinking is not easy drunk;
5, the rhythm, do not drink at once too hard;
6, not to types of wine mixed with drink, are particularly vulnerable to drunk;
7, leaders take their food, do not turn wet bar in the middle of the disc, you dial a leading wine on the table and take their food taboo;
8, when you drink six drunk, put your dish in front of the vinegar to drink vinegar, let the waiter added;
9, toast every time, filling, and then pretending to drink before handless winecup not predict with confidence, try throwing out some, so you can drink into a lot of time;
10, put away in front of a half cup of tea before drinking, drunk not to swallow, quickly picked up the cup, drink effort to spit the wine into the glass, the spit on the line full of water changes, or effective!

----------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ----------

banquet etiquette

1, Chung Huan fun, should not whisper
Most banquet guests are more, it should be as much about some of the most able to participate in the topic, to get the majority of people. Because of personal interests, knowledge are different, so try not to be too biased topics to avoid conceit, far apart, Shenkan boundless, there beside the phenomenon, while ignoring the crowd. In particular, try not to whisper with one ear whisper, and give them a sense of mystery, often have a
2, targeting two sides, grasp the overall situation
Most sprinkle feast has a theme, which is the purpose of drinking. Dinner when you should first look around the air of expression, to distinguish between primary and secondary, not simply to drink and drink, friends lost a good opportunity, but do not let some grandstanding drinker upset host meant.
3, the language properly, witty humor sprinkled
table can show a person's talent, knowledge, training and communication manners, and sometimes a humorous humor, language, will guests impressed, make people feel good to you virtually. Therefore, we should know when to say something, the language properly, witty sense of humor is critical.
4, urging people to drink moderately, to refrain from force
often encountered in the wine on the table drinks upon the phenomenon, some people always like wine market when battlefield, trying to persuade others to drink a few glasses of that amount is not to drink it.
5, toast and orderly, prioritized
toast is a science. Toast under normal circumstances should be of age, rank, both sides in order of status, must take full account of the former toast toast good order, clear primary and secondary. So that people who are not familiar with and drink, it must first inquire about the status or pay attention to how others call, which is the number of hearts to have to avoid embarrassing or hurtful situation.
toast toast be sure to grasp the order. Are asking certain guests in the gallery when he naturally doubly respectful, but be careful, if the presence of higher status or older person, you should not only help busy people respectfully, it must first Venerable elders to toast, or make you very shy.
6, the wind blows, in order to understand the people at the reception desk
everyone's appreciation, we must learn how the wind blows. Because communication with others, we must understand the people, both ways, in order to play the role of wine on the table.
7, getting shot edge, sit tight in the Taishan
banquet dinner on occasion to see, to correctly assess their own strength, do not be too impulsive, as liquor and talking to retain some sense of proportion, not to let others look down on their own but not too revealing, select the appropriate opportunity to gradually edge their own radiation, in order to sit tight in Taishan, not someone else have a , so that we can not underestimate your strength.

----------------------------------------- ------------------------------------------

attention to detail

1 - seating

general, seating is If the round table, then being on the main passenger door, left hand position of the subject-object, places the distance from the subject-object perspective, the more respect the more close to the subject-object position, the same respect from the left on the right. If the square table, if there is on the door of the seat, the door is on the right side of the main bit off. If the errors on the door, then face east side of the right seat for the chief.

If banquet, table and desk chief attention to the arrangement between the top center, left turn 2,4,6 seats the right to 3,5,7 seats, according to the subject-object identity, status, sit in affinities.

If you are the owner, you should arrive early and wait in a location near the door, and lead block for the guests. If you are invitees, then the host should follow the arrangements for admission.

general, if your boss to attend, you should lead to the main boss seat, please sit in the main the highest level of customer the left seat position. Unless the leadership level of hospitality object is

2 - a la carte

If time permits, you should wait after the majority of the guests in attendance, will be circulated to the menu for guests, and invited them to a la carte. Of course, as the official dinner, you will worry about budget problems, therefore, to control the budget, your most important thing is to do more homework before meals, select the appropriate grade dinner location is more important, so guests can also greatly appreciate your budget. Moreover, in general, if you come to pay, a la carte guests also not the nerve will allow you to decide. If your boss is also the feast, do not because of respect for him, or that his entertainment experience, catering to eat more, and let him / her to a la carte, unless he / she volunteered. Otherwise, he will not feel decent.

dinner if you are who you should know, you should not be too active in the a la carte, but to enable the owner to a la carte. If the other kind requirements, you can point a not too expensive, but not all the food taboos. Remember to consult the views of people about the table, especially to ask After ordering, you can consult,

when ordering, be sure to know what. A la carte, according to the following three rules

saw staff. In general, the per capita a dish is more the rule. If more men may be appropriate to increase the amount of dinner.

second look at the combination of dishes. In general, the table is the best meat dishes well-established, with cold and hot, try to make it comprehensive. If the table more than men, some meat or fish can be more, if more women, you can light a few more vegetables.

three to see the importance of the dinner. If the ordinary business dinner, a dish in the 50 average to 80 yuan acceptable. If the object of the dinner is more key, then the weight is enough to point a few dishes, such as lobster, saury, anchovy, and then to the specifications that are abalone, fin powder.

Another point to note is that a la carte dishes, the waiter should not ask the price, or the bargain, it will Let your company in front of customers is a little petty, but customers will feel uncomfortable.

with: a la carte Chinese food guide - three excellent four bogey

standard Chinese dinner meal, usually first on the cold, followed by stir-fried, then the main course, then on snacks and soup, eat a little if you feel tired, you can order some of the desserts, and finally the fruit plate. In ordering the program to take into account the various dishes.

priority dishes

one has distinctive Chinese dishes. Entertain foreign guests, when this one should pay more attention. Like deep-fried spring rolls, boiled Lantern, steamed son, lion head, kung pao chicken, etc., not food delicious, but because with distinct Chinese characteristics, so admired by many foreigners.

Second, there are local characteristics of the dishes. Such as steamed mutton in Xi'an, Hunan, Mao's home braised pork, braised lion head in Shanghai, Beijing, lamb, where the dinner guests outside, on these dishes, fresh seafood probably fits more than well received.

Third, the restaurant's specialties. Many restaurants have their own specialties. On a specialty of the restaurant, telling the owner's care and respect for those who were invited.

in arranging the menu, guests must also consider food taboos, in particular, to food taboos for the guest of honor's attention. These dietary taboos are four

1. Religious dietary restrictions, that can not be negligent. For example, Muslims generally do not eat pork, and do not drink. Hunxing domestic Buddhists eat food, it not only refers to meat, but also onions, garlic, leeks, mustard and other pungent food smells. Some believe in the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy in the diet is especially forbidden to eat beef, which points to serve Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots and overseas Chinese in particular should pay attention to when.

2. For health reasons, for some food, but also some taboos. For example, heart disease, cerebral vascular, vein sclerosis, hypertension and stroke sequelae were not suitable for eating dog meat, avoid eating lamb and turtle patients with hepatitis, gastroenteritis, stomach ulcer and other digestive diseases are also inappropriate to eat turtle, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, less chicken soup and so on.

3. Different regions, people's food preferences are often different. For this, to take into account when arranging the menu. For example, the Hunan provincial people generally like to eat spicy food, eat less sweets. Anglo-American countries, people usually do not eat pets, rare animals, animal offal, animal's head and claws. In addition, the dinner with foreign guests, try to be less rigid grazing dishes, foreigners will not bite in the meal in the mouth and then spit out the food, it also requires taking into account.

4. Some occupations, for some reason, in the dining area often have their own different special taboo. For example, the state civil servants in the performance of official duties are not allowed to an invitation to dinner, eating and drinking are not allowed in the official dinner time, not exceed the national standard meal, are not allowed to drink alcohol. Again, the driver shall not drink while working. If this point is ignored, the other party may also make mistakes.

3 - bite

Chinese people are generally very particular about food, but also very particular about eating phase. With more and more emphasis on workplace etiquette, business on the table to eat and eat with more attention. Following the lunch, for example, teach you how polite at the dinner table with instrument handy.

Chinese banquet meal at the beginning, the waiter brought the first of a wet towel is a towel, do not use it to wipe her face. On lobster, chicken, fruit, it will send a little water Meng, lemon slice or twist them floating rose petals, it is not drink, but hand-washing use. Hand, can turn his hands wet fingers, gently rinsed, and then use a small towel.

meal to be civil. Do not repeatedly advised of the foreign guests food, Chinese food can be introduced to each other's characteristics, eat eat by him. Some people like to persuade others, food, and even for each other and take their food. Foreign guests do not have this habit, if you are polite and again, chances are people will resent: If you wait for someone else to their own cloth dish, it had to Russia stomach.

guests seated, do not immediately hands-feeding. The owner should be greeted by the owner to indicate the beginning of a toast, the guests can begin; guests can not rush in front of the owner. Take their food to be civilized, and other dishes to be in front of their own, and then Dongkuaizi, do not rush in front next to him, one should not take their food too much. Slowly, this is not only conducive to digestion, but also on the table etiquette requirements. Must not be large mouths, wolf, so will leave the impression of greed. Do not picky eaters, do not just stare at you like Lay to eat, or hurried to favorite dishes piled up in your own plate. Action to elegant dining,Moncler Vest Men, sitting next to the folder Lay Do not touch, do not appropriated to the food tray table, not the soup spilled. Do not make unnecessary sounds, such as soup, when Do not eat the side, side and chat. Mouth of the bones and fish bones do not spit on the table, napkins are available hush, taken out on the dish with chopsticks. Out the food on the table, do not eat. Do not play with dishes during a meal, or with chopsticks straight people. Do not pull a hand to mouth disorder. When teeth with a toothpick, cover your mouth and the application of hand or napkin. Do not let dishes make a sound.

end of the meal, you can use napkins, paper napkin or a waiter brought a small towel wiped his mouth, but should not rub the head and neck, or chest; uncontrolled postprandial not burp or belch; not signal the end of the host, guests can not be left.

on toast

1, owner of King guest of honor.
2, Peiqia King guest of honor.
3, the guest of honor retaliate.
4, Peiqia mutual respect.

Remember: a stranger must not overwhelming and chaotic toast, that would be very rude, is very respected owner.

4 - pouring tea

knowledge mentioned here only company for customers to visit, the same applies to business table.

first tea to clean. The guests came in, let sit, back-up tea. Before tea, tea must take the clean, especially the long-unused tea set, it is inevitable dust, dirt, but also to carefully wash with water again. In tea, the best scalded with boiling water before pouring teapot, cup. In this way, pay attention to health, but also seems polite. If the cleaner is not clean either tea, wild tea to guests, it is impolite performance. People saw the teapot, cup stain on the trail of nausea, but also how you willing to drink the tea? Companies are now generally disposable cup,Montblanc Greta Garbo Pen, the tea cups before one-time pay attention to put the cup holder, so as not to heat hot water, so guests can Duanbei tea moment.

Secondly, tea should be adequate. Let me talk about tea, generally appropriate. Tea should not be too much, nor too little. Too much tea, tea flavor too thick; tea too, nothing out of the tea flavor. If customers take the initiative to introduce their favorite habit of drinking tea or weak tea, then by the mouth of the stomach to the guests a good tea. Besides tea, no matter how large cup small cup, are not down too full, too full of easy to overflow the table, stool, floor wet. Not careful, will burn themselves or guests of the hands and feet, so that two sides are very embarrassed. Of course, should not fall too low. If the tea had just cover bottom of the cup on the end to the guests, will make people think it is the bumbling, not sincerity in.

again, some tea to be successfully implemented. In accordance with the traditions and customs of our people, as long as hands are not disabled, the guests are served tea with both hands to the. But now, some young people do not know the rules, gave the guests tea with one hand trouble. Hands should be very careful tea, the cup of a cup ear, usually with one hand grasp the cup ear, boosting the bottom of the cup the other hand, the end of tea to the guests. Not filling the tea cup after cup ear the whole body hot, his hands not close, and some comrades just-do, with fingers pinch edges of the cup before the guests get aboard. This method, although some tea can prevent burn accidents happen, but it is unsightly, not enough health. Consider, for guests of the owner's finger marks lick the mouth, you feel better?

Tim tea. If your boss and clients need to add a cup of tea, you should obligatory to do so. You can indicate waiter Tim tea, or let the waiter leave the teapot on the table, by adding your own is better in person, it is not know what to say when the best way to cover up. Of course, the first to add tea when the bosses and clients add tea, and finally give yourself Tim.

5 - leave

general reception and tea for a long time, has about two hours. Perhaps visit a few times, some people recognize, you will soon want to leave. At this time, midway leave some skills, you can not understand.

common being conducted in a warm dinner time, because someone wants to leave, which leads to the result of crowd agents just quickly disappeared, the organizer anxious people really hopping. To avoid such unpleasant consequences, if you want to leave halfway, and do not talk to everyone in eleven circles say goodbye, so long as quietly and around two or three people say hello, and then you can leave.

picking up and leaving the reception site, be sure to invite you to the master note, apology, not swiftly vanished.

and greeted the owner, should go at once, do not pull the door to the master in the big talk incessantly. Because the other day to do a lot of site still has many of the guests waiting for him (her) to say hello, too much time on your master account will cause him (her) in front of other guests rude.

Some people attended the reception, tea party, when the half-way ready to leave, will be 11 asking everyone she knows to do a go. The results have been bustling scene, she encouraged such a sudden they finish at the advance. This downtown market thing, the hardest was the banquet master of understanding, a gentlemanly person, be sure not to commit this clock error.

---------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------

preparation before drinking alcohol can damage the liver, which is well known channel, in order to minimize reduction of alcohol on the stomach and liver damage, reduce the incidence of fatty liver. Preparatory work before the wine is very important, which is to ensure you never drunk wine on the table the key factor. In to dinner before the first bite to eat at home, something a little cushion for the stomach. It specifically eat what is good? Generally better to eat high-protein, such as eating two eggs, drink milk, soy milk, as these high-protein food in the stomach and alcohol can combine, react, reducing the absorption of alcohol. Also, eat biscuits, cakes, etc. can make the stomach a little something, because an empty stomach drink alcohol in the stomach can easily be absorbed, resulting in easy to drink. Note, do not use salted fish, sausages, bacon drinks, smoked because these foods contain a lot of pigment and wax nitrosamines, and alcohol react not only to liver injury, and damage to oral and esophageal mucosa, and even induce cancer.

In addition, regular or frequent drinking wine server who can try some of the methods recorded in ancient books. Anonymous as in the Qing Dynasty br> when the importance of bite. Before drinking, as much as possible eat a la carte, and then drink, its principles and as said earlier. Fasting is prohibited to drink, both easy to drink, easy Shang Wei.

sober up after drinking measures

after drinking, dizziness, headache, vomiting, and even personnel unconscious, intoxicated persons should undergo great suffering, this time to sober up as soon as possible to reduce the pain caused by drunkenness, and prevent more damage may occur. Here to teach you the recipe for sober approach is simple, drinkers according to their own circumstances, to choose their own way, worth a try.

★ ☆ Beverage white radish juice: raw white radish, washed juice, a little heat dose, every time a cup, 10 minutes time, three times to go to the alcohol solution.

★ ☆ eat cabbage heart: the heart out of shredded cabbage, one is not enough to take two, plus a small amount of sugar and vinegar and mix well pickled thirty-five minutes after the dose, this method soon hangover.

★ ☆ service celery juice: Wash chopped fresh celery juice,montblanc ballpoint pen, drunk as a tea, drink three times (every 5 minutes), this blush for a drink headache effects of brain swelling.

★ ☆ drink fresh orange peel water: two fresh orange Piga 1 kg of water to boil, then add a small amount of salt after shaking drunk as a tea, a cup once, 5 minutes to drink, three times effective.

★ ☆ drink green bean juice: green beans, 2 2, plus Shui Zhushu after drinking the soup with beans such as green beans mashed with boiled water will be a hangover effect.
Also how to reduce drunk due to headache, dizziness, nausea and other symptoms? Here also are a few foods, which is the U.S. National Headache Foundation, researchers found, we may make a reference:

★ ☆ drink honey water treatment headache: a special kind of honey contains fructose, can promote the decomposition of alcohol absorption, reduce headaches, particularly red wine-induced headaches. In addition, there are hypnotic effects of honey, can make people fall asleep quickly and wake up the next day will not be a headache.

★ ☆ dizziness tomato juice drink: tomato juice is also rich in particular fructose, can help promote the decomposition of alcohol, one drink 300 ml or more, feeling dizzy after drinking can gradually disappear. If a small amount of salt before consumption, but also help stabilize mood.

★ ☆ fresh grape drink rule nausea, nausea: If you eat before drinking, but also effective in preventing drunk.

★ ☆ watermelon juice drink body heat: watermelon with a goal can be heat, speed up the alcohol from the urine.

★ ☆ eliminate mouth alcohol grapefruit: grapefruit dipped in sugar to eat meat, the elimination of the alcohol drink in the mouth helps a lot.

★ ☆ celery juice drink gastrointestinal discomfort, facial redness: it is because celery is rich in B vitamins, break down alcohol.

★ ☆ yogurt drink irritability rule: yogurt can protect gastric mucosa, slow alcohol absorption, including calcium-rich drink to alleviate irritability particularly effective.

★ ☆ banana drink rule palpitations, chest tightness: drink eat 1-3 bananas, can increase blood glucose levels, reduce the proportion of alcohol in the blood, to achieve the purpose hangover. At the same time, it can alleviate the symptoms of palpitation, chest depressed elimination.

★ ☆ olive drink anorexia treatment: olive sober since ancient times, Qingwei heat, promoting appetite

thought that tea can sober up, but I do not know it was Tea
Li in the . Modern medical research also pointed out that the tea will stimulate gastric acid secretion, making it easier for alcohol damage to the gastric mucosa; the same time, theophylline in tea and alcohol as causes rapid heart beat, and more heavy burden on the heart.

sober drug

above the current market there have been many sober drugs, such as Sea King Jinzun off Gerber purposes: First, how can rapidly break down, lose the alcohol effect, or blocking the absorption of alcohol in the gastrointestinal, reducing the amount of alcohol into the blood, so naturally you can achieve the purpose of sobering, but no matter what the sober drug no matter how effective its magic, there are certain side effects, can not eat, especially for those who often need regular wine server or entertaining people, even more so. generally do not eat, because even if you take medicine, alcohol or into the body, the liver damage, the best is do not drink, when to drink, use other methods to first while sober.

drunk care
drunk themselves often do not know their own behavior, not to take care of themselves, so as relatives or friends must take care to note several aspects :

1. intoxicated persons, such as unsteady gait, should be careful not to let it fall to prevent bruises, or other important parts of the head bump.

2. keep warm, because drunk physical function decline, easy to catch cold at this time. Let's head twisted to one side of drunk, prevent vomiting, if vomiting, to clear the mouth of vomit, to prevent access to the trachea, causing asphyxia, or pulmonary infection .

3. drunk more serious, sober up and can not take goods, you should make it spit out the stomach contents, you can use your fingers, cotton swabs, etc. to make it into the throat and vomiting if necessary can have with warm water or 2% sodium bicarbonate solution lavage. more serious then quickly call 120 or immediately sent to hospital emergency.

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