Why I <3 the U of M?


Salam everyone,
When I first thought about writing this blog, I wasn't sure how I was going to approach it, considering that I probably can't summarize ALL the reasons why I made that decision of coming to the University of Minnesota, but let me try to give this a shot anyways :P

Well, from an academic perspective, one of the main reasons of choosing the Hubert H. Humphrey Institute of Public Affairs at the University of Minnesota is the fact that the school is ranked among the top 15 professional schools of public affairs at public universities in the country. Also, I thought that Minnesota should be a very impressive place to study in, especially since I am very much interested in learning about development work with young women. The Center on Women and Public Policy, which is the first complete teaching, research, and outreach center devoted to women and public policy in the United States, is one of my most favorite research centers here. The center is one of many centers at the Humphrey Institute that partner with councils and organizations in the larger community to prepare future policy makers, researchers, and activists to be the next generation of leaders on specialized issues. HHH insitute of Public Affairs

Another dimension to why I wanted to attend the U (short for University) is because of how diverse the school community and the larger community are. Since I am an Arab young woman, it was important for me to learn about Arab and Muslim communities at school and in Minneapolis to get a sense of belonging. So, it was very comforting to know, after researching, that Minnesota has a large Muslim and Arab population, as well as THE largest population of Somalis outside of Africa. At school, there are many organizations that bring together and support Arab and Muslim students, and other students interested in these areas, such as the Arabic Language and Culture Association and the Muslim Student Association.

And here's a video I just stumbled into which highlights a few more reasons why I think Minneapolis is such a cool city:

DNC Minneapolis 2012 from DNC Minneapolis 2012 on Vimeo.

    So now you guys can see why I thought answering this question can be quite a challenging task! Still, I hope I gave you all a good idea about some of the many many reasons why I am here. Again, please let me know if you needed to know anything more...

    Until next week, have a wonderful weekend and a great week ahead!

    Hugs, Sara


Hi Sara,

Its very welcoming to know that University of Minneapolis has facilities for development of the harmony amng muslim ppl.Inshallah,i can get an admit to this col so can very well establish n our cultural n technological way.


excellent idea on through this poste, I am completely agree with you, thank you very much for these ideas,I wish a good continuation

You really allow it to be seem very easy together with your presentation but I've found this topic to become actually something which I think I'd never understand.

; ; > vinegar fried egg treatment of cough wonders. Approach is: Take 1 egg, playing in a bowl, stir well, half a teaspoon of vinegar into the pan, then boil the mixture gently fry the eggs into the egg cooked, add the amount of sugar, cold after eating. Eat one every morning and evening. Can generally eat twice cough, weight in 3 days more.


cough ginger fried eggs take a small piece of ginger, chopped egg, a little sesame oil, the same as the fried egg (ginger thrown into the egg in). After eating cooked hot, twice a day, a few days coughing Jiyu. This

3. ginger fried eggs, diced ginger to take cough

or silk, mix the eggs into the bowl, and then a little oil into the pan in the pan, then add ginger and oil over what, and finally into the eggs fry, hot eating. Amount of food can own hands, to eat before going to sleep better at night.

4. sugar mixed with egg cough

people with chronic bronchitis, cough and colds easily after the attack, chest pain, shortness of breath, upset, disturbed. Mix sugar with the eggs after cooking after taking a good effect. As follows: Take a fresh egg, knock in a small bowl, do not crush the egg yolk, protein, adding the right amount of sugar and a spoonful of vegetable oil, put the pot and steam for cooking, hot time in the evening before going to sleep after eating. Eat 2 to 3 times coughing can be cured. Persistent cough may eat several times.

37 / walnut cough three methods

1. sesame walnut wine kidney cough

homemade sesame walnut wine, have kidney cough, treatment of low back pain therapeutic effect. To 500 grams white wine, for example, add washed black sesame seeds 30 grams of walnuts 30 grams, sealed in the shade, soaking Serve 15 days, the daily consumption of 2 times 15 grams.

2. water chestnuts, walnuts treatment of children suffering from whooping cough in children with whooping cough

with water chestnuts and walnuts can be eaten with cough. For food of convenience, peeled, that is a water chestnut, a walnut to eat, a good effect. The two things a day to eat two or three times, each of the three or four can be.

3. walnut, sesame, ginger powder, cough walnut 5, raw sesame seeds 25 grams, ginger 25 grams of brown sugar. Unqualified students pounded walnuts and sesame seeds, ginger, peeled and pounded very fine. Concentrated into a bowl, add brown sugar and mix well. Take a tablespoon each time (about 30 grams), blunt boiled water, daily morning and at night time.

38 / pear cough three methods

1. steamed pear cough

pears like watermelon health check cooked as a triangular mouth cut, the pear-core hollowed out into the amount of honey, then cover the small triangle. Opening up into a bowl with steaming pot a quarter of an hour, remove the hot to take.

2. steamed pear pepper cough Dingchuan

pears one, poke a few holes on every hole stuffed pepper 1, ranch cooked, and after cooling to remove pepper, fresh pear juice drink may be cough, Phlegm Dingchuan.

3. pear stewed mushrooms cough

pears to cool the heart and lungs, Phlegm pathogenic fire, mushrooms sugar within the double-stranded nucleic acid in the human body produced interferon can eradicate the virus. With

as follows: first 4 peeled and sliced ​​pear juice into juice, the mushrooms 200 grams slices, add water and sugar with the stew, and other mushrooms Dunshu, sooner or later twice with fresh soup can.

39 / garlic dressing soles cough, epistaxis, constipation

night before bed, wash feet after the garlic flakes deposited on the soles of the feet Yongquan bit on (position 1 / 3 of the foot); with medical tape affixed close to the prison; time of 8 hours (garlic skin irritation, posted the time not too long), the cough, epistaxis (commonly known as: nosebleeds) and constipation have a certain effect, apply 7 to 10 consecutive days, the better. Garlic dressing at the soles of the feet a few blisters, may suspend the applicator, until the blisters break and then after the recovery of skin applicator, generally no blisters.

40 / eating ginger also cough

put a piece of ginger, peeled and cut into pieces, to the mouth when coughing put one in, coughing stopped immediately. Itchy throat when you eat one again, twice a day to eat, eat once at night before going to sleep, eat two or three times the next day, cough can be cured.

41 / Hong

fried green beans can cough cough, Guo Lifang spoonful of sesame oil in iron in the fire after the Heat put 7 green beans fried coke (not fried paste), until the oil is not too hot, and when some honey, hot drink before going to eat beans oil. Cough can eat three or four times. Can play in oil with fried eggs and green beans, or with a little mint, white chrysanthemums, sage (available in pharmacies) and with fried eggs, honey, eat above, effective for cough.

42 / radish cough three methods

1. boiled radish water can Zhike

several days coughing , difficult to sleep at night, to buy a few white radish, sliced ​​carrot half the night, with clean boiled, carrots, cooked with a cup or small bowl of water filter out until coolish drink. Cough can be reduced. Continuous drinking days, cough can be cured.

2. burn radish cough

to (gas cooker pot roast can be used), till the extent of half-baked, remove from oven, hot food, eat several times coughing can be improved.

3. carrot soup and cough

white pepper 5, radish 100 grams, ginger, 3, dried tangerine peel 10 grams, fried Yin Tang. For multi-bubble cough sputum thin. 43 / Almond cough Second Law

suffering from lung deficiency cough cure: sweet almond 20 grams, with 60 ℃ hot water to the skin soaked, peeled try to smash, and rice (50 to 100 grams), add water and cook, boil add 10 g sugar, boiled thick like food can.

suffering from heat cold, cough more than drama, it will eat the sweet almond-apricot broke down when left to take almonds, Juefu a cough after the play stopped after every 2 hours Juefu a , even twice, cough can be basically recovered.

44 / rock sugar, rock sugar, bananas cough

about 5 grams, banana 2 to 4, into the bowl on the pot, boil and steam for 15 with the text minutes, you can eat, cough with good results.

45 / paint Balm

suffering from asthma cough asthma cough more than when used before the Balm Waicha on both sides of the neck and neck, cough immediately stopped,nike air max men, while calm Tan Chuan.

46 / Mangosteen Mangosteen

cough soaked clean, the shell ruptured, even with the belt on the glass in the flesh additional blisters. Bubbles out of the water a reddish-brown, slightly sweet, taste good. Continued drinking water, several times a day to drink. Greatly reduced the day after coughing, can be recovered two days later.

47 / antitussive with apron

elderly warm every winter, it is easy to commit cough. However, after stopping cough medicine cough unbearable. Cotton apron can be played to bring warmth to the role of effective stop coughing.

48 /

winter cough deep breath after suffering from bronchitis were always coughing, sleep at night. Take deep, slow and hard to do the breathing, coughing stopped quickly, safely sleep. If you wake up the middle, continue to use deep breathing method, still cough sleep.

49 / balm cough Second Law

1. posted musk balm cough

cut a musk pain Plaster in the days of conflict points (upper sternal depression) and Shenque (at navel). Each posted 24 hours, usually after a cold cough posted more than twice effective.

2. 伤湿止痛膏 cough

posted under the posted one in the throat of about 1 cm square, cough can be stopped.

50 / summer watermelon anti-cough

buy a small watermelon, dig a small hole into the rock sugar, 4 two steam for 20 minutes, still hot dose, excellent results.

51 / cure a dry cough three methods


boiled eggs, sugar, cooking oil has a cough (commonly known as dry cough) no sputum and no fever, can be half-mug of boiling water, put cooking oil (peanut oil is best) 1 two tablespoons, add the amount of sugar, then add an egg broken in the mug, boiling up. Morning and evening (get up, before sleep) hot Beverage, even thirty-two day that is good.

2. mung bean soup cooked pears

take green beans 100 grams, two pear soup to drink, Chili Yin Tang to early to eat each time.

persist for some time to cure a dry cough, no recurrence.


ginkgo ginkgo steamed sugar 3 money 2 money to put a little sugar water boiling, at bedtime, once daily for a month can cure a dry cough. When the first pieces and steamed ginkgo residue, water bubbles, and then into sugar.

52 / peanut cough Second Law


milk, boiled peanuts, crushed a handful of raw peanuts, into the milk to boil, then hot to take, 2 or 3 times a day, can be effective in treating cough.

2. peanuts, red dates, honey soup

take peanuts, dates, honey, 30 grams, water, Jian Hao, fresh peanuts jujube and drink the soup, twice a day, several times you can.

53 / duck cough

1. Cuchao duck

to a fresh duck eggs into the aluminum pan, stir well, then, stir with a spoon (anti-paste), half-cooked, then add 25 grams Chen (m) vinegar and continue to stir fry until cooked. When eating hot food, morning and evening. Ate for 10 days, cough cure.


fungus steamed duck eggs take 10 grams of black fungus, a duck, a little rock sugar, the amount of water after mixing, steam cooked with each twice a day, can cure deficiency Dryness of cough, sputum and throat of this method is also less effective.

54 / pumpkin vine juice cough

fresh pumpkin vine to the head, into the bottle through the night, the next day there will be trickle-down juice bottle, Daily juice, boiled water, to be effective cough.

55 / honey cough Second Law

1. honey, honey, pork suet cough

60 grams of pork suet 60 grams of oil to the residue, into the honey, melted boil. A spoonful of boiled water every morning and evening, winter double.

2. honey cough

honey 16 grams, boiled water, twice daily, morning and evening hours service.

56 / milk, fresh ginger cough

take milk and fresh ginger, crushed the ginger juice, milk, boil after adding ginger to be a little burned moment on the pot, let cool drink can.

cough lotus root soup
Effects: Huatanzhike
material ; material: red dates 5 to 10 (depending on the size of particles), medlar 20 to 30, 2 ginger, brown sugar and 1 spoon, 2 spoons of pure lotus root powder do
(a) knife to cut open dates washed, and wolfberry fruit, ginger, brown sugar wok, add 3 bowls of water, fire first roll, a small fire continued to cook for 20 minutes.
(b) of the lotus root powder 2 spoon and mix thoroughly with cold water, hot wok, starch, and then roll off the heat when the stew for 5 minutes.
steak content:
use of time: getting up, 10: 00 ~ 11:00,16:00 ~ 17:00, before going to bed weight: 200-500c.c.
power ; effects: cough and phlegm; should be eaten while hot, as long as ate half, cough effect is very significant.
of the disease: cough, asthma, bronchitis
intimate small caution: Daily morning and at night time the best results. Sore throat should not be taken 1 hour before bedtime eating ginger cure
1, red cure colds and coughs KM Tong Jiang Tong
Red 30 grams of fresh ginger 15 grams, dates 30 g, water bowls fry with more than half. Hot to take, after serving a slightly sweated Jiyu. Dispels wind and cold, cure colds and coughs, cold stomach irritation, diarrhea, post-natal exposure to cold, evil, yin and so on.
2, cold cough
radish radish cure light blue one, light blue 6, 15 grams of ginger, water bowls. First radish cooked, add a light blue, ginger, cook left a bowl of soup, even a dose of slag. Xuanfei relieving, phlegm and cough. Treatment of cough, phlegm bubble, with chills, body aches and so tired.
3, white radish honey cough treatment
white radish 1, 30 grams of honey, white pepper 5 tablets, ephedra 2 grams. Wash the radishes, sliced, placed in a bowl, pour the honey and white pepper, ephedra, a total of steaming hot to take half an hour, see Khan Jiyu bed. Sweating and cold, cough and phlegm, cough and cold treatment.
4, Fritillaria cough fresh pear fresh pears lung abscess
500 grams, the end of six grams of Fritillaria , sugar 30 grams. Peel the pears, cut open, to the core, the late mother of pearl and sugar filled, steamed on the bowl together. Morning and evening eating. Phlegm, relieves congestion of the table. Treatment of cough or lung abscess, Zheng Jian, chest pain, chills, cough, fever, dry mouth, throat, sputum or pus phlegm yellow stench.
5, rock sugar bird's nest bird's nest porridge rule Deficient Cough
10 grams, 100 grams of rice, sugar 50 grams. Immersed soft warm place to nest, pluck down dirt, water bowl and then continue up into the hair. Take upper washing clean rice into pot, add water Sandawan, stir to boil, switch to gentle boiling. Good pure bird's nest will be sent into the pot and boil the rice with about 1 hour, add sugar melted Serve. Yin lungs, cough and phlegm. Cough and cough Shangyin governance lung deficiency.
6, Yang Yin
large bird's nest bird's nest pear 5 grams (water immersion), Pear 2 , Fritillaria 10 grams sugar 5 grams. Pear dredged the core, with the release of other shamisen, pears, cover bowl tightly enclosed place, ranch cooked, take. Yin dryness, cough and phlegm. Years of treatment sputum cough, shortness of breath. Good results.
7, cough expectorant saliva
radish pepper 1 carrot, white pepper 5,Nike Air Max BW Women, Ginger 3 pieces, dried tangerine peel 1. Plus bowls of water were boiled for 30 minutes, 2 times a day Decoction. Under the gas Phlegm. Cough sputum.
8, tofu, sugar, cough and phlegm and asthma
tofu 500 grams, red pond, sugar 100 grams. The tofu were digging a nest, into the red, white sugar, boiling water into the bowl every 30 minutes. Once finished, even for 4 times. Heat, fluid, moistening. Cough Tan Chuan.
9, Corn Orange cough
corn, the amount of orange peel. Add water to cook a total of, 2 day service. Cough and phlegm. Treatment of cough, phlegm.
10, carrot soup lung cough
radish 1, lung 1, 15 grams of almonds , add water, tomatoes for 1 hour. Meat Yin Tang, phlegm, cough and asthma. Than chronic cough, phlegm, shortness of breath.
11, red eggs tonic cough syrup
50 grams of sugar, 1 egg, fresh ginger amount . First eggs into the bowl, and stir well. Sugar bowl of boiling water, hot red eggs, mix, then pour has been twisted to take the ginger, and mix thoroughly. Morning and evening for 1 cup. Complement deficiency, chronic cough unhealed.
12, sesame Bingtang Shui cure night cough
raw sesame seeds 15 grams, sugar 10 grams. Sesame seeds and sugar were put bowl, water brewed into tea. Lungs, fluid. Rule more than the night cough, cough without phlegm. (Additional: sesame seeds 1, 50 grams of ginger, smashed broth were served, but also the efficacy of the above oh)
13, steam Pear honey chronic cough and throat
; large Pear 1, 50 grams of honey. Pear first dig inside the nucleus all the honey to fill the inside, heating steamed. A twice daily to eat, ate a few days. Health and body fluid, cough and phlegm. Chronic cough, dry throat, hands and feet hot.
14, bird's nest bird's nest fungus cure a dry cough, night sweats
10 grams Tremella 15 grams of crystal sugar. The bird's nest into the hot water soak for 3-4 hours, and then choose to go soft, then add hot water soak 1 hour and serve. Canopic jars or poured into a tureen with a bird's nest, white fungus, sugar, stew cooked. Take. Complement deficiency, Yin Yang, retreat and Hot. Cure a dry cough, night sweats, or other lung yin deficiency.
15, drink soy milk rather cough and phlegm
lungs grinding soaked soy sauce, sugar to drink after boiling . Daily fasting drink a bowl. Spleen width, the moistening water pinch, Qingfei cough,Air Max 90, phlegm. Treatment Malnutrition thin, Hyperactivity cough.
(attached: to drink fresh milk can prevent Alzheimer's disease, asthma prevention and control. milk for anemia in patients nursed back to health, is stronger than the effect of milk to drink hot milk plant protein supplement can enhance people's resistance to disease, regulation of the endocrine system older women, reduce and improve menopausal symptoms, aging, reduce juvenile female facial acne, the occurrence of acne, white skin moist.

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