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Maybe you already know that the University of Minnesota has good reputation in its Carlson School of Management, Law School, Medical School, etc. But do you know that the U also provides competitive educational programs for students and scholars? Since I'm currently doing my Master degree in one of the educational programs, I would strongly recommend you to pursue your study in this field if you really feel like "making a difference" in the education field.

The Master program I'm doing right now is called CIDE--"Comparative and International Development Education", which belongs to the CEHD--"College of Education and Human Development". I chose this program is because I did my bachelor degree in English Education back in China, and personally I like traveling very much--interested in learning different cultures and knowing various people. And this program just offers almost all these things I'm looking for.


As for the classes, they are all quite intriguing to me, for example, the "Cross-cultural Leadership" class, and the "Cross-cultural Training" class. I rank them the "Top Two" classes I've taken so far is because the former one is involved with various leadership styles across culture, and the latter one is filled with all kinds of simulations in a multi-cultural setting. Both of them are informative and thought-provoking.

One interesting thing is that I was often asked by other students about where our teaching buildings were located. Not like the big eye-catching medical building or the "grand" Electrical Engineering building, classes of education mostly often take place in Wulling Hall or Peik Hall, which are just along the Mississippi river on the East Bank. Obviously, they are not big nor "fancy" compared with other major buildings on campus, but definitely representative of the overall historical development of the University of Minnesota.

In general, I would say this program fits into my expectation perfectly by offering educational development in a multi-cultural context. Thus, if you are also considering majoring in education field, then studying at the U of M is probably going to be one of your most rewarding experiences you could ever get in your lifetime! :)


Hi Yu Meng,

My name is Guanqiong Liang and I am a senior student in Shanghai International Studies University. I'm interested in the CSPP program. Could you offer me more information about it?
I really appreciate if you could leave your e-mail address.

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Hi Yu Meng!
I've read your post on CIDE and find it very captivating! I've just been admitted to UM to pursue Masters program in Comparative and International Development Education. I believe I'll be arriving in Minnesota sometime in August 2011 to commence my studies. Being an international student from Kenya, East Africa, I'm extremely delighted to have got some insight into the program from your blog. Thank you for your words of encouragement for having chosen the program and UM. I look forward to an exciting scholarly stay in Minnesota. I have very many questions I would like to ask you about your experience in MU that I cannot exhaustively do here.

You really allow it to be seem so easy with your presentation but I find this topic to become actually a thing that I believe I'd never understand.

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