Year of the Golden Rabbit*


In Norway, on New Years Eve as the clock strikes midnight, we exit our houses for a celebration outdoors. Upon re-entering, we lay iron and steel across the thresholds of our doors, because evil cannot cross these metals. Coming into our houses in the new year, all evil from the past year is forced to stay behind outside, in the shivering cold.

*Starts February 3rd 2011.

2011 Academic Plans:

1. Conquer graduate school year two
2. Become a statistics whiz
3. Fine-tune my academic writing

2011 Resolutions:

1. Drink more wine
2. Eat more boller (a Norwegian sweet bread made with cardamom)
3. Be happy every day

2011 Quote:

"What other people think of you is none of your business"

Bring it on!

Peace and love from the cold, Susanne

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I love your plans and resolutions! I can join you in drinking more wine and being happy every day. You may have to help me with the boller!

What are other peoples plans and resolutions???


You really make it seem very easy with your presentation but I've found this topic to be actually something which I think I'd never understand.

1, the practice of fish [saliva]

2, the practice] [boiled fish

3, [the practice of fried fish]

4 , the practice of steamed fish [sea]

5, the practice of [Cod]

6, [practice] sweet and sour fish

7, [the practice of stewed fish ]

8, [practice] pickled fish

9, [practice] pepper fish

10, the practice of fish [Scallion]

11, [ ],[mandarin practice]

15, [practice] Beer Fish

16, [the practice of mandarin fish date]

1 , the practice of [saliva]

fish raw material: a flower silver carp, two spoons of starch, about two and a half deep-fried peanuts, cooked white sesame two spoons, a small piece of ginger, garlic, a Hong onion five, tempeh two spoons, three tablespoons of cooking wine, soy sauce, two spoons, a tablespoon of vinegar, a spoonful of sugar, chili marked one or two, two spoons of pepper oil, salt, MSG appropriate, a tablespoon of sesame oil.

1, Wash the fish pieces into pieces, salt, cooking wine marinate a few minutes, add water, mix code starch flavor, chop the crushed fried peanuts, chopped lobster sauce, onions, garlic, ginger finely chopped.

2, a pot of hot oil till the Liucheng, into tempeh, ginger, garlic flavor Stir.

3, in a large bowl add salt, MSG, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, ginger and garlic roasted lobster sauce, oil pepper, pepper oil, sesame oil, stir fried and turned into peanut sauce .

4, set each on a pan put the oil burning Zhisi Cheng hot, add fish fry slip loose.

5, remove and drain the oil into a bowl after.

6, topped with sauce, then sprinkle with cooked sesame seeds, chopped green onions and serve.

7, mix well

2, the practice] [boiled fish


1. buy carp fish, cut into fillets.

2. to fish sizing (salt, monosodium glutamate, onion, ginger, wine, pepper, or if you prefer, you can put five-spice powder or other flavor you prefer)

3. a little water to a boil, add fish boiled (to 80%), immediately remove. Parts pot, water will not.

4. will be a lot of (large) Heat the oil, add some red pepper and pepper (to taste depending on individual set) until the color a little black pepper in the pan when the oil poured on the fish above.

5. at the hotel to eat boiled fish fillet underneath there is often a lot of yellow bean sprouts. Fish shop but only the top layer of the bean sprouts. While he ate it at home, bean sprouts can prevent the.

6. doused with oil just go, because of high oil temperature, be careful not to splash out hot oil to your own, so the water containers and utensils must be cooked the fish bigger.


bean sprouts, or your favorite vegetables, ginger (a chunk, making Songqie piece), garlic (one, a little film you can, do not cut), amount of onions, watercress (or chop pepper), pepper, red pepper, chili powder, salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, cooking wine, soy sauce, vinegar and a little oil and it takes another: cornstarch, cooking wine, salt, protein, a

1, the fish will kill a good wash, chop off the head and tail, slice into the fish, and chop the remaining fish pieces. The fish with a little salt, cooking wine, soy protein powder and a grasping uniform, marinate 15 minutes. Fish head and tail and the other plate, the same way pickled)

2, boil a pot of water to wash bean sprouts, blanched in boiling water into, fishing into the big tub, the sprinkle a little salt to taste, reserve.

3, in a clean wok add three times the usual cooking oil, oil heat, add three tablespoons of Douban (or chop fried) until fragrant, add ginger, garlic, onions, peppercorns , chili powder and red pepper stir fry medium heat. Joined end to end and after taste, fish, turn the fire, turn absorbed, add cooking wine and soy sauce, pepper, sugar amount, continue to stir fry a while, add some hot water, and salt and monosodium glutamate seasoning (to try the salty ). Until the water is to keep the fire, put a piece of the fish with chopsticks aside powder, 3 to 5 minutes off the heat. All the cooked fish and pour the soup in large bowl of bean sprouts just filled.

4, the other to take a clean pot, pour half a catty oil (oil depends on the specific size of the container ready to pour when the big tub, the fish and bean sprouts all submerged subject, what can be visually ). Until the oil heat, turn off the heat before air it. Then add lots of pepper and dried chili (see the individual addicted to spicy level), low heat and slowly fry pepper and chili flavor. Focus on the fire is not too large, so as not to fry paste.

5, peppers change color quickly, immediately turn off the heat, the pot of chili oil and pepper together in large bowl poured the fish, careful hot!! eat!!


1, cooked the fish's water is not appropriate to put fish, has just been flooded can be. After cooked into the pot, some fish will be exposed on the outside.

2, cooked the fish and chili pepper before some of the first fried in cooking time, you can fully extract the red pigment in red pepper, the oil color Hongliang.

3, pickled fish, people should not put too much salt, will be salty, but also undermine the delicious fish.

4, I think, pepper and chili are fragrant, they still have to fry and then poured the oil better.


carp, pepper noodles, pepper, red pepper, red pepper (cut into small pieces about 2 cm), sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, bean sprouts, salad oil (preferably not peanut oil), wine knife (sharp knife), pan (wok), basin (deep basin)

1, clean the fish, pay attention to the inner wall of the fish belly black film must go to clean, and then at the end slice open the fish a profile for the two, the fish bone out, starting from the tail piece of children, a large, thin fish is the best.

2, the film good fish add some salt, pepper noodles, red pepper, mix well. In order to provide fresh, add a little sugar and MSG, plus a small amount of wine (preferably rice wine), marinated for 20 to 30 minutes.

3, the washed bean sprouts washed in boiling water over about, picked up the spare.

4, the pot put a lot of oil (LD looked good distressed), 9 into the heat until the oil, add the marinated fish head first, after Zhashu into the basin filled with bean sprouts, and then Then, in the amount of fish into the pan, slide open to fishing after the basin filled with bean sprouts, until all the fish slip finish.

5, 8 and deep fry the pepper into the pot when mature, into the pepper section of children, deep red and deep fry until pepper, pour the entire pot of oil to be filled with bean sprouts and fish pot , lost all the kitchen filled with the boiled fish within the smell of completion.

(d) of boiled fish, the most simple way!

1. carp cleaned, sliced ​​children. I cut thin enough, but also can be friends.

2. fillets with salt, tasty, not salty good eat!

3. make water, cooked the fish pieces to the cooked fish so far, not too old Yeah, about three minutes to it.

4. the other with a pot, do oil, all sorts of oil, must be able to fish it all soaked into.

5. Prepare a large pan, which put onion, ginger, garlic, bean sprouts, etc. Good copy.

6. to the cooked fish on the bowl, and finally brought into the chili from the restaurant, pour hot oil.

3, [practice]

fried fish most commonly used materials: tilapia, garlic, ginger, garlic. Cleaning the fish, add the garlic in the belly of the two, (garlic to shoot open). Stir the pan, add a little ginger, garlic. After finishing a good clean copy fragrant fish into the pot. Not too little attention to the oil, fish pot after the fire must be busy. Burst into the skin golden brown, then there is fragrance smell. At this time, the fish with the push to the side of the pot, you can see the bottom of the pot still a little oil, chopped garlic Wash the stems down to stir the pot several times, then push to the fish and garlic together, Add salt, MSG, shoot a good number of garlic, add a little soy sauce, stir, add water a few times to cook ravioli (be careful not to add too much water, the fire is not too busy). Wait until the soup thickens, add a little garlic tail. In the light before you can stir a pot.

4, the practice of steamed fish [sea]

fish, 1, 25 g mushrooms 25 g ginger, rice wine 15 grams, sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, bamboo shoots , cooked ham, sesame oil amount, pepper ① scraping scales to the fish gills, oral wash; ② the fish into the field plate onions, ginger, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, ham, together with rice wine, sugar , salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper, mixing with the body on the mandarin stir-steam on the cage for about 15 minutes, appeared, topped with sesame oil to

5, the practice of [Cod]

first approach: cod peeled and cut into small pieces changed, salt, white pepper, lemon mix. Brush butter on the steak, the oven, bake at 180 degrees Celsius temperature for 20 minutes, removed, with the fire, until there are golden brown. Features: cod deep-sea fish, high nutritional value and taste fresh, no thorns, delicious butter.

second approach: 1, from a supermarket bought chunks of Cod Fish, wash stand. 2, to stab the steak peeled, cut into one inch square chunks. Pour the juice leaking. Add an egg, a little starch. And according to their own taste by adding spices, I usually put soy sauce, vinegar, cooking wine, salt and allspice. Stir well, set aside 5-10 minutes to allow full tasty fish, you can fry up. 4, I usually use olive oil to frying, color is beautiful. Jianhao fish outside the focus in the tender, mouth. When it can dip to eat with salt and pepper or other seasoning you like. Try it, when the fish eat your mouth, you must also send Delightful sigh!

third approach: 1, raw: silver snow fish, yams, green peppers, onions, ginger; 2, spices: Lee Kum Kee chicken powder, cooking wine, salad oil, salt, broth, cornstarch; Method: 1. Peel the yam into pellets, cod and cut fine, green, red pepper diced. 2 pan put the oil pan, the next onion, ginger saute, then add cod, yams, green, red pepper, seasoning with stir-fry until cooked, thicken pan; 4 characteristics: color, white, light and refreshing have fill the stomach, lung and kidney effect benefits.

6, [practice] sweet and sour fish, fish species available

carp, grass carp, blackfish and so on.

sweet and sour fish is very particular about Daogong, home made sweet and sour fish, just make a deep knife, to open Jidao can, and should not be too particular about the knife.

a good knife fish home with wine and spices (salt, monosodium glutamate, pepper) seasoning, then wash hydroplaning clean, the fish remains the taste, the water drain, put the pan fried , fried until crisp up.

relatively large amount of oil, or fried fish is easy to fall apart. Then use the tomato sauce and white vinegar, sugar with a small amount of salt, thicken sauce, pour in the fried fish.

a fragrant, bright red sweet and sour fish can serve. Sweet and sour fish is characterized by sweet taste with a tart, tasteless fish, hook juice rich, no longer have the taste of fish.

7, braised fish []

general approach can be used to roast more varieties of fish, like carp, grass carp, crucian carp, tilapia can be.

clean fish to slaughter took a knife fight.

braised fish of the blade is vertical cut, the fish was massive. Fry in the pan first, do not amount too much oil.

and then to the pot to the soup (chicken soup or pork chops soup) seasoning, then add soy sauce.

so the pot temperature rose up, adding a small amount of vinegar (vinegar is very important, essential not only play a role in softening of fish bone, as well as the efficacy of fishy).

burn time is generally about five minutes. After burning, the pot of soup is only part of the concentrated juice, the color was dark red, because the process of stew, braised fish, so the more tasty and sour.

braised fish is tender and melt characteristics of taste, rich, suitable for any crowd.

8, [practice] pickled fish

Sichuan's famous dish. It is with the soup, Generally with green grass carp fish species, grass carp, fat top.

Wash the fish boneless, sliced, and salt, MSG will fillet marinated, then corn starch sizing. Then wash the sauerkraut. (Note: there is a large supermarket selling pickled cabbage).

pan put a small amount of oil, fry ginger, garlic, fried and then put the sauerkraut, add broth. First sauerkraut cook for two minutes, to taste fine, and then the fish into the pan, boil two minutes or cooked.

taste like to eat Sichuan Ma's friends can also put some pepper into it.

9, [practice] pepper fish

materials: meat, fish (carp, grass carp, carp, only fish), mushroom (lettuce piece) amount, dry pepper, pepper

1, pickled fish: the fish, cut into thin slices, salt, soy sauce, chicken, starch and egg, mix well and marinate for 15-30 minutes.

2, expected to do at the end: the mushroom (lettuce pieces) boiled, remove and put the soup (fish, large pots) inside.

3, hot fish: into the home in broth, salt, ginger, chicken seasoning. Until the soup boiling, add the marinated fish. Nine mature soup mushroom pad has been poured into (lettuce piece) of soup inside.

4, do the flavoring: put the oil wok, add a little on the dry hot pepper, toss (not drag, or dried pepper black, pale), then add pepper, the same toss (not drag, or pepper is easy to become bitter, taste bad).

5, pot: the flavor into the fish feed on. To the table.

features: fresh fish, mouth, fragrant linen and spicy!

10, [practice] Scallion

fish a perch about a pound more than you can, wash clean and peel; ginger, peeled and cut into several pieces; onion, finely chopped ,dr dre headphones best buy, semi-saucer; soy sauce, rice wine, vinegar, soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate

second step, steamed sea bass body parallel to the first cut in the number of knives, not too deep, turn over also cut the rice wine, salt, MSG even put on the fish, the fish stuffed opening lying in a plate of ginger to put the steaming pot, the pot of water not too much, about 20-30 minutes, the amount of

third step, refueling; prominent when the fish eye is almost boiling. At this time the pot, plate will be some juice, drained some, sprinkle green onions, add soy sauce, vinegar and remaining water drained into the pot, from the hot oil, oil and gas rise of the oil evenly pour in the fish.

11, [practice] sweet and sour crispy fish, fish

1000 grams, 70 grams of vegetable oil, soy sauce, 45 ml, 20 ml wine vinegar 50 ml, 2.5 pepper grams, 6 grams of salt, 2 grams of MSG, sugar, 100 grams, onion 10 grams, ginger 5 grams rice, garlic 15 g, starch 15 grams.

1. the fish to the scales, gills, carcass wash, peony knife labeled on both sides, with onions, ginger (Crush), salt, cooking wine, pepper, salt tasty pick in addition to onions, ginger , water, starch, a good shot.

2. 7 into a hot burning oil, fish Zhashu pot, remove. Heat until the oil to 80% when the complex and deep fry the fish crisp plate.

3. pot stay in base oil, the next green onion, ginger rice, garlic, soy sauce, salt, cooking wine, pepper, monosodium glutamate, sugar, vinegar, until the sauce thicken when open, into the boiling oil, the juice pouring Serve the fish evenly.

features: red and gold, crisp outside, tender, sweet and salty.

12, [practice]

fish head fresh fat head (also known as male, bullhead) head a Special Note: the head must be fresh, place in the refrigerator too long. Fine chopped hot pepper, ginger, monosodium glutamate (or chicken), edible oil, steamed fish soy sauce, soy sauce

1, will head cut open, to the gills wash, drain into the dish.

2, fine chopped hot pepper evenly spread on the surface of the head (can decide how much flavor).

3, adding small ginger, salt (small amount, because there are great Duojiao salt), MSG, soy sauce steamed fish, cooking oil and a small amount of water.

4, will be filled into the cold fish dish in the steamer (avoid high-pressure, hot pan), raging fire, steaming after a big steam 8-10 minutes.

5, pot, pour a tablespoon of soy sauce, dotted with small onion can.

13, [practice] the fish hot pot

fresh grass carp 1 (about 1500 grams) or flowers silver carp (2000 grams), the pot bottom material 300 g, Pi Douban 200 grams, the end of pickled pepper 250 grams of hot ginger 150 grams, 15 grams dried chili festival, lobster sauce at the end 35 grams, 30 grams ginger pieces, soak sauerkraut 100 grams, 4 grams pepper, garlic 30 grams, onion section 100 grams, crisp beans 40 grams, chicken 20 grams, monosodium glutamate 15 g, white wine 25 grams, the amount of salt, sugar 8 grams, 100 grams cooking wine (or beer bottle), dry fine flour 60 grams, 800 grams of salad oil.

1, after the government killed the fish net, tick the next two net meat, picked off the abdominal spines, oblique blade with a thickness of 2 cm cut into tile-shaped large; Zhancheng large fish bones, fish head split into 4-6 pieces, add a little salt, white wine yards taste a few minutes, washed with water to the fish fillets on the bloody mucus, then stick thin uniform dry flour. Hot pickled cabbage cut into thin slices, green onions cut into 6 cm segments.

2, set each on a pot, pour hot oil till the Liucheng, first under the garlic, pepper until fragrant, then the next Pixian, hot pepper, hot ginger, fermented and dried, ginger pieces saute, then the fish bones, fish were placed in the pot; be solidified forming the surface of fish, add water 1500 g speed, then add cooking wine, pot bottom material, dry chili festival, chicken, monosodium glutamate, salt, sugar , onions and other spices section, into the pot pot pot, and finally thrown into the crisp beans and serve. Fish oil with a dry dish Zhan Shi. Dried red pepper oil with a dry dish, cooked white sesame seeds, crisp Huaren broken teeth, monosodium glutamate, a small green onion, coriander, hot pot soup to blend the original.

red silver carp, tomatoes, sweet potato flour, salt, soy sauce, sesame oil

1, preliminary work: red silver carp and cut into sections (preferably 3 cm wide, 7 cm long, do not cut too short Otherwise, fish bone thin and long) washed, placed in a bowl with soy sauce marinade tasty. Soak for at least half an hour, during which to flip several times, so that full access to fish sauce.

2, when the cook: Wash the diced tomatoes.

3, first put a little oil, add tomatoes, a pinch of salt Dishes it. Then placed in water, so it boil. (Some people think red silver carp and more fishy, ​​you can add ginger.)

4, when the water in the other, put some sweet potato flour in a bowl, add a little water, to melt, into a paste like. Fully addicted to the steak sweet potato powder. (Sweet potato-based powder is very easy, so be sure to add water little by little, do not look at adding a lot of water.)

5, open water, the fish piece by piece into the pot, flip, and, if necessary add a little salt. Up to three minutes, you can install the pot.

6, add a little sesame oil, taste more delicious.

13, the practice of the fish [wood]

fresh fish, 200 grams, 75 grams water, mushrooms, bamboo shoots 50 grams of cooked ham 25 grams, the amount of garlic leaves, fresh ginger 25 grams lard, 50 grams of cooking wine 25 grams, chicken fat 25 grams, 50 grams of water, starch, pepper, salt, monosodium glutamate, chicken broth, onion juice and the amount.

1. meat, cut into 3 cm long thick wire, add cooking wine, ginger juice, salt, monosodium glutamate salt tasty;

2. mushrooms, bamboo shoots, ham, ginger cut filaments are ;

3. with the ginger garlic leaves, silk ham, mushrooms, fishing line tied together, divided into 24 bundles;

4. a knife to cut the two, neat rows of into a bowl, add chicken broth, salt, monosodium glutamate, ginger juice, lard, cooking wine, pepper steamed on Ti, neat yards, the fish head, fish tail boiled water is good, reset;

5 . steamed fish Ingredients filter net, into the pot boil, water, starch, starch, pour in the fish oil were poured on top.

Features: juicy and delicate, taste delicious cuisine: Hunan

14, [practice] squirrel mandarin mandarin

Nixon sub-200 g wine 2 10 g pepper tomato sauce 10 g vegetable oil 500 g wet starch 40 grams (actual consumption of 50 grams) salt amount of vinegar 15 g

1. The mandarin fish to the scales, gills, fins, internal organs, remove the head of the leather, wash, the head Zhanxia, ​​spread out, shoot flat. Fish knife to cut off the back of the fish bone (do not cut the belly of the break), leaving about 1 in the rain at the tail of the spine. After the mandarin fish boneless, skin down spread out, with oblique knife cut flowers knife, meat knife depth of 4 / 5, do not cut broken skin, open a port in the tail, pull the tail from the edge.

2. Sprinkle the fish salt, pepper, wine, wet starch (small) smooth evenly.

3. Frying pan get angry, and pour into hot vegetable oil, heat the oil to the Seventy to mandarin fish dipped in a little starch, put the pan fried in a few minutes, then head dipped starch into the pan fried, deep fry golden brown remove and will take up a knife placed in the fish side dish, and put on the head.

4. In the pine nuts on the pan until cooked, remove, place in small bowl. 5. Leave a little oil in wok, add a little broth, add salt, sugar, tomato sauce, vinegar, after boiling, thicken with wet starch, add a little hot oil evenly, pour in the fish on the pan, sprinkle with pine nuts that available.

15, [practice]

Beer Fish fish (tender meat is better) Accessories: green peppers, tomatoes; salt, cooking wine, peanut oil, beer, soy sauce, soy sauce, oyster sauce, ginger, chicken powder, MSG

1, will wash the internal organs of fish, tomatoes, green peppers, cut into pieces;

2, wok, pour hot oily After the fish fry place;

3, sit wok, pour oil into the Jianhao fish, add onions, ginger, green peppers, beer, oyster sauce, cooking wine, soy sauce, chicken, salt , chicken stew for 5 minutes the fire, boil after adding tomatoes, sesame oil.

16, [practice] mandarin fish

date net fish 200 grams. Ingredients: Rape leaves 150 grams. Cooking wine 10 grams of salt 1 g, 3 egg, dry corn flour 20 grams, a little flour, a little red yeast powder, peanut oil 500 grams (about consumption of 30 grams).

1. the net thickness of fish pieces into 3 slices, cut into 1-inch wide rectangular bar 3, in a bowl, add wine, salt, a little different, marinate for 5 minutes. Rape leaves with water to wash, cut into filaments.

2. the egg into the dish, with chopsticks taken out was white foam, then add corn flour, mix into the flour Korea, divided in two bowls, one bowl add Red yeast rice, mix red.

3. sit stir the pot, into 250 grams of peanut oil, till the Qicheng heat down into the rape silk, dark red when the fish into pieces Absolute control, scattered in the disc.

4. sit stir the pot, into 500 grams of peanut oil, burning Zhi Sicheng hot, dip the fish of the first layer of flour, and then divided into two: a full-Korea paste wrapped with warm oil into the pan, stir Zhashu remove and control absolutes; to another full of fish sticks wrapped with red yeast powder Korea paste into song with a warm frying pan cooked, remove and control oil purifier, rape in the disc loose on both sides of the above sub-code the red and white fish sticks, fish, dates Serve duck shape.

Note heroine fingers - four.

RDA Pandora's top executives in Selfridges also boast odd Colonel helpless.

final battle came when the man took off all the security forces of the aircraft. At this point in the tower outside a soldier's hat blown off by wind, of course, this scene is very fierce one seems ridiculous, but in fact another meaning. Operations there before the ancient taboo, if the wind blew the head of the cap to be the sign is unknown, fear of war will be defeated. Cameron does not know in advance whether they intend to play through this, otherwise this lens is no sense too.

details of the four: U.S. Air Force command ship Oriental dragon design

many fans question the film's human, technology can be advanced to the alien adventure, and to cultivate the earth with alien hybrid creatures, but not to cure Jack's legs. In fact, Jack as a former marines, were injured after the disability has been idle, but also impoverished. Human technology can be cured at his legs, but as a veteran of the pension can not pay the cost of treatment; Because of this, by chance, as her brother's AVATAR successor came to the planet Pandora. I remember in the hangar with the boast that period Colonel odd dialogue, which promised that if properly done will be cured of his legs.

female pilot Judy later joined the camp of beauty is satisfied.

when the final battle staged when there is one pair of odd boast commander Colonel aboard ship outside of the bow close-up, although fleeting, but there are many sharp-eyed fans found their brushing with a bow at the impressively Oriental dragon design. Americans are very fond of the Air Force in particular, his love machine on a variety of graffiti, or moral, or purely for aesthetics, or the preparation of management needs. So what this dragon pattern is the point? In traditional Western culture, Eastern Long does represent aggression, brutal, powerful and evil, the setting here is to illustrate the strange boast Colonel school of earth people lack the moral and non-cognitive, the brutal destruction of their native land to others. Have to think of the irony if the Chinese, it is a bit far-fetched. This is just a cultural difference in interpretation on it. As you bomb, also attached to the Santa Claus does not explain the negative image of Westerners are.

details are: The first video log was written in March 19th, 2154 at 17 点 09

system Eywa (actually a house of nerve conduction, superconductors, and ecological information recorded set of transcendental systems, and cyber-punk in the integrated concept is very similar) for Dr. Grace salvation when she read the memory, while Grace is leading biologists, including the human memory in itself, as well as more advanced scientific and technological knowledge as well as intelligence. May have occurred for the sequel which left a hint, Eywa will not use this information to deal with human development Na'vi inspired invasion of new weapons or methods. RDA is after all just been temporarily out of the Pandora, and its rich mineral resources and ecological environment will be possible to make a comeback man.

details of the ten: RDA Why did not the competence to play

this video diary recorded in Dr. Jack and Grace to another base after (because the back of Dr. Grace).

do not think beauty is satisfied with the human genes and biochemical products Avatar (AVATAR) is perfect, and a closer look at his fingers - five, exactly the same as with humans. But when you are satisfied and then take note that under the pure beauty of the fingers will find that they are four. This is the beauty identify satisfied with Avatar (AVATAR) entity, an important criterion.

details of the five: Jack's disability can actually be cured legs

boast the first time with a strange colonel to destroy Omaticaya tribal holy man, Jack was satisfied with the Grace and beauty tied to stakes on the arrest. The beginning of the two position back on the tree home, Grace on the left, Jack in the right; but tribal chiefs came to rescue the wife of Mo'at, the two had turned into a tree for their homes, Grace In the right, Jack left.

details of the Nine: Sex in the tragic deleted

details of the Twelve: a

film Nite Li princess had told Jack, Omaticaya tribal hero or a savior are able to tame the bats is Long (Great Leonopteryx) strong, but as to tame the dragon legend of how difficult the process of how incredible only not to mention the word. Until the time when Jack appeared to Train Your Dragon,monster beats by dre, just a flashback clip with a band before, totally bring a viewing of the climax of the passage out of castration, while fans try to figure out that perhaps Na beauty of a ruling class rhetoric to fool people.

details Twenty: field experience life

chose Jack to save the gods EYWA satisfied beauty.

land animals on the planet Pandora has six legs, the distribution for the first two pairs, the back pair.

details of the eight: Grace T-shirt on the

many European and American directors always like to set the film in some of their egg-like small details like for people to discover interesting, the film is no exception. Dr. Grace to put the film had a printed What is strange? Dr. Grace actor Sigourney Weaver is one of the most renowned European and American film actor super royal sister line, if you read the And she had read of the year is Stanford University, studying English literature at school, and often school performances (mainly in Japanese Noh). Although it has entered the Yale School of Drama School in New York study, but the professors do not seem to like his aunt. It seems she still miss and love his former alma mater, in a film to its cause retaliate.

details XI: Why do women pilots were not punished Judy chicken retreat

details of the two: Have you noticed there are a few satisfied beauty fingers?

actor Jack started to Pandora, the habitual use VIDEO LOG at the beginning of a note of their own experience with a major story every day. This is a supplementary narrative an important clue to the film, Cameron did not explain in the film and the film occurred at a time, and many people start bearing adapter as well as information-completion through Jack's video log to complete the set of. Jack's first video log was written in March 19th, 2154 at 17:09 and the last one log was written in August 24, 2154 at 19:24, a total of 99 written log. That is to say, the story background of the film in the near future of 2154, while Jack went to Pandora from the final determination as to the beauty one is satisfied (when the story takes place long) enough to have five months. Satisfied with the beauty of the human battle should be in before August 24 a few days after that Jack claimed the last one log in the day will be his birthday, but please note that this is not Jack's birthday as a human; In this night, he will accept the unique eco-spiritual beauty rituals, reincarnation is real beauty is satisfied.

Now many fans are beginning to study with the media from satisfied with the beauty of the dress style, a great tendency to lead a new trend may be. In fact, many satisfied Americans are very similar to the style set with some of the indigenous Indian tribes, before the final battle we are in the body are full of all kinds of painting, in order to protect and deter the enemy. Americans are satisfied but the other four fingers of soldiers handprint painting, and we did five of the princess, do not to love?

film Pandora RDA project manager in Selfridges, although the image of a mercenary, but always revealing a trace of frustration. This frustration is from the strong security forces (mercenaries) odd boast commanding Colonel. The latter is always eager to take the lead in, a war maniacs posture is very annoying. Holy Land started in Omaticaya devastating blow to tribal, though conscience does not obliterate the Selfridges expressed a trace of resentment, but failed to stop the occurrence of the subsequent war. As the RDA in Pandora's top executives, we must ask: Are the security forces of privilege also greater than the person in charge of fragmentation? If he received timely advice hand odd and even boast of his detention, it will not lead to such a cup.

Avatar (AVATAR) of the finger with exactly the same as human beings is five.

when men are to Grace's secret base, the movie specifically to its former beauty satisfied with a photo of a close-up. Description Grace may be the first to accept beauty deep ethnic territory, and try to communicate with their human; even opened for the beauty of these schools accept the Earth symbol of the facilities of modern civilization. In the film satisfied ethnic beauty princess, leaders and soldiers able to speak fluent English, indicating with his teaching of the language. The manufacture of sodium AVATAR beauty gene, may be satisfied from these beauties who Grace obtained. And there are fans on the ridicule from the screen showing pictures of the lens, because that is the 3D version of 2D photographs also show a three-dimensional effect, which of course is the production staff's negligence, but still can not escape off the stuff.

Jack was sacred tree seed coverage has become a classic movie scene.

details 19: Sam Worthington play man does not love

beauty from satisfied people who set up the chart you can clearly see their fingers is four.

Although the climate landscape

Jack's first video log was written in March 19th, 2154 at 17:09.

details of the three: Pandora's six-legged land animals are

in the beginning of the war, Colonel odd boast at the base held a mobilization meeting, encouraging soldiers to fight. At this point the lens close-up medium shot specifically so with a female soldier standing in front, dark brown skin Nongmeitaiyan, eight non-African Americans. A preference test, according to fans this may be concluded that the New Zealand Maori / Samoan ethnicity. Such speculation is not no reason, the film's story is outlined in a so-called civilized ethnic groups on the injustice behind the dispute, and in the 19th century, British colonists and the indigenous Maori of New Zealand a similar place like a movie plot conflict, 1843 - 1872 New Zealand indigenous Maori against the British colonialists to the invasion launched a series of struggles, and ultimately forced the British to withdraw from the concession area.

When Colonel mighty odd boast with holy men are preparing to attack horses, always standing on one side female pilot Jack Judy, but got cold feet did not participate in the withdrawal operation. Such a serious breach of military discipline failed to receive any severe punishment, can actually visit the prison in the Jack and others, it is a bit justified.

film was undoubtedly one of the biggest beneficiaries of the actor Jack actor Sam Worthington, from an unremarkable little actor is Cameron fancy, has become this epic is not two candidates. It is also because in the Marcus To the film, Worthington is the ultimate determination to draw a line with the earth, to become a truly inclusive beauty. Of course, this does not end, will be released this year's fantasy masterwork It seems like short-term Neiwo Xin Dayton also a bit difficult to return to the human camp.

Jack can not afford the cost of treatment because no way to heal the leg.

details of the fifth: the mystery of paw prints

Perhaps you are impressed with his team in Cameron to create the Pandora, and that the above magnificent and beautiful ecosystems. Which has all kinds of different patterns of alien animals, of which a number of small land animals, have six legs, the distribution for the first two pairs, the back pair. Do not think this is makes up the mess made handy product, Cameron is truly brought together a research zoologist ecologists on the planet may be (provided that the composition of its atmosphere, the location of galaxies, etc.) there is biological appearance, although this is not how tricky the first brick house, but such a strange-shaped charm is that he is also reasonable from that.

Pandora conditions vary widely, from tropical rainforests to the vast ocean has. But the film's main story are in Omaticaya tribes inhabiting the region like tropical forests, how to make the actors in the performances have a personal experience (most of the scenes are in the real scene), Cameron simply came to Hawaii with a love of the original jungle experience life, but they are playing in broad daylight train Health bonfire barbecue in the evening they all obediently went back to the hotel to rest.

details of the seven: Grace and beauty of the photo is satisfied

details of the eighth: Jack is back

Dr. Grace's

Pandora's Star of the film gods

Netease Entertainment Jan. 19 report (text / Gautama) If nothing else, About the film in the country caused by viewing boom, the controversies may be witnessed in a few years later era will become an important memories. As for whether he is a God for, enough qualified to say that epoch-making not much sense in fact. Its not the correct answer into the endless trap of the thesis, it would extricate yourself headlong into the basic text of the most wonderful movie, search for Or is a BUG, ​​perhaps the answer lies in there.

details of the six: the gods EYWA read the memory of Grace paving the way for the sequel

details XIV: before the war out of the hat is ominous

details Seventeen: transposition Dafa

details XVI: pre-war mobilization meeting on the female warrior

details thirteen: the other

Jack for the first time in the film into its original In this section you can see where many of the However, with the film depth and the arrival of the final battle, but made no visible trace of them? Their usual job? Mining is a go or are humanely destroyed? Why not use these human beings, Film has not given a clear explanation.

you find a few female soldiers.

Perhaps you will remember in 1997 that the money side of the Ministry of the world to tears while the Of course, with Cameron Fox was undoubtedly the most beautiful single-handedly built the highest grossing film in the history of movies (total worldwide box office $ 1.8 billion). Then the Do not know Cameron is not quite love the name of the protagonist, perhaps the name really give him good luck, the film's global box office has been 1.6 billion, more than Jack Cameron really is the lucky star!

is now finally at ease, for God can not escape the original, still have to have Sex! Na-American actress who plays the film 佐伊莎达娜 (Zoe Saldana) has said in an interview, she and actor Shan Mu Woxin Gordon (Sam Worthington) actually have a bed scene, but in the end considering that the film classification problem, by the director James Cameron reluctantly deleted. Heroine of the actor: need to be very focused when shooting, shooting the day downtown on several occasions when the male and female laugh. Cameron said, because the hope that But the future,

Basic color - bold
------------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------
by using as the red This is generally the most well-known color, or many of its dark color and the next one can be in the general design and graphic design to show the vitality and enthusiasm. Central to red-orange color combination can easily create the most dynamic, full of warm feeling.
This color combination makes a youthful, energetic, lively, playful feel, often appear in the ad, showing the energetic personality and lifestyle. The orange and its complementary color - blue and green - with a combined, it has a close, easy-going, lively, active effect, when applied to fabric, advertising and packaging, are very effective.

basic color - traditional
--------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
traditional color combinations often from those where the imitation of the historic colors come.
blue, dark red, brown and green colors such as conservative or deepened with a gray color, can be expressed traditional themes.
For example, green, whether it is a solid color or with dark gray, are a symbol of wealth.
hunting green (hunter green) coupled with dense golden or dark red or black for stability and rich. This color usually appears in the bank and law firm and decoration, as they represent long-lasting and value.

basic color - deep
--------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
different from other colors to show soft, deep purple beauty of gray do not contrast color. Blending gray purple red purple, gray and white, is a rare color.
any color with a little gray or white, to express the beauty of a gentle, there are many species, including gray-blue, gray green and so on. However, if the gray-purple itself is assigned the other saturation or brightness, may mask the original color of the original mood. Use of complementary color, or colors more vivid than the colors, can show the gentle beauty of these colors proudly business immediately, but to maintain a natural soft, small changes in brightness due to use.

basic color - dynamic
------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------
The most vibrant color combinations usually have a central color - yellow. Yellow for the sun to bring things of life, vitality and eternal movement. When the yellow joined the white, the characteristics of its light will increase, resulting in a particularly dazzling overall effect.
highly contrasting color design, like it's complementary color yellow and purple, with energy and action on the means, especially in the circular space inside. Live in a yellow or any color of the environment that is almost impossible to feel depressed.

basic color - rich
--------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------
To show color in the thick, rich may, by combination of a strong sense of color and its dark down a complementary color. For example, deep-red brandy is added in the red in black, as produced in the pure French vineyard vintage wine, a symbol of wealth. Brandy wine red and deep forest green and gold if used together can show off.
these dark, gorgeous color used in a variety of woven materials, such as corrugated wrinkled leather and silk, etc., can create a dramatic and unforgettable effect. These colors give people a feeling of wealth and status.

basic color - elegant
------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------
elegant color combination that will only use the lightest color. For example, a little yellow with white powder will form a yellow, this color will bring a more all-white room a warm feeling. Natural light resulting in soft shadows, and highlights the subtle part of the building, so, elegant design will achieve the purpose.
in the clothing design, elegant tone beige linen, silk, wool and velvet can be said with classic understatement, the noble qualities, giving a graceful impression.

basic color - Classical
------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------
classic color combination with a force and authority means that a strong navy blue (royal blue) is a classic color combination of any of the intermediate decorative color. It is so eye-catching, even if paired with other colors, will also no less.
classic color combination that truth, responsibility and trust. And because it is close to the green, navy blue will arouse people lasting stability and strength of feeling, especially with its split complementary color - red, orange and yellow with orange together.

basic color - nostalgia
------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------
any color purple, deep feelings for the best interpretation of nostalgic feelings. It is like going back to the Victorian era, dream-like moment, beautiful poetry and romantic movement.
in purple, the lavender blend of red and blue, with more refined than the pink, but also more rigid. Lavender though silent, after the match with other colors, still reflected in its elegant and superior, past Cantabile, still in the ears.

basic color - vibrant
------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------
expression must include vibrant red color purple. It is the Red purple with its complementary color yellow-green, the better able to express the energetic atmosphere.
more bad color is red purple and yellow, purple or red plus green, two colors may temporarily give the exciting feeling, but in fact weaken the overall effect. Only integration with red purple green yellow, is full of heat, vitality and spirit of the color.

basic color - reliable
------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------
navy (navy blue) is the most commonly accepted colors. With this color combination could be interpreted as color, reliable, trustworthy color.
these combinations with no doubt the sense of authority. Police officers, naval officer or a judge wearing a dark, navy blue and stable, so that when the show command of duty, the dominant sense of authority.
When navy blue with red and gold to emphasize, it will become less serious, but still express a strong, powerful feeling.

basic color - Romantic
------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------
Pink on behalf of romance. Pink is the varying amount of white added to red inside, resulting in a bright red. The same as red, pink will cause people's interest and pleasure, but more gentle, quiet manner.
romantic design, by using pink, purple and pink (slightly yellow and pink), to be seen as soft and elegant. And other bright pastels together, think of red will make a fantastic day in June under the hot summer full of a bunch of delicate flowers.

basic color - popular
------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------
today's Popular color design looks very comfortable, but there are others looking for shock effect.
light yellow-green (chartreuse) is a good example, eye-catching colors for young dynamic and unusual things on.
from baseball shoes to sweaters, bright colors in this fashion have created numerous successful color combinations. Yellow-green or yellowish green color and its perfect complement - Aniline Red (magenta) with them, is a wonderful contrast color combinations.

basic color - quiet
------------------------------------ -----------------------------------------------
In any stressful environment, as long as the blue and gray or light blue with some color of that color combination will create a very peaceful, tranquil effect.
middle is the light blue color design, give people the feeling of peace of mind, because it seems honest and direct.
color with that color of the cold peace can be maintained, peaceful feeling. Complementary color and calm those stressed in the darkness in the color must be similar, it is very important because if the color is too bright, it will create unnecessary tension.

basic color - strong
------------------------------------ -------------------------------------------------- ---
most powerful color combination is exciting pleasure and domination desires, but always the red; no matter how the combination of colors, red is absolutely indispensable. Red is the ultimate power source
- strong, bold, extreme. Symbol of the power of color combinations the most intense of human emotions: love, hate, love, hatred, emotional performance full vent.
in advertising and display the time, a strong color combination is used to convey the dynamic, eye-catching such a strong message, and always attract people's attention.

twelve. basic color - amazing
--------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- ------
purple reveal strange atmosphere, they are able to create fantastic effects. Of saturation and brightness of purple, orange and green coupled with is the best spokesperson stimulation and novelty.
If accompanied by yellow-green or yellow purple orange, color substandard, weird,Air Max 90, and vulgar, but if coupled with its true complementary color - yellow, can show the weird, strange feeling, can not help to stop and enjoy some.
modern buzzwords, the purple symbol

twenty-one. Basic color - stately
-------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------
pure blue and some red combine to produce blue and purple, which is the deepest color on the color wheel, non-black to reduce its inherent strength.
and type of color, can be a symbol of authority,Herve Leger Strapless, showing the royal style, like summer plums, with fathomless black and blue, blue-violet and its complementary color - yellow orange with up to create a The most striking color design.
this luxurious combination of design, there are royal grace, but in addition to intimidate people with this type of environment in general is rarely used.

XXII. basic color - Soil
------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------
dark, bright red orange called terracotta. We used it to mix, design bright, warm, vibrant color and flavor of land. This kind of hint of warm color, like after a polish and polish the bronze.
and white with them, will be distributed as a natural bright light. Soil colors are young people love to laugh, playful personality, reminiscent of a leisurely, comfortable life.
Because the analog part of the design, this warm, earthy tones will produce interesting color combinations. For example, in the western U.S. interior design.

XXIII. basic color - Friendly
-------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------
color-friendly design in order to express meaning, often they will use to orange. This color combination, open, easy-going, there are manifestations of energy and power quality. Able to create an equal and orderly atmosphere, but not strong and dominated the dice.
orange color and its proximity to several often used in fast-food restaurant, as these colors will emit a food of good quality and fair price so attractive message. Orange with bright, dynamic qualities, they were chosen as international security in dangerous areas of the color. Orange life rafts and life-saving equipment (such as life jackets, etc.) that people can easily ocean blue and found traces of gray.

XXIV. basic color - full-time
-------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -------
in commercial activities, the colors are carefully assessed, the general popular view, gray or black line can be a symbol of
gray is the best bright red or orange background color. These lively colors with deep gray, a little heat can make the convergence of the original, subtle and some.
Although Gray does not have excitement, but full of practical sense. It conveys a real and serious atmosphere, a sense of humor rarely

common theme color scheme:

a red color sense of warmth, staunch and outgoing personality is a strong irritant to the people of color. Red easily cause people's attention, it tends to make people excited, excited, nervous, impulsive, or a person likely to cause visual fatigue of color.
1, adding a small amount of red yellow, heat will make it strong, tends to restlessness, anxiety.
2, adding a small amount of red in the blue, will make it less hot, tends to gentle, soft.
3, adding a small amount of red, black, will change its character, calm, become heavy, and simple.
4, adding a small amount in the red, white, will change its character, gentle, tend to subtle, shy, delicate.
Second, the yellow character cold, arrogant, sensitive, with the expansion and the visual impression is not tranquil. Yellow is the variety of colors, the most squeamish of a color. Just a small amount of pure yellow mixed with other colors, the hue and color sense of the character will be a greater degree of change.
1, adding a small amount of yellow in the blue, will make it into a kind of fresh green. The arrogant character will disappear, become a peaceful, moist feel.
2, in the yellow by adding a small amount of red, orange is a clear sense of its character will be from the cold, arrogant sense of proportion into a kind of warm, warm.
3, adding a small amount of yellow in the black, the color and color changes in the largest sense, has become a complex olive green color with a clear impression. The color change is also mature, easy-going.
4, adding a small amount of yellow, white, soft and change its color sense, his character in the cold, proud to be diluted, become more subtle, easy to close.
Third, the blue color sense of cynicism, simple and introverted character, a cynical mind to help people quiet color. Blue simple, introverted character, the character who often active, with strong expansion force of color, a deep, wide Po, quiet space, a background color of active friendly and humble friend. Or a blue even after the dilution to maintain a strong personality like the color. If the blue were added to a small amount of red, yellow, black, orange, and white color, blue will not constitute a more obvious character of influence.
1, if the ingredients are more orange in yellow, the character tends to sweet, bright, aromatic.
2, mixed in a small amount of white orange, orange, perception can become anxious, powerless.
four, with yellow and green are two components of the color blue. In the green, the expansion of the yellow and blue sense of feeling the contraction phase of moderation, the yellow warmth and a sense of cold blue offset. This makes the green character of the most peaceful, stable. Is a soft, quiet, Huang full, beautiful color.
1, the ingredients in a large green in the yellow, its character would become lively, friendly, with a naive nature.
2, adding a small amount of green in the dark, its character will tend to-minded, experienced, mature.
3, adding a small amount of green, white, and its character will tend to clean, fresh, fresh.
five, in a purple color pigment brightness is the lowest. Purple, low brightness gives a dull, mysterious feeling.
1, in purple in the red component is large, the perception of a sense of depression, sense of threat.
2, adding a small amount in purple, black, tends to dull the feeling, sadness, horror.
3, add in the purple white, dull purple character can disappear and become an elegant, delicate and feminine charm.
six, a sense of a bright white color, character and simple, pure, happy. White has the holy inviolability. If you add white to any other color, will affect its purity, its subtle character change.
1, a small amount of white mixed with red, pink on a light, fresh and full of temptation.
2, a small amount of white mixed with yellow, then become a milky yellow, giving a fragrant tired impression.
3, in white mixed with a small amount of blue, giving the feeling of cold, clean.
4, in white mixed with a small amount of orange, there is a dry atmosphere.
5, mixed with a small amount of white in the green, giving a tender, soft feel.
6, a small amount of white mixed with purple, can induce people to think a touch of fragrance.
color involves learning a lot, including the aesthetics, optics, psychology and folklore, and so on. Psychologists in recent years made a number of color psychology and human relations theory. They pointed out that each color has a symbolic meaning, when exposed to certain visual color, the brain will send signals to receive color, real-time the association, for example, red symbolizes passion, they make us feel so excited to see red; blue symbol reason, they saw the blue people to calm down. Experienced designers, often by use of color, evoke the general psychological association to achieve the best design purposes.
one general color symbolism
red - blood, sun, fire, passion, danger;
orange - sunset, autumn leaves, warmth, positive;
yellow - gold Huang Ju, note, light;
green - vegetation, safety, peace, hopes and ideals;
blue - sea, blue sky, quiet, melancholy, intellectual;
purple - the noble, mysterious and elegant; White - pure, simple, sacred;
black - night, death, evil, seriously.

PS - the symbol of a variety of colors:
red and warm, lively, fun, revolution, warmth, happiness, good fortune, danger ...... orange bright, beautiful, exciting, sweet, fun ...... bright yellow, happy, noble, hope, development, and pay attention to ...... Green fresh, calm, comfortable, peaceful, gentle, youthful, safe, ideal. ..... blue profound, timeless, quiet, sensible, honest, cold ...... purple elegant, noble, charming, arrogant, reckless ...... White pure, pure, simple, sacred, crisp, delicate, nothing ...... gray modest, ordinary, quiet, moderate, loneliness, depression, negative ...... black noble, serious, energetic, solid, Cumang, silence, darkness, evil,cheap Herve Leger clothing, horror, despair, death ......

on some of the colors
1. warm. Namely red, orange, yellow, ocher and other color combinations. The use of this color, make home presents a warm, warm, welcoming atmosphere.
2. cool colors. Namely blue, green, purple and other color combinations. The use of this color, make home showing quiet, cool, elegant atmosphere.
3. contrast color. That is the color of the opposite color in the same space. For example: red and green, yellow and purple, orange and blue. This mix of colors, can produce strong visual effects, giving bright, bright, happy feeling. Of course, the contrasting colors if used properly, will be counterproductive, resulting in tacky, the glare of adverse effects. This would take
Finally, we need to consider home page background color (background color) deep, shallow, where to borrow a term in photography is Background light of the known high-profile; deep background as a low-key. Dark background, text color will light to dark colored background set off the content (text or pictures); the other hand, background light, the color of the text will some deep, dark background with light-colored background content (text or pictures). This change in color depth study called Some home page background is black, but the text has chosen a darker color, because color brightness closer to the reader in the reading, the eyes will feel very difficult, affecting the reading effect. Of course, the color brightness can not be changed too much, otherwise the contrast between the brightness on the screen too, also leaves the reader's eyes can not stand.

color and life in the understanding of color first, we must first establish an idea that if you want to know about color color, will have to 用心去感受 life, pay attention to life color, or easily become a blind eye to the color-blind, as the body's other senses, like the color on for like a taste of our , the same material but with different seasonings and have a different taste, taste of success, failure is often painfully swallow, but the color has a significant physiological and psychological effects of color science be designed so of a basic subjects.
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According to statistics, Nobita in the my mother scolded 327 times, bitten 23 times, fall into the ditch 14, showing how optimistic we Nobita alive What kind of difficulties in front of me, I will carry on ...
Tongji University teacher: 12 years old, this means many of you future wife was still in first grade Bengda so that now it is raised someone else's wife ...; said a company recruitment, first received a lot of random throw away half of the resume, because their recruiting philosophy is In fact BTchina VeryCD two sites and the name indicates the direction of the incident: ; ! ? ? classical too simple, all answer with a brush, which is cheaper they are, anxious to provoke God, one a knife, a shell, carved Oracle. thesis called Three Represents theory, hearing the whole song with Jay Chou, double stick just listen to it again, reading comprehension on the use of the Book of Changes, oral asked to sing opera, experiments on the test dumplings!

one, mistakenly deleted data recovery

accidentally, delete the wrong, also empty the Recycle Bin, supposed ah?
as long as three steps, you can delete and empty the Recycle Bin back your stuff


1, click Enter regedit (open registry)

2, expand: HEKEY--LOCAL--MACHIME/SOFTWARE/microsoft/WINDOWS / CURRENTVERSION / EXPLORER / DESKTOP / NAMESPACE outside the left margin click on
, select: Recycle Bin .

Perhaps you have had hundreds of Excel to complete the financial statements, perhaps you have been using Excel functions to achieve thousands of complex calculations, but perhaps you think that Excel is the case, even the nothing new, but we repeated countless times daily in handy to use Excel is only one per cent of all the techniques in this topic from Excel, some of the little-known tips to start a trip on the Excel Different customs.
one, so that different types of data using different colors
in payroll, if you want more than equal to the total wages of 2,000 yuan to greater than or equal to total wages of 1,500 yuan, workbook, select the Press , press the Second, a category drop-down list items
we often want to fill the company name into the table, the name in order to maintain consistency, use of
1. on Sheet2 in the name of the business by category (such as in column A (... column named , open the Enterprise C4), right-click the drop-down button, select the appropriate appropriate category business name list, select the desired company name enter the cell.
Tip: When printing a report in the future, if you do not need to print Select Among them, at any time convenient to call.
1. the space in the toolbar right-click, choose Document onto the new menu (common document), and follow the above operation it a name (such as list name.
3. select the , open the br> repeat the above operation, the menu item and its corresponding workbook hyperlink documents together.
4. After the need to open the menu, click one of the option can be.
Tip: Although we will and We can make one of their own and save the macro in the Click the
switch to the How many buttons).
3. Select one of the the shortcut menu, select link.
5. Close the Custom Views need to print the row (or column) marked drag, select them and then right click on the shortcut menu that appears, select br> 2. implement the ), click kind of form, open the not by stroke order, how do? sequence can be customized to sort.
1. implement the sequence in just a custom sequence, according to two seven, the data sheet completely hidden
some cell contents do not want visitors to access, had it hidden.
1. selected to hide the contents of the cell (area), the implementation of the Enter
3. execute Content is no longer displayed, is to use Excel's features can not be allowed to borrow transparent.
Tip: others delete your hidden data.
eight, so in English appeared
intelligent input method editing table, some cells to enter the English, and some cells to enter the Chinese, repeated switch the input method is inconvenient, why not set up a bit and let the input method to intelligently adjust it?
selected range of cells need to enter the Chinese, the implementation of , switch to any one cell, the Chinese input method (IME list of the 1st Chinese input method) automatically open, elected in the other cell, Chinese input method automatically shut down.
nine, so that text
you are not often enter some fixed text, such as Correction Computer News and then confirm it has become.
ten, a custom function in Excel, although the rich
Excel functions, but it does not meet all our needs, we can customize a function to perform certain operations. The following , we define a calculation from the area of ​​trapezoid function:
1. execute br> 2. In the window, execute the a, b, h) V = h * (a + b) / 2End Function
4. Close the window, a custom function to complete.
can later be the same as using the built-in functions to use a custom function.
Tip: Use the above method to customize the functions usually only in the corresponding workbook used.
XI header following pictures
lining to add a background for the worksheet, the worksheet is the lining in the following can not only lined in the table header below it?
1. execute the button, the picture contrast on the worksheet below.
2. hold down the Ctrl key while using the mouse in the picture without lining cells (area) in drag, and select those cells (area).
3. Click cell lining on the picture below, and the selected cell (area) below no contrast pictures (in fact, is the picture to be does not support printing.
XII with a hyphen ;, enter the formula: = B1 & C1 & D1.
2. D1 cells again selected, use the be incorporated into the corresponding column E cells.
3. Select column E, the implementation of box, select one of the to complete the merger work.
Tip: Complete Steps 1 and 2 operation, the combined effect has been achieved, but at this time if you delete B, C, D line, the formula error. it must be step 3, the formula into the same
student achievement of
friends often ask, on such considerations, I am here gives a simple way to use the function to achieve.
stored in student achievement is assumed here Sheet1 worksheet range of cells A1 to G64, which act title 1, 2 acts subject name.
1. Switch to Sheet2 worksheet, select cell A1, enter the formula: = IF (MOD (ROW (), 3) = 0, (= 1, sheet1! Aū, INDEX (sheet1! $ A: $ G, INT (((ROW () +4) / 3) +1), COLUMN ())))。
2. again selected cell A1, use the .
So far, the results of the basic shape, the following simple modified look.
3. adjust the row height and column width, the same selected range of cells A1 to G2 (the first a student performance of the area), Click this step and following the operation).
4. also selected range of cells A1 to G3, click on the cell area, add all the results of the border.
press the do not know what function to use more appropriate. Excel's combined view of the help file,Moncler Handbags, you can quickly determine the desired function.
fifth, while viewing a different worksheet within multiple cells of data
Sometimes we edit a worksheet (Sheet1) , the need to see other worksheet (Sheet2, Sheet3 ... ...) the contents of a cell, you can use Excel's monitoring point border
In previous versions of Excel 2002, add a border for the operation of a range of cells is too much trouble, Excel 2002 which features a new expansion.
Click the side of the drop-down button, then the pop-up drop-down list, choose the left drop-down button, select a border style, then you need to add a range of cells in the border drag, you can quickly draw the corresponding range of cells on the border.
Tip: ① If you draw the wrong frame , it does not matter, select the toolbar's the >

XVII control specific cell type text length
Can you imagine when you enter the four digits of the cell was filled with a digit, or enter text in the cell you have entered the number of times, Excel will automatically determine, instant analysis and pop-up warning that nice ah! To achieve this function, Excel, is also not difficult.
example, we position the cursor to a registration to the four-digit year. the right ah, Fixed cells
we know each time you open Excel, the software is always turned on by default multiple sheets. In addition to this we can see that Excel has a strong single form of processing power, more suitable for multiple interrelated tables in coordination. to coordinate the association, of course, first you need to synchronize the input, so in many cases, will need more than one table simultaneously in the same cell type the same content.
then how to edit tables in groups ? First we click the first worksheet tab name the click). At this point, we see the name of the Excel title bar to a just write something, we find that change the format of the data uniform how to do it? First, we have to change the data format of the first table, and then click the . br> ninth,
change text case in Excel, for form processing and data computing support to provide the most powerful formula is not, nor is the database, but the function do not think the function in Excel only for numbers, in fact, As long as the content is written into the table, Excel has its special editing functions such as changing the text of the case.
in Excel 2002, provide at least three functions to convert the text of the case and they are : appropriate The result will be The easy way to save time, especially for some of the similar style is especially true of information, such as employee lists, place of origin and other information.
quickly if we want to extract the cells from A4 title, it is best to use source data grid, the number of characters to extract) (source data grid, the number of characters to extract) 4 and 5 is the word.
twenty-first, to convert the ordinal base word to the English words into ordinal base is a more complex problem because it does not have a very fixed pattern: a large Most figures are used into ordinal end, and, , identify the function, just write a formula that can be easily converted. do not believe, see: th The formula despite the long list, but the meaning is very clear: ① If the number is Finally, a number Therefore, the base word and ordinal conversion was so easy and quick to achieve.
XXII, filled with a special symbol digit
and financial dealings of people know, the book fills in when there is a convention function and its basic format is only the formula to bit, it is necessary to as cell numbers head with $#,## 0.00 can be created directly in the worksheet in the histogram formed by the plain text it is also very simple principle, that is, the smart use of special symbols repeated according to the specified cell showing the results of the comparative effectiveness of different lengths.
For example, we first make an annual balance sheet, and then According to the results already in the table n .
XXIV calculate the total number of words in the cell
Sometimes, we may have a number of characters in a cell of interest, the cells need to calculate the total number of words To solve this problem, in addition to use the :
The meaning of style is to use number, and finally the number of spaces + 1, we arrive at the number of characters in the cell has.
XXV, the euro conversion
This is a new tool in Excel 2002 If you have Excel installed 2002 is the default mode when selected, then it may not be in the option, appeared with the other functions of Excel window, we can set the currency conversion by the mouse EU member states were converted into other currencies, a list of the parity of course, in order to display the euro is more professional, we can also click on the Excel toolbar, the .

to redo the computer system, they learn, can spend less money, ha ha [map]

one, ready to work:
how to reinstall the computer system First, start the computer while holding down the DELETE key to enter BIOS, select Advanced BIOS Features option, press the Enter key to enter Setup Select First Boot Device option, then press the keyboard's Page Up or Page Down key to the Set CD-ROM, so that you can boot the system to CD.
Second, return to the main menu, save the BIOS settings (to save is to press F10, then press the Y key)
; 1 ready for Simplified Chinese version of Windows XP Professional installation CD, and check the drive is supported from the start.
2. possible, run the installation program before use ScanDisk to scan all hard disk error checking and repair, or installation program to run as a hard disk error checking that will be very troublesome.
3. with the installation files of paper records product key (serial number to install).
4. possible, with the driver backup tool (such as: Driver Genius 2004 V1.9 Beta.exe) under the original Windows XP All drivers back to the hard disk (eg: F: Drive). best to write down the motherboard, network card, graphics card type and other major hardware manufacturers to pre-download the driver back.
5 If you want to format the C drive during the installation or the D drive (recommended installation format the C drive), back up C drive or D drive useful data.
; Second, start the system with a CD-ROM:
(if you already know the method, go to the next step), reboot the system and to set the first boot disk drive, save the settings and reboot.

First, the PPT method of transfer WORD form
1. Using the content, and then use
Tip: This method will mark the rows in the original slide, copy down all the symbols intact.
2. Using the Then select the
Tip: convert Word will find a lot of blank lines. Replace function in Word, delete all with a blank line may be more than a few clicks, (Use Now open the newly saved with Word rtf file, and then make the appropriate edit to achieve the conversion.
4. PPTConverttoDOC software conversion PPTConverttoDOC green soft, unpacked directly run, run before the place shut down Word and PPT programs. Selected to convert the PPT file directly onto Click the tool in the
Tip: If you select the Conversion is complete you can automatically create a new Word document, showing all the text in PPT files.
fourth caution, Baidu is that many so-called software is a virus, toxicity is not small, the general anti-virus software can not find ~ ~
PDF document specification makes browsing Read on in a lot of convenience, but if some information extracted from the inside, it can be troublesome.
Second, convert Word to PDF method
Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional is a PDF editing software.
with Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Professional to open WORD try to save him.
or with ScanSoft PDF Converte, the installation is complete do not need any settings, it automatically integrated into Word. When in Word, click
ScanSoft PDF Converter works is very simple, it is the first PDF document information capture, separation of text, pictures, tables, and volume, then they are unified into a Word format. As the Word to open a PDF document, in PDF format will be converted into DOC format, open the file than the average speed will slow. Open the converted PDF Converter will show the progress. After conversion you can see, the text document format, maintaining the original layout, nothing has changed, complete tables, and pictures are preserved, and can easily be edited.
addition to directly open a PDF in Word document, the right-click the PDF document in the pop-up menu, select In addition, it will also add a toolbar button in Outlook, if you receive an e-mail attachments in PDF documents, you can click on the button to convert it into a Word document.
Sometimes we search the web to PDF files, can also be related to right-click menu command to open it directly in Word.
3, Word into PPT method
we usually use Word to input, edit, print materials, and sometimes need to have been edited, printed materials, made a PowerPoint presentation for demonstration, talks with . If the re-entry in PowerPoint, cumbersome and a waste of time. If in between, through a block of copy, paste, made a picture slide show, and more trouble. In fact, we can use PowerPoint's outline view to complete the conversion quickly.
First, open the Word document, select all, the implementation of Then, start PowerPoint, if it is Word 2002 version, select Position the cursor to the first slide, issue the Then, according to the need for text settings, including font, size, font, font color and alignment, etc.; and then position the cursor needs to be divided at the next slide, simply press the Enter key, that is can create a new slide; If you need to insert a blank line, press [Shift + Enter]. After adjustment, soon to be completed multi-slide production (Figure 2). Finally, you can also use the
the other hand, if the PowerPoint presentation into a Word document, can also use the Method is to position the cursor in addition to the first slide other than the beginning, according to [BackSpace] (backspace), repeatedly, all the slides into one, and then select all, by copying , can be pasted into Word.
four, Convert PDF to TXT way
Method One: Using the above method to PDF to DOC, DOC then WORD will turn TXT
Method 2: PDF2TXT 3.1 Chinese Version
PDF2TXT 3.1 finished version of the fast. pdf files into. txt or. htm (. html) files gadget. easy, quick note: Adobe Acrobat Reader6.0 above can be saved as a PDF file directly to the txt file.
five, PDF transfer BMP
Method One: Using PDFTOOLS
PDF is Adobe's development of portable electronic document as the world's common format, it can save the source file of the correct fonts, formatting, colors and images , so you can easily exchange documents across applications and platforms restrictions. However, some documents of the special operations (such as extraction of PDF documents in a text or picture) for the average user, not so easy to use. But now with this amazing tool PDFTools, you can easily put content into a PDF document HTM, TXT and BMP file formats commonly used of these three.
to PDFTools better for us, we first have to set it some. In the main interface, click the menu In the The unregistered version can only convert the first five pages of a PDF document.
Select the
six, PDF transfer method
HTM HTM pages is a common format, but PDFTools convert HTM file,moncler jacktes outlet, the formation of the HTM file does not contain the text in PDF documents, but the contents of a PDF document conversion into a JPG image file, then use the HTML language pictures embedded in Web pages. Generated HTM file is a frames page that links to the left of the page window on the right is the content of JPG pictures. If you're using IE6,Moncler Vest Women, so that when the mouse moves to the right window, it will leak out a row of shortcut toolbar.
first select the menu Then open the file with a variety of actions: the menu . Converted files are saved in the source file, but also the name of the corresponding sub-folder, which is the number of JPG pictures and other resources. Finally, a prompt window pops up, click

23 years ago, a young woman living in our village, unkempt, telling anyone giggle, and not shy about urinating in public. Therefore, the village wife who often woman spit on the TV drama, and some kick kicks daughter also came up, called her She just does not go wandering in the village is still grinning.

that time, my father was already 35 years old. He has been working in the stone wherever he goes, the machine Jiaoduan the left hand, because of poor family, had never a bride. Grandma see that there are several pretty women, and had thought, I decided to accept her father, a wife, so she gave my family, Although reluctant boss father, but at home Zhefan circumstances, the wound was agreed. Result, the father did not spend one minute on when the groom

Mother gave birth to me, holding my grandmother, a few teeth left deflated with no mouth, happily said: crazy gossips, back I gave birth with the grandson.

your mother always wanted to hug me, several times in front of my grandmother struggling to shout: I am so small, like a meat toot, if your mother missed out on the ground put me how to do? After all, your mother is crazy. Mother hold me whenever there is a request, the total Dengqi eye training her grandmother: die, I want you removed the. Mother understood, face the fear, but afar off me every time. Despite the mother's milk distended powerful, but I did not eat your mother's half-mouth milk, a spoonful of grandmother fed me a spoonful of the big. Grandma says mother's milk, there are

that time, my family is still struggling in the quagmire of poverty. Especially after I add the mother and the family often do nothing to boil. Mother Grandma decided to thrust away, because your mother is not only home to eat

day, my grandmother cooked a big pot, add a hand to Mother bowl, said: eat this bowl of rice, and went to find a little of the rich people live, the future was not allowed to come, ah? , a mass of rice in the mouth stagnate. Mother looked at my grandmother's arms, slurred speech to screaming: stubborn did not go on your good fruit to eat you always been wandering, I shelter you for two years, but also how you like? left after dinner, hear? hoe handle, like Yu Taijun leading pole to the ground like a heavy knock, Mother shocked, sheepishly looking at her mother, slowly bowed his head to see the jobs front, there are tears fell on the shining white rice. In the watch intently, the Mother suddenly a very strange move, she divided the rice bowl half empty bowl to the other, then looked piteously grandmother.

grandmother spent, the original, your mother said to the grandmother, half-bowl too eat each meal, just do not drive her away. Heart seems to be severely pulled a few to, Grandma is a woman, she's tough stance is fitted out. Grandma carried away, life and life to hold back the tears, and then re-pulled a long face, said: without food, Lang Lang to stagger stagger out the door, but do not take long stood at the door. Grandma Yingzhexinchang said:

grandmother a bit melancholy, or the infant, I gave it to your mother. My Mother the first time in his arms, grinned, laughed Chunfengmanmian. Grandma was showing that his hands went under my body, fear of your mother's crazy fresh one up, will I lose the same as garbage. Mother hold me less than three minutes, my grandmother could not wait to wins in the past, then turned into the room and shut the door.

dawn when I muddle things, I found, in addition to me, and other partners have little Mother. I want to find my father, grandmother to find, they say, your mother died. May be a small partner told me: poured over the floor. I was not Still alive? Unexpectedly, I was six years old, your mother actually left home five years back.

day, several small partners flew messenger came: This is the first time I remember seeing your mother. She rags, hair pieces and some brown grass at the end, God knows where in the haystack that night too. Mother did not dare enter the house, but the face of my family, sitting in front of the village rice field on the stone drums, dirty hands, holding a balloon. When a group of junior partner and I stood in front of her, she desperately searching for her from our middle son. Mother finally stare at me, tightly pegged to me, and split lips told me: I was a trial of strength to the back. I am disappointed, I did not think of your mother at night and think that an image actually is. Stir in the side of a small partner, said: your mother! your mother is mad, your mother is like this. I do not want this crazy Mother. Grandmother and father, your mother ushered into the door yet. That year, my grandmother removed the Mother, her conscience has been tortured, with the aging day by day, her heart no longer hard not up, so take the initiative to leave your mother, and my boss is not happy, because your mother lost my face .

I never give your mother a good face to see, had never spoken with her initiative, but did not call her out

white house can not be reared mother, my grandmother decided to train your mother do chores. Work in the fields, the grandmother took your mother out to

Several days later, his grandmother thought that your mother has been trained almost, Jiaoniang individually cut out pigs grass. Unexpectedly, the mother took only half an hour to cut two baskets Grandma saw vexation panic, Mother cut the others fields are pulling students ear of rice paste. Grandmother angrily scolded her: Grandma hit the roof, in front of people's faces look out bat knocked on the mother's lower back, said: , pain, or know, she hop hop dodging wooden club, kept his mouth issued a Finally, people could not bear watching, take the initiative to say I contemptuously said to her: Grandma stared scolded me:

My grandmother middle, Mother pointed to his head,

I understand, your mother is called the grandmother hit her, do not hit me. Grandma's hand-held slumped hanging in the air, his mouth murmured: earn 50 yuan a month. Mother Grandma still working out under the leadership of mainly grass playing pig, and then she did not provoke any major trouble.

remember my third grade elementary school, a hungry winter, the sky suddenly began to rain, my grandmother let your mother bring me an umbrella. Mother may be all the way threw several wrestle, the whole body like a Nihou like, she stood next to the classroom window looked at me giggle, his mouth also called: for your mother hated teeth itch, Bushi Xiang hate her, hate her shame to me, but hate to take the lead booing Fan Jiaxi. When he was still exaggerated imitation, I grabbed the front of the stationery, suddenly drop to his past, but was Fan Jiaxi escaped, he rushed forward grabbed my neck, we were tearing up. I was small, not his opponent, he easily to the ground. At this time, just listen to the classroom came the Say crazy great strength, is really true. Mother hands to bully my Fan Jiaxi give to the air, he was scared Kudiehanniang, a pair of chubby legs kicking in the air chaos. Mother turned a deaf ear, he threw the school will actually in front of the pond, then a look of indifference and walked away.

Mother as I got into big trouble, she was like nothing like. In front of me, your mother resumed a Qieqie demeanor, please look at me. I understand that this is the maternal love, even confusion, maternal love is clear, because her son was bullied by someone else. At that time I can not help but called out: Mother shuddered, looked at me a long time, and then blushed like a child, blanket grin, silly smile. Day, we were the first mother and son hold an umbrella to go home. I say this thing with my grandmother, my grandmother fell in the chair scared, quickly asked people to go to my father called back. Dad had just entered the room, a group of middle-aged men stick knife into my home, regardless of indiscriminate, first smashed smashes pots and pans, as occurred in nine home earthquake. This is Fan Jiaxi family hired people, Fan father father's nose, pointing fiercely, said: his mother a house fire you. Dad was 50 dollars a month ah! Fan looked murderous family, Dad's eyes slowly red-hot, and he is very scary eyes staring at your mother, a hand flew off his waist belt, face to go to your mother to play. What they look like a panic Mother drag on the mouse, is like a prey ran into a dead end, helpless jumping, dodging, she has given the shrill sound of pumping in her belt and issued the kind of crisp sound,Beats by dre solo HD, I'll never forget. Finally came to stop the police station violence father's hand. Police Station mediation result is that both sides have lost the two do not owe. Who is who in the downtown to catch! Gang left, take a look at Full House dad messy pots and pans pieces and look scarred Mother, Mother in his arms he suddenly burst into tears, said: I either hit you, this thing could not make, the money we pay people ah, this is the fault of the poor house! No, we have thus been bullied life ah! Overwork the tragic death of her grandmother, the family's life even more difficult. Enshi Island Civil Affairs Bureau will be my home as a poverty-stricken family, 40 yuan monthly subsidy, the appropriate high school where I had my tuition waiver, I read this to continue.

read because it is living, learning and Zhuade Jin, I rarely go home. Father is still working at $ 50, I send food to the burden of responsibility to fall on Mother body. The aunt always next time I copied a good help for the pickles, and then sent to the Mother. Mountain 20 km gut firmly in mind the loss of your mother down, rain or shine. Is really a miracle, all for his son to do, not at your mother crazy. In addition to maternal love, I can not explain this phenomenon in medicine should be how to decipher.

2003 年 4 27, is a Sunday, Mother came, not only brought a dish for me, also brought a dozen wild fresh peach. I picked up one bite, smiled and asked her: her:

Mother Before I left, I told her safety according to the column, to be with your mother Oo. Bid farewell to your mother, I headlong into the front entrance in the final review. The next day, I was class, aunt came hurriedly to school, so I shouted to the classroom teacher. Aunt asked my mother to send food to No, I say sent her back yesterday. Aunt, said: This way she can go for three years, there should not be good too. Aunt asked: Aunt handed a beat: a few peach trees hung sparse, because the cliff was able to long survive. We also found a trace of peach trees with broken branches, trees are Baizhang abyss. Aunt looked at me,

Mother lie bottom, some scattered around the peach, her hands still Jinjinzuanzhao one, the body's blood has long been solidified into a heavy black. I get grief all the five organs crack, clinging to the mother, said: Fu did not enjoy one day ah ... August 7, buried in the Mother after the first 100 days, Hubei University, gilt admission notice of the road traveled through the Mother, through that several strains of wild peach trees, across the front of the village's rice field and went straight to the I put the letter inserted in the late Mother lonely mound: br>
Things like years ..... remaining forgotten .....

1, high blood pressure: The ear of corn on the need to boil water drunk as a tea, half Jiyu.
2, bronchitis: large tofu drink water, drink more consecutive days; magically eradicated; explain Buddhism to provide permanent air
3, arthritis: Beijing Doctors: Zhang Jianming ;
cannabina line wrapped around the joint with a wild, multi-layers, 3 for once, in exchange for a few times, joints gradually improved.
4, red dysentery: Shanghai Doctor: Li governance sesame 120 g, 120 g green beans, mashed the two drugs, blunt, 1, 3-5, Jiyu.
5, Diabetes: Shanghai Doctor: Masan Lin
a vegetable gourd seven points, plus 1 for each money alum, boil 1 day, 3 21 days Jiyu gourd boiled, without salt.
6, stomach: Shaanxi Province: Rui Shi Dan
12 package, Cyperus rotundus half a catty, research side 20 minutes, 3 times a day, each time a package, two Jiyu.
7, esophagitis, laryngeal dumb: Junxian stream doctors: Kim Tae
burnt briquettes 2, put boxes broken basin, catch into 2 two sugar water, set fire to boil for 20 minutes, morning and evening to drink three days Jiyu.
9, pneumonia: Taiyuan: Liang Zhengxintai purse eggs stewed fresh Houttuynia a few days can be more.
11, rheumatism: Xi'an Doctor: Lee Fu
cream loofah vine 500-1000 grams, drying surface, 3 times a day, 1 2-3 grams of brown sugar, water, blunt.
12, numbness, sciatic nerve pain: Xi'an Doctor: Zhong Ming
six pounds of chicken, duck manure jin, drying up a warm vinegar 1 kg, and then into the bag, a couch will be good more couch several times.
13, pain: Lanzhou: Yang Xiaozhong leek half a catty, boil drinking water, vinegar, salt, without refueling, 3-5 days Jiyu.
14, dizziness and headache: Shaanxi, MD: Wang Baokui Xanthium two and a half, add brown sugar, 1 two, Jianshui drink, 7 days Jiyu.
15, toothache: Henan doctors: Chen livelihood gypsum powder 1 two, two and a half Jianshui ephedra drink, two Jiyu.
16, chest pain: Luoyang Doctor: Liu Guangbo star anise burning ash, Aconitum two to send money to boil a cup of water immediately under the pain.
17, cough: Luoyang Doctor: Huang Zhijun
within the sesame oil into hot orange to eat three times a day, every 1-2 months, three days is good.
18, asthma: Shanxi Changzhi: Zhang Zhili two semi-Jen, honey, a couple of years Shuijianbi no cure asthma.
19, full Duteng: Baotou: Wang Yan Ming with a drying surface and millet mixed with water to eat.
20, hepatitis: Huaxian old doctor: high Zhiming with pig gall to drink the water boil to open, once cured.
21, Shao Baitou black hair: Chinese Medical Association
(1) Bo shell fitted pillows, pillow six months from the black.
(2) Polygonum two or three, add brown sugar, black sesame thirty-two boiling water three times after eating. Ate a half months later, gradually darken gray hair.
22, face mole removed point method: Luoyang: Talk on
lime, white base of each half, into a paste with alcohol, points out that a half day in the mole.
23, psoriasis: Lanzhou Doctors: Zhu mind
(1) with their own urine wash 7 days Jiyu.
(2) knifed elm even wipe out the water for seven days.
24, women, infertility: (from Guangdong Medical University Chang Xiaowei Huiyang new recipe)
six money Angelica, white peony seven money, Chuanxiong three money, two money safflower, peach four money, Zeeland four Qian, Qi Zi one or two. Pangolin four money, habitat eight money, Cyperus rotundus four money, Shuijianbi menstrual clean every day, even for three.
25, amenorrhea: Qinghai doctors: Chen Yan Motherwort twelve months, plus a bowl of rice wine, medicine or dose Jiyu.
26, irregular menstruation: Xi'an doctors: yellow one hundred copper
rose ten, Jianshui add brown sugar, wine, and even served half cited the more.
27, through the pain: Nanjing doctors: Xu Zhixiong cottonseed a new tile for drying grain mill served three money immediately relieve the pain. (Special effects)
28, vaginal discharge: Nanjing doctors: Gao ginkgo fifteen, stewed rice, glutinous rice food, once a day, seven days recovery.
29, under the strange laws of milk: Shanghai doctors: Li Aiyi Gleditsia seeds black students study seven foam water delivery, an hour from the next.
30, more than blood: Shandong doctors: Ai-Ying Li
Lianpeng shell burning ash, served on the second, every second money, hot alcohol dose, seven days Jiyu.
32, stool bleeding: Jilin: Zhu Zhang jin fried tofu mixed with sugar and yellow food stand only.
33, impotence disease: Henan doctors: Zhang Shaojie actinolite, medlar three money, add brown sugar Shuijianbi wonders.
34, the night crying children: Henan doctors
gall three money. Usage: After research into the fried thin foam, coat the drug in children around the navel. You can safely sleep the night crying children rule.
35, one hundred insect ear: Shaanxi doctors: Jiao Guangrong hundred insects from cat urine out of ear. (Wiping a cat nose cat biting the garlic from the urine)
36, Clear beriberi: Anhui doctors: Li Wenlin with smoked cigarette butts, were caught in the toes, three days recovery.
37, remove sweat: doctors: Zhu Yumin with tung flowers on a boil water for my feet, three days recovery.
38, dry foot rule: Hebei: Huang Tao jin of salt, six pounds of water, boil the cooking of coolish feet, seven days Jiyu.
39, foot corns, gill Monkey: Hubei: Huang Hao pockmarked with a large, cast smashed affixed with tape, a Jiyu.
40, hemorrhoids effects: Sichuan: Wang Zewen nitrate twelve skin, wash the affected area to boil half a catty Ash meters, external hemorrhoids treatment effects.
42, rule fire (burn) injury: Changbai Mountain in Northeast: Taoist
sheep Stan seven set on fire, drying surface, coated with sesame oil to reconcile the wound, applied three times a day and can relieve the pain without leaving scars , three days Jiyu.
43, snakebite: Kunming Doctor: Li BH
pipe oil rub the wound, and then pipe the oil would be washed down with water to drink, such as sleep soundly, that should drink plenty of injuries, if feel bitter, that light hurt should drink less.
44, enuresis, under the shower:
bar with more than five years of sunflower Rangzi two feet, drink a bowl of water to cook, a Jiyu.
45, enterobiasis: Xinjiang doctors: Wang rose oil with the pipe wiping anus, insects from the dead, and never recurred.
46, open the smart recipe: to provide doctors for the foam
dried lotus stems, with fleece-flower root, blunt as tea boiling water, for a long time is smart, though also the soul of wisdom to the fool also.
47, rule Tongshen edema: Sichuan: Su Guifang
red flesh watermelon, wheat bran buried, the chaff with fire lit, so the fire out after eating watermelon, eat every day, 3-5 days a recovery.
48, urination: doctors sorghum pole skin, the older the better, boil water, not salt, two days Jiyu.
49, stool knot disease: Henan doctors pound spinach, lard (large oil) 1 two, put the pan fried food, three days recovery.
50, rhinitis: Henan doctors
brick and tile on the Green Bu, drying crush into powder, thrown into the nostril, three times a day, three-day dig up the roots.
51, body itching: Henan doctors: Kim Tae Nepeta boil wash the affected area twice dig up the roots.
52, bed-wetting: Luoyang doctors: Son Ji Chang Road, four armed
, wash foam with new tile drying research boiled water, taken twice a day, every second money, seven days Jiyu.
54, otitis: Wuhan Ear: Eastern red snakeskin section, sesame oil bubble one day oil ear drops Jiyu.
55, common eye diseases: Luoyang: Zhou Ximing black beans twenty-two, white chrysanthemums seven money, boiled smoked eyes effect satisfactorily.
57, after the illness, without a word: Jiyu: garlic wiping nose turtles from the urine. (Prescription)
58, enteritis: Sanmenxia doctors: Luo Li one hundred seedlings in Jianshui feet with a sieve, twice recovered.
61, take back sore :**** doctors: Ha Bai Gentiana three with money, TCS and two milk transfer money to study surface wipe that is good.
62, white mouth sores: Xi'an: white population in the two river of money research side (urinal residue) thrown into the mouth 3 times a day, two days Jiyu.
63, to sleep more than a dream: Kaifeng Hospital
Angelica, habitat, safflower, Achyranthes all three of money, product shell, red peony, licorice the second money, Campanulaceae, and one each in half the money Chuanxiong, peach kernel four money decoction. Two can safely sleep and dream less.
64, fish bone from the throat of card: (prescription)
slow light vinegar to drink one or two, the fish bone that is soft to swallow; such as severe leg of the duck can weigh down to spit juice, poured into the patient fish bone from the mouth of. (Another bone with the dog saliva)
65, hair loss effects method: Yunnan doctors: Li Xiao Bai
boil water, wash your hair with mulberry leaves, three days Jiyu.
66, insomnia: Guangdong doctors: Lee Jianshui long night drinking with peanut leaf, three-day dig up the roots.
67, paralyzed: Henan doctors
Cassia sticks, peach branches, willow, Chun-chi, eggplant sticks, were chopped together Jianshui three barrels. With a big tub of dip, such as heating up the cold wash. Bed after the cover is so sweat shelter, wash several times Jiyu.
68, under the surface of acne: (prescription)
Manjing foam sub-study. Add cream applied every night for several days Jiyu.
69, the surface of Black Star: (prescription) coriander (aka cilantro) decoction to wash every day, a few days removed.
70, Diao Inclined: (mouth crooked eye oblique) (prescription)
bad left the castor research crooked painted left and right crooked painted right, complex is simply pass on them.
71, hernias:
money out of two white, brown sugar, one or two. Joint research to fine, wine delivery, served on the second, morning and evening. Half Jiyu.
72, Vitiligo:
green walnut skin drying research with foam, sesame oil reconcile, wipe three times a day, half dig up the roots.
73, purpura wind: (prescription)
sulfur 3, litharge 3 minutes of research to fine flour, paste the affected area with vinegar.
74, to eliminate many problems the new law: (effects prescription)
Hairy girls face lift because of the annoyance. Local pharmacies are selling.
75, never drunk law: (prescription)
camphor, two tea Pueraria half drink alcohol before the anti-drink drunk, drunk drink hangover.
76,dr dre studio headphones, a cold (special effects prescription)
10 ginger, white radish 10, add brown sugar, decoction, after serving sweating. A Jiyu.
77, motion sickness: (prescription) vinegar 1 two, boiling water, 2 2, drink mix on the front of the car can be set only .
78, solution gas poisoning: (prescription)
with tea, a good bowl of vinegar mixture, taking three times at intervals of half an hour and a half hours later, completely cured.
79, up only nosebleed: Yinchuan doctors: Ma Haimin
fever with head and ash, inhaled, can stand only, male female hair, female parent hair.
80, stand only bleeding wounds: Urumqi, MD: Ren Wansheng
feather gray coated surface, stand only bleeding, not infection.
81, Hydrangea Wind: Henan doctors flavescens 20 grams, 15 grams of Kochia scoparia, decoction, external washing, twice daily.
82, food poisoning: Henan doctors a handful of green beans, raw licorice three money. Add water to cook several dose.
85, obesity: Henan doctors sulfur bitter 5 grams brown sugar 20 grams a, blunt 7 days, special effects.
86, children forty-six Wind: Henan doctors
Myricaria foot long, fire the middle, two out of oil, then drink a half cup. (Secret)
87, edema: Henan doctors
mole cricket (day cricket, cricket cents) five, foam drying research, blunt boiled water before eating 6 grams.
88, night blindness: Henan doctors white water to cook goat liver, goat cooked food without salt material.
89, myopia: Henan doctors
habitat 20 grams of aspartame, 60 grams, daisy 40 grams, Zhike 90 grams, fried yellow three drugs after inquiry into the foam, twice daily, each 20 grams.
90, against measles: Henan doctors Willow River (river willow), parsley, 50 grams. Decoction to wash the body.
91, flat wart: Henan doctors cow saliva, coating the affected area.
92, gallstones: Henan doctors cuspidatum 60 grams, capillaris 30 grams, 15 grams of rhubarb. Decoction, twice daily.
93, hyperostosis: Henan doctors
shark 60 grams, 90 grams Eucommia, Achyranthes 90 g, shark drying research into 12 packages of bread, a pack a day, taken twice a day, Eucommia cattle knee-fried with salt, fried water 24 times, a surface delivery service.
94, acne: Henan doctors Chan 30 grams, 10 grams of salt. Spend two hours each day Topical drug soaked, paint the affected area.
95, smoking, alcohol law: Henan doctors
South Guayang drying surface with flush drunk as a tea, do not want to suck up to (quit). Horse sweat, scrape kerma Khan, 25, stirring with 500 grams of water are to drink (alcohol).
96, Indigestion: Henan doctors Gallus gallus a black ugly 5 grams. Drying research into a fine foam, 1 day, water delivery service.
97, body odor: Henan doctors
ancient alum 10 grams, five grams of sulfur, Sophora 6 grams, snakeskin 5 grams. Spend drug research into thin foam drug coated ginger pieces dipped in the affected area twice daily.
98, heel pain: a Henan doctors hair, made of cloth insoles, shoe pads, half more.
99, thick blood lipids: a two Henan doctors
peanuts, vinegar half a catty, bubble seven days after taking it 3 times a day, every time you eat 2.
100, bad breath: Ren Kou amount of white doctors in Henan. Each take one and put your mouth to chew, 3 times a day

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Glossary: ​​
1 thorn scratch --- verb; irony, sarcasm
2 wood chaos --- adjective; upset
3 pull Ding --- verb; roll ;
4 cooked rice --- adjective; feel a little uncomfortable
5 fishing ground --- adjective; something more
6 La Gua --- verb; Chat
7 --- hair every adjective; do not understand anything
8 Ding tired --- adj; annoying
9 power bar - -v; flattering
10 children in --- adj; good, stick
11 power edges --- --- soon
12 close delicate embroidery
13 beat try doing
14 or unloading --- --- --- Dala interesting face
15 plug ;
16 Chao Ba --- silly
17 lucky children who - when he was not willing to deceive
18CAO Dragon --- 19 --- outside call out, sprinkle ground Zahu
20 --- --- see
21 blind package is not serious, bad
22 Wan Yan intentionally bickering
23 --- --- get together down
24 scattered across the hard --- not convinced
25 pat --- row, playing a long face --- with the flutter
26 nose touch on the face
27 cushions, humpback
28 --- --- eat wild rose ;
29 片 pull display
30 Niwai --- --- --- pestering others
31 raving mad
32 porphyrin Leng Wei --- --- toss
33-style - stick to other places
36 --- naughty
37 meter shuttle did not Potamogeton Ding - Ding Shen outrageous
38 --- sitting while not playing up
39 feitui - exercise
40 practicing martial arts dance bar --- --- squat
41 gudui
42 Ke which something - know little
43 beam break --- pull something solid in his mouth suction
44 with a sip of --- mouth to mouth something to tinker get down
45 --- Research
46 borne comfortable
47 --- --- hurry faster fork
48 --- hard to beat Tiger curtain of blood Nansi Hou
49 - gecko
50 Lara --- heart to heart conversation 51 prism attached loose --- something bad, throwing the almost everywhere
52 yo - talk exaggerated
53 this family the - that's ;
54 --- like
55 Athenagoras rare defeat - also pull the scapula
56 cover - Abduction of the knee
57 - and twisted the dial
58 Lenz neck - neck
59 pretty useless --- dig the road sub-nausea
60 - Traffic Police
61 to just over - bad luck
62 want to dawdle
63 mill --- ---- suck suck
64 read outside --- Tao Tao
65 own a spring wood main speaker - bragging
66 Wangbagaozi - tortoise shell out half
67 --- 250
68 half-light --- 250
69 private child - illegitimate
70 happy to go on - happy
71 Pro net worth - Board your neighbor
72 --- --- honest
73 wave distortion crazy
74 feet (jue) --- Yazi fans of foot ;
75 emergency travel many hundred --- --- squeeze
76 Many will say the same thing across the bar nose
77 - booger ;
78 --- broken ear cerumen
79 households eat it - they gum
80 hungry --- nausea
81 户 Long - - cheat
82 mothers head - nipple
83 Jiaque child - less than a sparrow
84 know - do not know 85 --- as in fancy, Italy
86 of the sheets of wood - about anything paralysis
87 snake Snake
--- 88 things rolling sub - Mazar
89 like pulling a few Mother --- --- happy
90 back
91 large palm-leaf fan - fan
92 armpit arm
93 条 North hoe --- --- --- broom
94 felt cloth rag
95 feet ( jue) --- bicycle pedal car pedal sub-sub-
96 eat Lara - saliva
97 里拉 bag --- ignore
98 children - - good clothes, pocket
99 sub --- hard Shui
100 bottles - thermos
101 with the foam - the organs of the body in urine loaded
102 Amoy - in other things (things that have meaning to)
103 pairs or - if the exchange
104 Lian - collection 105 big fan of feet (jue) fingers --- the first toe (and so: two fans, three fans, four fans, small fans feet (jue) finger)
106 Karma (ga) limb nest - axillary
107 on the tiny (zui) - accumulation
108 shopping tour - 1 walk, 2 walk when swinging
109 points, then - - cheat
110 mill - a small boy

Glossary: ​​
1, Zi Yin Zi Yin - refers to slowly drink. Such as: Wang and night to my Zi Yin two to ah?
2, wire NAO - refers to food spoilage
3, dead eye brow collapse Ha - refers to the act do not see eye color is not flexible.
4, children pick up drain hair - refers to the loophole got cheaper. Such as: Pharaoh sick, let him pick up a missing kid child hair total quota of people to go abroad!
5, children edges mile main speaker - refers to the fool, act perfunctory.
6, Niwai - instigator tired and endless struggle.
7, did not dripping - refers to things casual, noncommittal attitude. (Did not read mu)
8, wood disorder - refers to the confused state of mind, reason no clue to the irritability. Wood said the body parts, such as chaos, it means the site is neither, the pain is not tingling, but seemed a little something.
9, mother of the amount - refers to the speculation, the estimated mean.
10, pulling Ding - refers to get out, get out. (This is the case in Jinan, a high-frequency words) This word comes from the Is a neutral term, after the evolution of the curse words.
11, kaoliang cereals - refers to the act is not agile, a good thing to do blind, also contains naive, inappropriate to speak of the meaning; or bad luck, failing to smoothly. Such as: I have a taxi on the wallet, really kaoliang cereals ah!
12, Yao Qiao - refers to the Kit Kat, a strange meaning.
13, what fishing - refers to the advantage. Such as: I have 5 dollars to you, you want to fishing what ah?
14, La Gua children - refers to the chat speak.
15, continued the pot - and chat with the meaning of words. The very image of the word, originally referred to the two people to talk very speculative, tea pot unconsciously done, then continued on in a pot, so there was
16, literal-minded mill - refers to speak and act not agile.
17, playing twitch - refers to holding back.
18, what cable's sweet - a person Xipixiaolian, please look intentional. Also refers to the sweet but not very tasty food.
19, blind package - referring not to learn, nothing, not a gas.
20, tears slipped round - refers to the very garden stuff.
21, flat pans - refers to the uneven surface of things, and part of the tilt. (Some also read Alice flat)
22, Long Bend - refers to things that are not park of the park.
23, Gen skin - not crisp the Food and moisture are not crisp, good bite.
24, died Sun - means things are not flexible, dull people. (Curse words ~ ~ `)
25, thorn scratch - who knows sarcasm. Also refers to the body itching.
26, children hair cells - refers to the naive outsider.
27, drag the text - refers to the gentle pose.
28, of negligent child bam - refers to the baggy look.
29, Jilinggousui - refers to the trivial things or things that are not complete, with contemptuous meaning.
30, Shop Crash of thick mud - refers to the muddy roads, bad way to go.
31, what - the most commonly used prepositions Jinan, means. Such as: you dry it? Is
32, cut it - make do with meaning. Such as: you cut it cut on it! Let's this condition.
33, hold the mouth bite - means not Shunzui, bad idea - such as: This tongue twister really hold in the mouth bite ah!
34, the collapse did not stalk - refers to say the edges, then the meaning of bragging. (Pronunciation beng'mu'gei'er)
35, will be the - just the means. Such as: that is, I will board the ball enough with it.
36, said children were designated - refer to suck people dry throw something, meaning to deceive others. Such as: you do not listen to him the set, the net said he plans children who play!
37, push - Such as: push this matter be accomplished it! Or she pushed beautiful!
38, since tight - refers to the further increase of the mean. Such as: Since I am tight on money, which in turn was sick!
39, Xu care - care, pay attention.
40, are not - or else. Such as: Any of these things so we do it?
41, Hu and the Maastricht Treaty - the mean half-heartedly. Such as: you do not give me some of Hu and Ma, do you understand that longer follow!
42, turning the song slip - not directly meaning. Such as; This is what road ah? Zigzag, so hard to go!
43, so the panic - fatigue. Such as: I quit both, I blame the rest of the panic - not ah?
44, slap - hand flapping. Such as: Do you see your body dirty, quickly slap slap that gray!
45, shares of squatting - mean squat. For example: in front of the man shares squat right?
46, bearded - refers to the appearance of a person is not the whole look.
47, Ge and grinding - refers to care about. Such as: this person really annoying, ah, Ge and grinding up poured it!
48, private child - refers to an illegitimate child, mostly curse. (This would curse words in Jinan which is the most common and a classic, often used with other adjectives, such as small private children, stupid children, and so private)
49, two leather face - that is, thick nerve, but also the curse ~
50, Ding eyes child - means love naughty children, also known as Not nice ~
51, old children - the youngest child.
52, Street ruffian child - means that rub, then do bad things to children. Is a small rogue mean ~
53, trekking child - means do not trust, unreliable person. Such as: trekking on you that a little child, what good can come out to do ah?
54, up package - to make other people look down on things, but also a good sense of self, especially the kind of person. A bit fed insisted nothing Zhaochou type of feeling
55, burning package - money and no place to show off to people who deliberately. 56, thick - wash.
57, to engage (gao four tones) --- Riga liquid to something like: You go down to bowl out a little oil.
58, no Zila taste - no taste
59, North Ga child paper - cardboard (pronounced zhi'ga'bei'er) 60, Kara - a long time to put something bad
61, embarrassing things --- such a long time did not put the noodles soup swelling up.
62, winding, Shui solid - all refer to someone or something irrational, looking awkward.
63, out of - to describe the girl's body good.
64, king of flowers - this is a derogatory term for women, meaning the woman correction soft artificial, distasteful, called the
65, buckle (kou / two sound) - to describe someone tooth beak Lee, the
66, five sub-ridge six animals - to describe someone idle, leisurely look, with more derogatory.
67, Gu pro - creepy look.
68, shaking scratch - to show off, intentionally display.
69, mill tours - go out wandering around.
70, spoon hundred - meaning stupid curse. In ancient times the word is also coming along does not mean agile, now do not.
71, power bar - do not good things.
72, and Lee - very good, very exciting, very beneficial ... ... in short, is
73, froze up - deliberately finding fault, and others make life difficult.
74, forced forced journeying - submissive, fear fear first full look.
75, Kengchi limp belly - to describe someone timid, afraid to speak aloud.
76, show m - girl carefully, graceful, later described as a person say things feminine and full of derogatory.
77, humming - to describe someone voices a very small, looks a bit shy.
78, the atmosphere - to describe someone say things very spirit.
79, supporting the back child - full of meaning.
80, played that - posturing
81, dogs potential - and
82, evil game - do nothing, no way, is derived from the stage to the vocabulary.
83, dog mess - to describe someone like a practical joke, trick offensive.
84, die Xie (pronounced die xie) - to describe someone cocky look. Was also used to describe a bad mood, bad mood, and so on. Jinan, the word is the classic vocabulary words, it can be heard on many occasions:)
85, old season - a long time.
86, sub-wool children - poor quality, low level.
87, take the fall - is the Also refers to a person to withstand the tried and tested.
88, second ride - good temperament and to the others get a flat.
89, crazy inflammation - to describe someone arrogant, people looked uncomfortable.
90, hard to beat children - described as eccentric person, get along well.
91, operation of rope - to intentionally deceive others to do something.
92, the night pull Gail - forehead.
93, slightly pull the half-child - the knee.
94, Salt limp tiger - bat.
95, Tokage curtain - gecko.
96, Gala Zi - snail.
97, game - fun, fun. This is the most distinctive Jinan then a word, the application surface is also very wide. Jinan people often and
99, the night children - last night.
100, buy children selling children - means something. For example: children sell it to buy what a child is dry drop ah?
101, children play gate - tone of the word, a sentence used in the front, to express their dissatisfaction, anger, disdain the emotions. Such as: children play door, against ah you? Jinan, then the word is very representative of the vocabulary.
102, eye rolling hair - eyelashes. Such as: The child eye tie hair very long.
103, Cao Ji - metaphor timid timid useless. Such as: Do not give him this task, his people are very Cao Ji.
104, squeeze off - excluded. Such as: Do you not squeeze off the people?
105, thousand board - toss. Such as: Do not thousand board, they must sleep! In addition, there are
106, sticky - ① describe something sticky. Such as: millet gruel of very sticky.
② describe people slow. As: fast to get up! Do not sticky it!
③ describe intimate relationship closely. Such as: the two men together all day in the sticky.
107, itch scratch - scratching an instrument, long-handled, one end of a comb-shaped head, the use of bamboo and wood.
108, fiddle - repeated playing. Such as: I fiddle with this thing for half a year, and have not come up with a doorway to.

good, learn about the right
try to Jinan, then read the following passage
day, a trowel his Karma (ga) limb nest folders a sub-object tie swim in the Springs Plaza shopping, see a monkey, old man. Look quite happy to go on, scratch the letter thought the air stab stab scratch him. Lost out on half of each half angry. Scattered around on the gas a touch, yeah, this semi-steel hanging like a monkey! OK, then point, then we can point the monkey. Armpit on the gas with the North under the Brad two monkeys, the monkey throwing mill about this Sueko not hang him. Sueko said: Ding see you sink. br> Sueko not come back half an hour later, the old man said: Mother put the monkey on the air around a public monkey. Sueko bar across the nose and held hostage, said:

There are three expeditions to Africa, accidentally steal a chief's daughter saw in the bath.

was arrested, the chief asked the first person to die or want to be playing jj, he of course replied bomb jj. Then pulled down play jj50, the screams. . . . . . .

asked the second person to die or want to be playing jj, he hesitated a moment, death is better than rely on live, he chose to play jj, then pulled down play jj100, the most strident of the tragic terrorist called, has been dragged back to the dying, and jj seems to have completely abolished.

asked a third person, want to die, or want to be playing jj. He hesitated a long time, so painful to see the two of them, but things are bad, that death may be a miracle election, at least not so painful ah, so heroic replied: death.

then chief said:

a kind of guard said to him: to screams.

seventh degree of cruelty: the disposal of prey

cannibal and his son to hunt, capture a thin his son, his father said: no meat, fish and shrimp into the lake to play!

his son and capture a fat man, his father said: put, too tired, cut open and dried for winter coats!

his son and capture a beauty, his father said: take home at night to eat your mother!

cruel sixth degree: does not competitors

life is a happy one day, Microsoft, Lotus, Novell's sales manager for three companies similar to a test of marksmanship.

first play of the Microsoft. Under his breath filling bottles Carlsberg, a readily Yang, two bottles into the sky, just listen to br>
Lotus sales manager does not show weakness, you'll feel two bottles of XO, Hennessy curvy bottle get two shots. . had two shots - Microsoft and Novell's sales manager crashed down. Novell's sales manager, this slowly spit out the words:

> There are two very smart young economics genius, they are often for a number of highly debated theory of economics.

one day go for a walk after dinner, in order to prove a mathematical model of two outstanding young people and fight up, is hard to compete when, suddenly found on the grass in front of a pile of dog feces. A on the B, if you can eat it, I am willing to pay 50 million. 50 million temptation to be Big deal, eat or not eat it? B took out a pen and paper for a precise mathematical calculations, and soon reached the economics of the optimal solution: eat! So a loss of 50 million, of course, B to eat snacks that Dayton is also not easy.

two people to walk, suddenly found a pile of dog feces, which began when the B violent nausea, and a little bit distressed just spent 50 million of the. Then B says, you eat it, I give you 50 million. Thus, different methods of calculation, the same results - to eat! A contented to recover 50 million, while B seems to have found a little mental balance.

a sudden, a genius who also crying: Naolebantian we get nothing but white eat piles of dog feces! To figure out how they had to please their teacher, dean of the economics of a well-known explanation is given.

two pupil listening to the story, did not think the dean also burst into tears. With great difficulty and so a little emotional stability, the dean saw trembling lifted a finger, very excited and said: You only eat dog feces piles, for the country's GDP contribution of the output value of 100 million! wrote:

father to his son about how brutal tiger, fierce, son face serious heart to listen.

, son?

second degree cruelty: the magic pig

One day, a man walked into a bar, followed by a pig. . . .

This pig's four legs is gone, replaced by four pieces of wood as a prosthesis. . .

store bartender asked the man: Your pig is really strange, why it did not feet?

man replied: I am the pig, but very powerful, like our family also had very poor, living in the hut, the results of the pig in the backyard sniff sniff East West, the discovery of oil, let me made a fortune and built a house, they built a swimming pool.

bartender speechless surprise, after a while asked: Yes, that is how his feet going?

man said: You know, my pig, but very powerful, one day, my year-old child alone in the pool drowning, and the results it jumped into the pool Diao out to my son, but also gladly mouth resuscitation!

bartender is more surprised, and asked: how will that his feet? . . . . .

man getting a little impatient: I said, this is a very powerful pig, one day my house fire at night, it woke all of the family, and alone out the fire! !

bartender: sir! I ask you why did not your pig feet. . . .

man a look of displeasure answer: If you have so much of a pig. . . . . .

it once you finish it?

cruel degree ranked first: the important thing

wake up one morning and found his wife dead in bed.

he quickly jumped up, his face pale, stumbled, ran down the stairs and shouted: >

sky little star, chord notes linger and up, note the paragraph and write a marriage, not just a variety of songs for me, not too noisy, or too quiet, not in line with my feelings, just a touch of the miss into which they have a taste for music, began to rely on the feeling of listening to music, and lyrics that brings tears caused by rain affection, affectionate deep profound meaning, but who can know, who can understand?

sea sand has been nostalgic with, but I miss my youth, leaves tonight to go with the wind, drifting where to turn, perhaps in the direction towards yours, because my heart is in the same direction, Those who like the familiar warmth across my heart was, and that perhaps a little happiness still waiting in the corner, I look at you to, but just look at you go ... I am not sure, you left I can not do not want you. I do not live up to expectations, or would like to you, listening to this song, I like you.

I just want to extend a blessing, a responsibility, in fact, want you more happy to let you know my good . I do not want everything it did not help. I do not expect ever, I only luxury we can properly spend every day of our acquaintance, we have fun, be happy.

Maybe one day, you will be forgotten, discarded in the absence of the corner, but I was silly to stay There, just what that song when I will not smile? Songs constantly hovering in the ears, the notes are covered with tears, tenderness and cruelty can never be equal, but never can stimulate each individual's soul, the feeling throughout the body that broke our hearts, if today is the end, I want to singing to restore, if tomorrow is the end, I will not stop the notes to insist, if the end is coming one day, I only use the memories to miss, if there is no end, I would like to use the song has to guard the well-being. But the moment you leave, all this will fade away does not exist.

wake up, have the promise of forever Where is? Like an angel, more like the angel of melody, that melodious music in our hearts wander, driving the years of dust, began to permeate my whole soul, my hope residual wind and rain but also how things go wash the haze , torn heart, a stitch of sewing with.

sleepless nights, thoughts of the night, like a dream in the running, but Wanru throng of Chang-e, hang around with, that endless sentimental. Yuet Wah water at this time, with the number of floor dust melancholy ... ... out the window a Wan Lai stillness, so still people fear. Lonely wind singing a sad song after another love song, thin in the city every rise and fall, gentle face in my wandering and wandering. Like a trace of pity touch my loneliness, but unfortunately my ray ray of tenderness. This night and the breeze, in the phase where the long time you delete, each a product of your smile looks like, after a few of you Aomi past. At this moment, like you, my mind spread into the ocean, you, everywhere, in your world, I had changed its appearance, can not make you happy, not make you happy, happiness can not be sustained short-term, in the end why? Why can not the same as before for me? You are tired, tired, tired, and I can disappear, disappear in the world you can not see, but I do not want that do not know the results, has been entangled in your circling the world, I just need a sincere heart, and you needed, perhaps more than that, right? Happy to follow you in the direction of extension, happy song in the distance of the amplifiers has been in continuous playback, and playback in my ear, and still love songs, and your gentle beauty remaining.

remember when you are in the city, sitting in front of the computer sharing a song you heard? Of course, I'm afraid to tell you, this is my favorite at that time to listen to a song, love it, purely by chance, Fish Leong's soulful interpretation of love songs days later, so that the song people have different interpretation of emotions into one, small to large, seem never received love letters, but never had someone as I write love songs, but often deep in emotional spin nest, any love songs able to express the true feelings of most people, once emotional problems, comfort can find them from the lyrics, but at first when listening to this song still has deep feelings, and just feel good to hear the beginning, later repeated listening, seriously listen, to comprehend the song slowly to express the mood, not just the sultry lyrics chord, but the song itself contains the deep feelings, singing heart, at this moment, the face of the computer, you can not miss words, but miss, miss, no other ideas. Are you listening to My thoughts? I do not expect me to be happy, even if the whole world for one with a red bean, I just need to hope, even the most scared you do not want to, fingers intertwined, a prelude to dictation, but it was then?

Although we can not always together, but you have to believe, I think of you all the time, this long-lasting blessing and prayers will accompany you long-lasting, when you sad, do not forget me, I would most powerful shoulders I rely on you, tell you no matter what happens I will be on your side. Perhaps you are feeling fades after my will and I drifted away, but for me, near you, is a blessing. But this happiness has been gentle in my heart, I care, I cherish, I just want to let you know that I will make you more happiness and joy.

Maybe one day you will think of me, so perhaps you will never be forgotten, no matter what the future, I the door is always open to you, my feelings for you, just like love songs lyrics, as always forever!

you love him, I always knew, but all these years, I knew, or silly love you, with a sincere heart, but have not found your smile, not from your part of the world to find any of my mark, Ren Shiguang flies, wash after years of growth rings, we have not previously own, but we are doing a part of their life, a mixed picture of our own to bear, turn to turn to, covered with a variety of business cards of people looming, you always will be your happiness by not going to control me, you still can not trust me can make you happy.

I do not know the world. Will someone slightly curled hair gently with your pet tired of calling you do good, will not be listening to love songs when your name does heart meditation, would not someone can not sleep at night when you do miss your sweet , will miss the pain of breathing, can not understand the permanence of the paragraph is always prayer moving chorus, a full stop to stop a beautiful note, the beautiful course along with it fade away, not always deliberate luxury, but in every meet of the time, want to meet some of the time can be longer, I can not predict our next day, the next hour, the next point, what will happen the next second, but since not separate, then I will in this next day, the next hour, the next points, the next second to cherish you, miss you.

angel melody, he gets my mind, Aging and sped away, masks are my love, Unfortunately, in the slightly smiling, with a little sadness, all the way on this trip. After mending the mood, feeling of less is more, those who can not make up with the voice are the feeling that I will never lose the fact that you can not afford, because no loss, so I took it as a hope, with their inseparable . You still remember the gentle, your words, but no news of you, I would have been worried, had been worried about. Cold, cold ... ... still recalls with a period of soft segment.
angel of love, love, angel ... ... Angels have been singing the melody, the melody of an angel across the distance, the connection you and I do not know at this time you can feel my thoughts, People say that heaven is a happy, happy angels; people say angel is happy, heaven is very happy, dancing in the wings pure happiness of the world, pure angel, happiness, tears of love does not exist, all the pure, does not exist bitterness, everything is happiness, love the melody in the stroll, it is because of your presence, notes can be more pleasant to listen to the more complete.
squatting in the corner under the window, wearing headphones, listening to music, soul shaking, not so calm, the emotional soul. Everything seems good, like this feeling, like song lyrics to understand, and not influenced by others. I do not recommend to anyone, listening to music, I always like to try to figure out the lyrics, comprehend and understand every word the meaning of the lyrics, and in which the search is little feeling, I can not find words to express the feeling of words, so there When I feel particularly pleasant, worthy collection of songs, others seem less likely to think nicely, I think it's great writing, strong feelings of the lyrics, it seems likely that others do not feel anything. But I like Although the story between the beautiful wonderful, although we use the most emotional investment in the process of writing some good, but still could not stand things to change, and change each other's feelings. Real emotion, very real, very appropriate, some did not shape, not visible to the naked eye, something illusory interpretation of very brilliant, very image, very unique. In addition, there are still between the lines with a little bit of poetic, lyrical feeling and patches. Some songs are some people like it, I was like; some song with special meaning, I will have fond memories, has been collection; some songs that we like, there are memories in there, I will hear those songs ....... when you wrote me, my first song, you and me fingers intertwined, a prelude to dictation, but it was then?

wonderful melodies are different, when the beautiful melodies through the sky, love notes are struck and transmit Guitar outline moved and hope, a simple love song, who will give a little happiness? Butterfly flowers are still unrequited love, missed the new long shoots.

still want you, seems to have become accustomed to, among memories from acquaintance to acquaintance, very dramatic, very memorable and would like to care about all your life, want to catch you at any time traces, but never knew how to make you happy, you always say I stupid, silly me, I can not do in your decided to make all preparations in advance, will only come after you to start. . . In your world, I will always keep up with times, we do not have vows and promises, only really care and pay the true feelings, because we are all very simple, full of beautiful vision of the future, have their own desires, wants, through their own effort to achieve, each stick with a belief, a miss, so keep going.

When you meet ten kinds of people must cherish

1. Met you truly love , to strive for a lifetime opportunity to accompany him , because when he left , everything is too late .
2. encounters can think of friends, to get along good with him , because in the person's life can be really difficult to face friends .

3. you encounter in the elegant , we should remember the good grateful , because he is a turning point in your life .

4. encountered have loved , remember to smile, grateful to him because he is the person you love know better .

5. met the person who hated to smile, say hello to him , because he makes you stronger .

6. met the person who betrayed you , with him a good chat , because if it is him, you do not understand this world today .

7. encounter the person who secretly like to wish him happy yo ! Because you like him, hope he is not happy happy ?

8. Encounters left in a hurry when the people in your life , to thank him through your life , because he is a part of your wonderful memories .
9. met once and you have a misunderstanding of the people, like to take the solution now clear misunderstanding , because you may only have one chance to explain .

10. encounter now and you forever people , to thank him hundred percent love you , because you are now to be happy and love .

It reminds me of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games on the 38-year-old foreign woman is how to take the championship, as well as moving the meeting of the Guangzhou Asian female amateur athlete is how India scored a million meters. They are my role model

32-year-old Xie Zhanjun marathon is an amateur enthusiast. Just attended Zhengkai International Marathon 2011, he played from April 1 Fengqiu County Xinxiang City from his home along State Road 107 to start running, the destination is 2000 miles away in Guangzhou, ran 45 kilometers a day, plan a half months finish. Yesterday, he went to Zhumadian Xiping.
□ correspondent Wenzhong Hao Jin Yuan trainee reporter intern Zhang Zhaowen Figure
run five kilometers every day to school junior who lives in Xinxiang Fengqiu County
rural Xiezhan Jun looks thin and small, Guangzhou is now a business work.
Xiezhan Jun said that the junior high school, other children are riding bicycles to school, but because of their sub-low, less than a foot to ride a bike, had to run to five kilometers away to school.
1998 In October, after the Xiezhan Jun entrance exam had a bold idea - He spent nine days in Beijing and Henan, riding back and forth between.
4 more than 20 years, participated in the marathon
that was held in 2007 in Zhengzhou in Zhengzhou and Kaifeng in the first international marathon race, Xie Zhanjun decided to attend. But his idea attracted a number of colleagues, friends, talk, Since then, I exercise on the treadmill every day. May 4, 2007, Xie Zhanjun life ushered in the first marathon --2,007 Zhengbian International Marathon with a time of 4 hours 4 minutes 4 seconds.
from the competition so far, he has participated in Dalian, Beijing and Guangzhou, more than 20 marathon, the best performance is 2 hours and 50 minutes and 30 seconds, equivalent to the national two athletes.
went to Guangzhou to work from Henan
4 月 1 日 9 am, the reporter contacted the running to work Xiezhan Jun Guangzhou. Xiezhan Jun said he was 8 am departure from home,
correspondent rough calculations, from the Fengqiu County Xinxiang City, Guangzhou, some 20 km away, Xie Zhanjun planned to spend a half months to finish the course. Then, he walked 45 kilometers a day or so.

3 o'clock yesterday afternoon, the reporter contacted Xie Zhanjun again. At this point, he has run the Zhumadian Xiping, br>

she was born his birth parents do not know who she is only one father.
1996 年 11 30, Lunar New year that is October 20, because Dad, the arms, like trained, trained, kitten crying baby, She Shiyou down and picked up a few times, turned away back, this little life has been covered with cold, weak cry, I'm afraid at the time nobody would have died! The wound, he again picked up the baby, with a sigh,

announced after the fund-raising activities are still receiving a steady stream of donations from around the world, all the money in place, doctors do their best efforts, one after the treatment but also to do so one by one past the storm! We smile, waiting for the success of the day ... that someone wrote,

Fu Yan shocked, quickly opened it, it really is a small She Yanan row later.

8-year-old Yan She finally moved away from the ravages of illness, peacefully passed away.

8-year-old girl and well-arranged later

all of them looking for a miracle to happen, all of them are looking forward to this moment of rebirth She-yan, a lot of people came to the hospital to see She-yan, many users are online greetings this poor child, she life for the life of this strange and scattering light!

everyone can accept this fact, that beautiful poem, pure water,

helpless father

She Yan life experience on the back engraved with a brief introduction,

9 24, the first girl to accept gifts She Yan Xu Li, in Huaxi Yida successful surgery, her pale face, put a smile: sister, you must be in heaven watching us ... please rest assured, the future we still engraved on the tombstone: I came, I behaved ......

I came, I had behaved

Sichuan Online, Netease and other sites immersed in Leihai, the Internet played wet with tears,

news each site has over ten thousand post thread below, wreath as a mountain, like the sea eulogy, a middle-aged man whispered, The Fly ...

next day, my father called my aunt came to town with the She-yan, Yan She spent 30 yuan to buy two sets of new clothes She chose for himself a brilliant pink short-sleeved shorts, aunt to her election a red dot white skirt, she could not bear to take off to try on, the three came to studio, She dressed in brilliant pink new clothes, hands than the V-sign, to smile,Montblanc Boheme Pen, but finally could not resist tears ...

day home, small to large and dad did not mention any requirements of the She-yan, this time as my father made two requests; she wanted to wear a new dress, a photo in the photo, her dad Dad explained that

She Yan from birth to death, not a trace of maternal care, when Dr. Xu Ming proposed Ming doctors came to her bed when SHE Yan actually shy called a lifetime, said:

Xu mother to the ward the next day to put on a pair of brilliant white She's socks,Meisterstuck Ballpoint Pen, casual and said to her: time to wear socks

Dr. Xu Ming's heart instantly feel as uncomfortable as the needle, and then asked her, I have a pair of red shoes, which wear white socks, like Snow White ah shoes, bought two pairs of white socks.
the next day to the ward to the She wore red shoes and brilliant white socks, sitting on the bed She Yan, without touching the ground, like the incredible.

Unfortunately, only wearing a short-lived for a while, injection time is up, feet first infusion to acupuncture treatment and soon took off socks and shoes off.

this disease is very expensive medical costs, costs generally take up to 30 million. She Shiyou senseless. watching her daughter on the bed, he can not think too much, he had only one thought, to save her daughter! By relatives and friends over the money to take care to only drop in the bucket. Too far away from 300,000, he decided to sell the home, the only way to change money in adobe houses, but because the house was too old, unable to find buyers.

She Shiyou Yan She named the child, because she is a child born in the fall harvest season, bachelor and became a father, no mother's milk, it can not afford milk, you had to feed rice soup, so frail She Yan small, but very cute and naive, spring has gone and returned, as the bitter vine flower, She Yan grew up, and surprisingly intelligent and well-behaved, picked up the doll saying adjacent high IQs, very fond of her, despite her young age sick, the father of fear, the She-yan grow up.

I voluntarily give up the treatment

but chemotherapy may cause complications after use is very terrible, with other children than leukemia, She Yan's body is if, and this time after surgery, her body even worse .8 20 morning, she asked Yan Fu, naturally good people, good people to help each other become more kind-hearted

Yan She took out from under the pillow a mathematical exercise books, handed Fu Yan,

the last two sentences is She Yan small

follow the wishes, the remaining 540,000 yuan for medical expenses, as a gift of life,2011 montblanc sale, leaving the other children suffering from leukemia, which were seven children, the Yangxin Lin, Xu Li, Zhiqiang, Liu Linglu, Zhang Yujie, Gao Jian, Wang Jie, this seven poor children, the oldest 19 years old, the youngest only 2 years old. are very difficult family circumstances, poverty, struggling with death of children.

have a beautiful little girl, her name is Yan Yu,

she could not go to school, and her long standing in front of the village carrying a small bag on the road, eyes are always wet.

she would travel to see the wild goose who turned her voluntary withdrawal of treatment, the Chinese around the world have become extremely donated her 54 7 copies of the life as a hope of the pie to a 7 is hovering in the life and death line of children.

6 月 21 日 home waiting for death to give up treatment was re-Yan She received Chengdu, was admitted to Children's Hospital, with money, live a humble life with hope and reason.
She Yan received chemotherapy unbearable, glass door, She was lying in bed infusion Yan, bed side stood a chair, a chair stood a basin, from time to time her sideways, vomiting, strong little girl surprised all the other her attending doctors, reacted strongly to the gastrointestinal tract during chemotherapy, She Yangang the beginning, a spit is large Banpen can not even say anything she does not say anything, just do bone marrow biopsy, when hospitalized, the needle piercing from the ribs, She did not cry did not call, tears did not flow, motionless about.

she has a pair of sparkling eyes she has a transparent innocence, she is an orphan,

reporter Yan Fu Yan She gradually feeling the cold little face began to cry. can no longer call her aunt, never laugh no sound coming ...

8 22, as gastrointestinal bleeding, almost a month and can not eat She supported by infusion Yan, the first doctors and nurses to give her emergency blood transfusion, transfusion ... She looked at Yan unbearable abdominal pain, painful way, many doctors and nurses were crying, we are willing to help her share the pain, however, tried everything still no avail .
She Yan abdominal pain, she begged of all the doctors and nurses said,

doctors and nurses to comfort her, so she insisted that soon enough.

father, one pair of eyes looking at her astonishment,

6 18, 8-year-old Yan She replaced illiterate father, in their own medical records on the stroke of the signature of

hardy children do not generally, from the age of five, she learned to help my father to share the housework, laundry, cooking, mowing, she everything well, she knew she was not the same as other children, other family children have parents, her family only she and my father, the family together by her father to support, she behaved well behaved, not to father a little bit worried, a little raw from the

if not

correspondent aunt from the hospital that the case, wrote a report, detailed narrative of the story of She-yan, immediately, was touched countless people for this poor girl heartache, from Chengdu to the country and around the world, real-world interaction with the Internet space, all the love lives of those small donations for this who, just 10 days, the Chinese donations from around the world has more than 560,000, the cost of surgery is enough. She Yan small fire of life was re-ignited our love!

her grave on her a smiling photo, the inscription above the front reads:

she live in this world for eight years, she left this world in the last sentence is

she hopes died in the fall, slender body is like a flower opening Xie natural process in the accumulation of yellow flowers everywhere, the air leaves Xuanwu time,

8 26, her funeral was held in the rain in Chengdu, both inside and outside the eastern outskirts of funeral home for cremation hall was full of tears of the people, they are brilliant 8-year-old girl She never met the Abandoned at birth, suffering from leukemia after voluntarily give up their girls, the last to leave will not be too lonely, from all sides

She left in extreme pain in this world, the doctor after she stopped breathing, still 80 minutes to spare no effort to rescue, and ultimately failed to save the young lives.

pair of melancholy eyes, watched his father and wasting of the face. She always has a brilliant sense of sorrow and grief, a, Yan She took my father's hand, then not yet out, but take out the tears: Dad, I want to die ...

2005 began in May, her frequent nosebleeds. One morning She is brilliant face, suddenly found a pot of water to red, I saw a nose in the blood is dripping, no matter what measures are only live, it can not, Dad took her to rural hospitals to the injections, eye of a needle also can be a little bleeding, and her legs have appeared a large number of red dots, the doctor said go to a hospital quickly, to Chengdu hospital, a time when the peak consultation, she never made it onto team, sitting on the bench press and hold the nose, nosebleed, as two lines, straight out, dyed the floor, she felt embarrassed, had to reach for a bedpan take blood, less than 10 minutes, the pot half filled with the blood on the doctor seeing this, hastened to bring the child to inspection, examination, the doctor out of critical condition notice she had

This is a child as young as 8 years old when in critical condition, lying in bed with a pencil to write a three-page suicide note, because the child is too small, some words will not write, there are many typos, look out, this article is not finished in one go. is divided into six sections, begins with seven times, nine times referred to as the correspondent for

give our school a little bit, thank aunt to the Red Cross president, said after my death, the rest of the money to patients who, like me, so that their patients get better ......

to this testament to Fu Yan see tears, crying.

in elementary school, She Yan know what to learn, to progress, to test first, illiterate father's face will light in the village, she never let my father down, and she to dad Dad singing, interesting to the same school as the place to tell my father to listen, to get a small red flower straight up the wall. occasionally naughty debut and got down to see my father ... whenever to my father smile, she would secretly meet,

that time the ward filled with flowers and fruit everywhere, filled with the intoxicating fragrance, two months of chemotherapy, She Yan reached the 9th gate of hell, septic shock, sepsis, hemolysis, gastrointestinal bleeding .. . every time good luck by the domestic authority of the province and even children's blood diseases expert consultation to determine the common chemotherapy regimens, the effect is very good, good news!

Finally, brilliant

49 bottles, representing 49 kinds of character, choose your favorite bottles (check), then with the back of the character analysis of the control.
whether the Right it? Who knows who test!
(recommended to have a look at a variety of character analysis, to help broaden our thinking; maybe you'll bump with the real self)

[0] spiritual rescue bottle bottle
you are a mysterious person, has connection with heaven. You may have a strong sixth sense or the ability of well-informed. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is
your difficulties and challenges: There are angry, confused situation. You want for your life to find an exit, but could do nothing. Now you, like in most of the night. Crisis is turning, turning the body, calm the greatest hidden in behind you.
your future potential: an emotionally well-balanced person, to explore the spiritual aspects of the truth.

1 bottle] [bottles of body
save you a versatile, creative people very rich. But you get used to your own inner rainbow hidden. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is
your difficulties and challenges: You used to hide your own light, although you have rich content, but you can not share with people. Long hidden, cause you have a habit of melancholy.
your future potential: to know his or her ideals, but also to achieve them.

[2 bottles] peace bottle
you are a peace-loving people, and have a strong intuition. Your presence, you can soothe the human mind around. This bottle like the ocean, so it implies that you like close to the ocean, marine can always bring you calm and relaxed. This bottle is representative of the Tarot
your difficulties and challenges: you mention I do? If you have too many hidden in your heart do? Because there are too many words not say it, so you can not get peace of mind.
your future potential: love peace and harmony along with his very commitment to the pursuit of peace. Creative use and throat-related (such as with speech related), support others.

bottle [3] The heart chakra is called the heart chakra
bottle bottle, the bottle is also a Pisces, so you are feeling your heart and to live on. Your heart is very soft, very caring, very able to stand in each other's position. This bottle is representative of the Tarot,
your difficulties and challenges: Do you think you can not breathe? That no extra space for the chest of fresh air to enter. You recently felt heart hurt? Or, you have long felt that my mind has not been take care of, not pamper to it? The second bottle of election to this bottle of you, really good link that your heart, let the hearts of grief release.
your future potential: with intuition. Can help others find their direction. Have become artists, teachers, and therapists capabilities.

bottle [4] called the sun as the sun
4 bottles bottles, nicknamed the smart bottle. So you are a very sunny, very intelligent people. You are very creative, like yourself to make something. For you, the most important parts of the body is your stomach, the stomach in charge of your self-confidence, strength and desire. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is
your difficulties and challenges: over-you are a rational person, you killed your feelings rationally. You attach importance to the target, ignoring the process of making your life seems full of hope, but the desire to pursue the life you like the desert sun surplus, the pace of life so that you compact the gastrointestinal often warn you.
your future potential: in the management and organization has the authority and good order, these can be combined with intelligence. To know the knowledge from past lives and can use this knowledge.

bottle [5] Sunrise ... sunset
5 bottle number is Leo, on behalf of you is a leadership and regal people. You know how to use the energy you have, you often bring people around the sun and warm, know how you want things to go. Tarot is a representative of the bottle,
your difficulties and challenges: Are you afraid not survive it? Do you lack confidence? Or you fear to cover up their own survival and self-esteem, so you try to control your life, your friends, your lover, your subordinates. To survive, you often nervous stomach.
your future potential: a lot of energy and the ability to express all the energy. Dynamic, but also has personal qualities.

[6 bottles] of energy known as the energy bottle
6 bottle, the bottle is Taurus, so you are very real, very practical, importance of material life, but also has a lot of energy. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is
your difficulties and challenges: the frustration is the theme of your life now. Do you think the hearts of many of anger and helplessness, so you lack vitality. You really need to find an outlet for your inner, let your inner energy release. May not be accepted long anger, the frustration may be at work, may be long-repressed sexual ... ...
your future potential: a very brave man, in the face of adversity is also ready to go love .

vial [7] Jesus was betrayed and arrested in the garden
you are a very clear what they want, but you also have the ability to go to the things you want. At the same time you are a balanced person, everything is not easy to come to the extreme. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is
your difficulties and challenges: What have you been worried about money? You may suspect that they have no ability to make money. You may lack self-confidence, and self-doubt, anxiety, and therefore have stomach pain.
your future potential: the new pioneers, is an understanding of human suffering and needs of the idealist philosopher.

bottle [8] Egyptian dog god
8 first vial called Anubis, Anubis is the Egyptian god of the dogs head, special guardian of the door into the unconscious world. So the nature of your soul is linked with Egypt. You used a ruler to measure the hearts of the outside world and other people at the same time, you also attach great importance to balance. It also allows you to philosophizing which, think about what is the real value and balance. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is
your difficulties and challenges: balance your current life's most important issues, things are too far will cause problems. Perhaps you recently sometimes melancholy and sometimes excited, but still can not find true inner peace. Perhaps you do not express too much backlog, perhaps been a long time with people you tell if your heart really.
your future: on time, balanced, fair and good sense; structured, and special recognition of equality (of all people, all religious traditions, etc.).

bottles [9] Shui Jingdong ... heart of the heart
close to nature like you are a person who roam the mountains, the beach is your place. You get used to being alone, to live their lives. You also have a
your difficulties and challenges: you can freely express your feelings? I guess not. This is often caused by your chest, heart and lung function poorly. How long is no good way to find friends that speak? How long did not express open minded with people? Your heart is not tied down by a serious-minded, and make you forget how the game? Make you forget your inner humorous side?
your future potential: a non-selfish people, with their subconscious and inner voices are linked. Discover the hidden secrets of life and to interpret them.

[10] to hug a tree bottle
you have a kind heart, very loving, very soft, very compassionate. You can get along with people to relax, no pressure. Do you like nature, like simple. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is
your difficulties and challenges: do you often inexplicable heart palpitations? You will have gratuitous fear? If you listen carefully to your heart, you will find that your heart is telling you: I'm so sad! You feel too much backlog in your heart, and you never care to see the hearts of the feeling.
your future potential: is a leading not only to control the other person, to give others room to grow. From the heart concern for human problems, cognitive need to do something and have it done.

bottle [11] a bunch of flowers
11 bottle number is Virgo, so you are a pure, simple, clean one, like a general at the child, like a pure small Angel. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is
your difficulties and challenges: Do you often feel a lack of love, lack of warmth it? In intimate relationships you have difficulties? Have you ever wondered, you can even love some of your own? You may be a perfectionist, demanding of themselves, or demanding of others. As the constraints of the past, you have a lot of their own or other people's expectations.
your future potential: a strong, powerful people there, emitting a warm,montblanc meisterstuck pen, gentle and strong empathy; is a real know how to love people.

12 bottles] [in a new era of peace on behalf of the bottle
Tarot is suffering, you can always be used as opportunities for growth. You have the general characteristics of the water, flexible, inclusive.
your difficulties and challenges: The Tarot is a representative of the bottle, Perhaps your current life is like in the deep sea, like some depression, lack of sunlight, such as finding a way out in general.
your future potential: a peaceful, with the With personal feeling and a deep instinctive intelligence links.

13 bottles] [in a new era of change
13 number is Cancer of the bottle, so you are a very homely, love home. You are very heavy feeling, feeling like a group of people together. On the 13th bottle called This bottle is representative of the Tarot
your difficulties and challenges: Are you afraid parting it? Are you afraid of change? Are you afraid to lost it? Recall that in the past on parting, death, change and loss of experience, you really make these experiences over? Is your heart still left sadness, grief and perseverance in the past? Because they can not let go, so keep your mind ten years ago, a friend give you a small piece of paper, keep a child's old clothes, keep the former ex-boyfriend or girlfriend before the photos, keep the primary school teacher told you a word ... ...
your future potential is a clear transfer of knowledge and benevolent leader, but also able to confirm your vision.

14 bottles] [in a new era of smart
Tarot is representative of the bottle of . The nature of your soul with the quality of intelligence, this intelligence is part of a new era of intelligence, rather than the traditional and old-fashioned idea, so you may have different insights and general intelligence.
your difficulties and challenges: you know the difference between smart and intelligent it? The former comes from outside, such as books, knowledge and advice of others; the latter to that of your inner life and your own experience, you may be clever but lack wisdom.
your future potential: a revelation received in this new era, a very important pioneer, and combined with their inherent intelligence of people, spread the concept of harmony and balance, can feel the depth of joy.

bottle [15] a new era in the treatment of
you are a talented person with the treatment, the treatment mentioned here are spiritual treatment, and your intuition is also very strong, for people's emotions and energy around feeling sensitive. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is
your difficulties and challenges: What makes you recently met your sad thing? Or do you have encountered before What made you sad thing? The sadness in your heart, make you feel empty of life, loss.
your future potential: a strong and authoritative people (positive sense), with spiritual power. Even in the most adverse environments adhere to their beliefs.

[16] purple bottle
you with spiritual, religious, very spiritual fate. You may have a strong intuitive and well-informed capacities, which can treat other people's physical and mental. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is
your difficulties and challenges: you want to stay in your body? I mean: you want to do on earth? Maybe you often feel like aliens, your thoughts, feelings, acting style, and general outlook on life ... ... all people are different.
your future potential: a divine plan consistent with the person and life based on this concept, often receive spontaneous

bottle [17] lyric poet, hope
This bottle is called the You have the creative talent, and creativity is the source of your heart and inspiration from God. In the creation, you will feel the shares of energy to your body, is this energy in the creation, not you. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is
your difficulties and challenges: Most often you are disappointed, despair? You feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, have a suffocating feeling? Deeper to feel again, you are not leaving some inner sadness, which shares the sadness, so you close your heart, so you do not need to feel.
your future potential: the spirituality and the mysteries hidden in the life full of interest, through human love and help people with their spiritual connection and experience joy.

[18] Egypt bottle bottle, the trend of change
This is an Egyptian bottle, so you will not feel interested in Egypt? Useful links with Egypt, or that it? The bottle has an king of quality, you have not found your soul has a king and noble nature of the quality of it? Tarot on behalf of the bottle is
your difficulties and challenges: you are always in the pursuit of desire, physical, emotional, spiritual ... ... a variety of desires, you trying to make myself full of hope, full of sun-like feel.
your future potential: to arrange according to their own dreams in life who have the courage to change and enjoy life goal as well.

vial [19] living in the material world
This is Capricorn bottle, so you are a practical, pragmatic, rational, stable, pragmatic and responsible people. You attach importance to success, can often climb to a higher position. Do you have good social skills, build relationships with many people, and keep in touch. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is
your difficulties and challenges: You have two extremes of the surface, part of your actual, rational; another part of your spiritual, emotional. This created a split of your heart, make you feel contradictory.
your future potential: live in harmony with ourselves, but also to pass this feeling to others, with a lot of energy, including the well-informed energy, people will feel like a magnet attracted to a camel for you.

bottle [20] This is the Gemini star child
bottle, so your character is like to change in the two extreme swing, thoughts agile, good at dealing with information, good communication. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is point of view.
your difficulties and challenges: Can you imagine one of your own inner child? In fact, everyone has an inner child, even seventy-eight-year-old elderly. When we can take care of their own inner child, we can grow old, become mature, but has a child-like innocence.
your future potential: an optimist, to take a constructive way to use optimism. With a deep inner harmony, and has been freedom from fear.

bottle [21] a new beginning of love
you are a mature and harmony of the people, you can wait patiently for the right time to let things happen naturally. You give a breath of spring, can nourish the people around you, giving a greener feel. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is the
your difficulties and challenges: your heart hurt? You need to be loved it? You really let the good hearts of past wounds to be healed, otherwise how do you have room for new love enter? Need your love to nourish the heart, but his first love from the start.
your future potential: a force with the highest awareness and mature personality with a true love of God is also love. Is a give and receive love, in a constructive way to convey love (for example, by writing, art, public speaking, but also through family circles).

bottle [22] rebirth of the people of the bottle, wake up
you are a sun and gentle person, you like the sun's energy is generally happy people, and also gives a warm care. Tarot on behalf of the bottle is the second reincarnation of the
your difficulties and challenges: You will not feel that their self-confidence are inadequate? You will not feel the inner feeling of lack of sunlight? Do you think you do not know what they want? Even if you want to you want, my heart is still not satisfied with shares? Let us longer follow some of the deep, all this comes from your own lack of love.
your future potential: a new era of teachers, it was rooted in the earth to live the spiritual life. Link with the divine intelligence, so the feeling of being liberated.

bottle [23]
you love and light is a very soft person, with the characteristics of femininity, you treat people very friendly, very accommodating, willing to take care of and considerate to others.
your difficulties and challenges: Why are you so eager to love it? You are not looking forward to a romantic evening, a charming partner will send you a bouquet of flowers, then hand the romantic dinner? If there are not that person, why would not you love yourself some, give yourself a bunch of beautiful people, eat a meal with their delicious dinner? You may ask: how to love yourself? Then I will tell you: accept all of yourself, no matter good or bad you are.
your future potential: desperately want to know themselves and achieve self-awareness (for example, through therapy, meditation, etc.) to a positive and pragmatic attitude and accept the fate.

[24] new message
bottle the bottle is closely related with the energy of Venus, so your soul with the energy of love and beauty have a deep link. This also implies that you have a bottle when the matchmaker's talent, the people around you can help to find their soul mate. This bottle shows you are a romantic person, like a beautiful, elegant, enjoy the feeling.
your difficulties and challenges: you headaches, insomnia, thoughts upset you? Think about it, you is not a backlog of recent case, a lot of sense does not express it? If you have not recently, then you may have been used to suppress their feelings, which can cause you chest tightness, shortness of breath it.
your future potential: a person can be individualized with insight, self-love can awaken the others, with extraordinary personal qualities, integrity and maturity, absorbed in the joy of the spirit.

bottle [25] recovery of the bottle, the bottle is called
Nightingale Nightingale, showing that you are born with the talent to take care of others, on behalf of the real you is a warm warm includes light person, you used to hide his own light.
your difficulties and challenges: You used to hide their own Oh, you put your rich content have been closed up, fear of being seen. Why? Are you afraid of? In childhood, when you are seen to be noted that what happens after? Because you used to hide themselves, so easy to accumulate a lot of your inner energy, this energy may make you often feel angry, his thoughts constantly, sadness, headaches, insomnia, and may even let people think you are mysterious, difficult to close.
your future potential: There is a lot of energy can be given to the treatment of others who have the ability to go within the contemplation. To complete planned tasks.

[26] bottle shock bottle
you are a person who likes games and fun, you always giggling like a child, and your laugh would infect people around. Very sensitive to your senses, attention to taste and enjoy life.
your difficulties and challenges: lack of security you may have received in the recent or past experience of shock, shock experience, and that now also affects you. Due to lack of security, so you may over-sensitive, can not trust others or to the new environment, you can not truly show everything.
your future potential: a very independent person, creative, with a deep, intuitive intelligence, and learning by teaching others, very smart, and very careful, things do not go overboard, always take initiative, be able to feel deep joy.

[27] Robin Hood
This bottle is a bottle of Sagittarius bottle, so you love freedom, do not like to be bound. This bottle by the name of Robin Hood, on behalf of you have a kind heart, a sense of justice, often restricted to the record straight. Through the enthusiasm of the people you are to show your heart.
your difficulties and challenges: Do you feel like a woman living in a man's body, or a man living in a woman's body in it? If you are troubled by this, then it can help you a bottle of Robin Hood. This bottle of election because you may suffer separation or divorce agreement.
your future potential: a successful person, work hard, very focused, energetic, decision-making power. Firm and their own on their own.

bottle [28] Girl Marilyn (Robin Hood's spouse)
you are a person who appears soft, good-hearted, but from your inner exudes a firm, inviolable strength, resilience, green represents your impression is comfortable, no pressure.
your difficulties and challenges: Do you feel like a woman living in a man's body, or a man living in a woman's body in it? If you are troubled by this, then this girl a bottle of Marilyn can help you.
your future potential: an often new, fresh vision of what the pioneers. Is a reliable, happy, honest people of their own.

bottle [29] together, marching
you are a Safe movement of people, you can warm with people, you can also quietly alone. The name of the bottle is called
your difficulties and challenges: Do you often feel like I was swinging between two extremes it? Sometimes very hot, outgoing, sometimes very calm and introverted. Sometimes like a volcanic eruption, sometimes in deep water like.
your future potential: a custom reformers want to change. Pay yourself for peace, protection of others, hoping to give human beings the best.

bottle [30] to heaven into the world
You look like a calm, but a fiery heart. Like a piping hot sea of ​​magma, unlike the violent volcanic eruptions, with high heat and energy, quietly into the sea. This is a bottle called
your difficulties and challenges: do you feel depressed? You feel like in the deep sea, feeling the dark, cold, lack of sunlight. You can not find anyone, perhaps not looking for anyone.
your future potential: the concept of transformation into action, things look very clear, with extraordinary insight.

bottle [31] source
your greatest asset is your mind, through your heart, you can prime your deep intelligence and expressed. Your greatest asset in life is nature, through nature, you can get an endless supply of intelligence.
your difficulties and challenges: a lack of confidence do you? Are you afraid to show their full strength, perhaps because of your great strength and anger mixed in one, if you want to find the stage of life, to your self-worth first started looking.
your future potential: a diplomatic capacity, and people with heart treatment, to establish a good team spirit, to accept responsibility, do not think it is a burden, but as a joy.

bottle [32] Sophia
your intuition is very strong, and sometimes through your intuition, you will be very smart to say the words, you think more is leaps and bounds, at first glance listen to does not make sense under some, but in fact there is some mystery.
difficulties and challenges you: Sometimes you run into inexplicable anger and confusion, his thoughts are upset, not calm. You actually have a keen intuition, but you can not trust your instincts, often a rational and logical to suppress your inner voice.
your future potential: a personal charm and accomplishment, to give people warmth, support and attention, he felt calm, understanding of the forces of nature, living in the moment, able to clearly communicate with others.

[33] dolphin bottle bottle bottle
This is called the dolphin bottle, so you have a dolphin quality: like the playful, love to laugh, humor, love and people close to the same time, you have a strong intuitive, but also has creative talent.
your difficulties and challenges: In your heart you want to play and relax, but you can not play and relax. Your mind to you can not enjoy the expression of your heart and feel your mind so that you are very serious, you can allow your mind at ease, your mind kill your imagination and intuition.
your future potential: a working artist for peace, intuition and inner guidance with a link. Efforts to achieve the purpose of life, is an authority or authorities to allow the reformers against their own goals.

bottle [34] The Birth of Venus
This bottle is called appearance, behavior, dress, exudes all the characteristics of the United States. In addition, you also exudes the energy of love, good karma.
your difficulties and challenges: Do you think no one loves you, no one understood you? You feel lonely, often misunderstood it? If so, carefully recall, you get used to your own inner feelings and emotions expressed in it?
your future potential: is a self-sufficient in all aspects of life, people do not need outside help, self-reliance, there is inner strength.

[35] kind
This bottle a bottle called
your difficulties and challenges: Do you think no one loves you? Do you think the world lacks the warmth? Or you just break it? This lack of feeling of love, in fact, comes from your inner deep sadness.
your future potential: through helping others and experience the deep satisfaction, but also to help him, and he has the talent and the treatment capacity of remote treatment (mean treatment of a person who is not in the vicinity).

bottle [36] love
This bottle is called
your difficulties and challenges: do you often daydream? Whether the people around you often say to you, real thing, do not be a dream. You always keep thoughts, their brains big traffic? All this comes from you not love yourself. You only accept a good part of your brain that you have a lot of expectations on their own, so you have to be intrinsic part of many suppress or ignore you.
your future potential: become aware of their own life purpose. Whatever you do, even if not successful, they clearly know their own internal goals.

bottle [37] guardian angel on Earth
This bottle is called the to share these ideals, and let the implementation of these ideals in this world.
your difficulties and challenges: Do you feel cold? I say your heart is cold, life in some melancholy, like alone in 3,000 meters under the sea in general; life some do not want to touch sad, make you like floating in the sky, cranky, divorced from reality.
your future potential: to follow their ideals, self-cultivation, inspiration and good instincts, with their own conduct in life is to show how successful and efficient.

bottle [38] lyric poet, insight
This bottle is called In addition, you are also an elegant and poetic people, like wandering around in nature, and like the mountains dancing elves in general.
your difficulties and challenges: your heart right? Did you last listen to your heart out? You know your own feeling? You are willing to release your heart? Your heart may often say to you: I'm so sorry, I'm so disappointed, I am glad, I'm so angry, I want this,cheap moncler jacket women, I want to go there ... ...
your future potential: it has a natural dignity and good personal qualities, and their links to heart, while the community has strong feelings.

[39] Egypt bottle bottle, play puppet who
This bottle is called interest or special desire, you easy links to information and knowledge on the spiritual, and has the ability to teach others, may be a spiritual mentor.
your difficulties and challenges: Do you believe you own intelligence? Not read many books, listen to a lot of people say that the kind of foreign intelligence,Meisterstuck Fountain Pen, but from your most inner intelligence.
your future potential: with the power to change the world, while understanding that change must start from within a person, to find freedom from the action and enjoy access to knowledge and impart it to others.

[40] I
This bottle is Aries bottle to represent you is a warm, direct, strong and responsible action of people, but also has leadership qualities. The bottle's name is
your difficulties and challenges: you can not do it yourself, always worrying about other people's views by other people's opinions to influence, which stems from your lack of confidence, lack of courage to do it themselves. You may lack confidence in the other extreme: to control because of fear, blame, self-centered.
your future potential: with a deep inner intelligence, and can express it. Very close to awakening time, meaning that self-exploration has come a very long journey.

[41] smart bottle bottle bottle
This is called
your difficulties and challenges: you often bully it? Your boundaries are often invaded it? Do you feel neglected? If so, I ask you: that you value yourself?

April 20, 2009 , weather clear , Molly ninety-two days .
Molly did well today morning wake up feeling pretty good ,dre beats headphones, happy and Mommy talk , wash PP, clothes do not cry ; noon while she nursed a good state , they quickly give her a bath bath , and finally success! twice before taking a bath is not smooth , and Wei sister to her bath when compared like for like individuals , cry and kick , only to a bubble on the water pulled out , with the words of Molly grandmother said that, Today the weather is hot , Molly Mommy another attempt , success!
Molly was born in the Year of the Rat 's tail can be said that a little mouse . But her favorite is the home of a Hello Kitty, she can be directed at small cats happy to say that on most of the day , even the mom looked very jealous of it - no more than Molly baby and speak more cute cats children it!
directly on the video -

(see the nice post, in turn, share with the faithful car)

4 Drag the vehicle starting

error 5 vehicles do not use the handbrake when parking ramp

some drivers turn off the vehicle when the gear is not linked into the P block, so a big impact on the gearbox. Especially again to start the vehicle, the vehicle transmission will be greater impact. Of course, some vehicles have transmission protection device, the block is not linked to P can not start the vehicle. Despite the continuous improvement of automotive technology, can effectively avoid the misuse of the vehicle damage, but it should also develop the habit of proper operation of vehicles.

is well known, automatic transmission vehicles, easy to open, easy to stop, driving more comfortable, believe this is the main reason to buy automatic transmission vehicles. However, the automatic transmission compared to traditional manual gearbox failure rate and durability in both the gap, which also requires the driver of the automatic transmission that we have a better understanding and proper operation. First, a majority of riders in the road next to correct the course of a few errors with the automatic transmission used car is to change the faithful have no criticisms were justified.

error 1 long-stay parking when the gearbox is still linked into the D block (road block)

error into the P block 3 is not linked to start the vehicle

with automatic transmission car can not start because the battery power shortage, the non-use vehicle with manual push or drag the method to start, because the automatic transmission can not start with these methods, and to do so will damage the catalytic converters.

error 2 encountered downhill or into the high-speed transmission linked to N block (neutral)

If you wait more traffic lights or in congestion on the roads, you can use the brake to control the vehicle status,Beats by dre tour headphones, it is possible and almost no damage to the vehicle. When you need to wait a long time, the gear will still be in the D block, which is a wrong action. Because of the word into the D block will have a speed of forward vehicle, which is why many older drivers called increased deterioration, resulting in decreased transmission lubrication.

many motorists know that driving the process, will be linked into the neutral gear manual transmission, fuel economy can achieve the effect. But this will not be able to achieve fuel efficiency, but also greatly reduce security. Many people will bring this concept in automatic transmission vehicles, in fact, more dangerous and harmful to the vehicle deeper. Such as driving or in case of transmission linked to the downhill into the N block, this time a high transmission output shaft speed, and idle the engine, transmission oil pump less oil, lubrication condition deteriorated, but also multi-plate clutch inside the transmission, the Although power has been cut off, but the passive film in the wheel, driven by high speed, engine-driven initiative to film speed is very low, very small gap between the two, and slip easily lead to resonance phenomena.


with automatic transmission car parking in the slope, some drivers only use the P block, instead of using the parking brake, this can easily lead to accidents. Although the automatic transmission vehicles with parking in the P gear locking mechanism in case of failure will result if an accident. Thus, in the parking ramp, also need to use the parking brake.

a molecule called sentimental, said: not a good stay in the village, ran it to why?

I: Ma said point so that I long to experience the city, go back and find a good husband.

passionate son: like you have to Xiangjia Ren ah?

I: Ma said, I look like a long-Jun. Sure to find a good husband, so I come to the city long exposure. Heard people say that there is consequently a net, Anjiu way to Chou Chou, teachers and more help I!

Acacia into the illness: Who is your teacher you? Silly girl ruffle your mouth and called, the teacher ah?
me: Men, where literacy, and I call the teacher.

heart Kisaragi: stupid sister, you are killing me, I ask you, you know food Vinski is?

me: he is driving it? Drive a car or tractor ah? I have a big truck in the village, driving the call driver. You say the food Vinski I heard.

a lot of people call halo.

me: You do not do online? You where the network is not rock it?

A ruffle were dizzy?

heart moon: I have a hilarious friends. Silly sister, I tell you, food Vinski and former U.S. President is the place Taosexinwen girl.

passionate son: A month you and he said the United States, he knew the United States there?

I: Jiu know Chinese, I teacher said, China is the I country. I country with vast land, the United States-what things?

Acacia into the illness: silly girl, you did not see the Patriots do. I tell you ah. The United States in the earth there.

heart Kisaragi: stupid sister, you know the earth is round?

me: I know, I says that the earth boss boss Ah. I says that there is a fool to find a point to pry up the earth, and finally could not find.

their network and sloshing of. Has collapsed to a large.

I Acacia into the illness, said: teacher Yeah, I ask you Ah. Upside down every day, Americans are not sick?

Acacia into the illness: What is upside down?

me: the earth is round, they let you say under their feet. They do not do that upside down?

heart Kisaragi: stupid sister, you are so cute. My stomach hurts like a.

me: my sister, Ma said. Not to drink unclean water, carefully stomach ache, you drink?

passionate son: Do you have a cell phone? I'll give you a call.

me: I have ah I Ah, I see people in the city girls are hanging around his neck a thing. Could still speak. I ask. They told me is called mobile phone. I bought a put a.

Acacia into the illness: Do not wordy, and quickly said number. I'll give you a call.

me: there is no number, I forgot to ask the store people.

passionate son: you do not tell people to buy when you ruffle with it?

me: told. Press a number to sing a song. Be nice had.

heart Kisaragi: your cell phone where to buy? How much?

I: Yeah shops. Two hundred twenty-eight cents. Three to five people. I gave him two eight.

their nets began to shake,Beats by dre headphones, and then to a large halo.

Acacia into the illness: silly girl, you typing quite fast. Whom to learn?

me: I did not type, I said. A little brother for me to play.

heart Kisaragi: your home there? Ruffle your mother let you out of a person?

me: our household in the village. An Ma was so I came out of long experience.

passionate son: back to the village bar, this is not your place to stay. Care was trafficked.

I: Ma said, met the men shouted uncle. Met with the woman shouting aunt, Zuitian point of good things.

Acacia into the illness: girl, you are not fit to stay in the city, listening to Big Brother, then go home. The city will take you to the pollution.

me: do not play your town is not like pesticides in vegetables and fruit? I did not come with a pesticide barrels. Ruffle pollution?

heart moon: This lovely child silly, silly sister, do not stay in the cafe. Hurry home.

me: I did not home Yeah. No place to live. People here the Internet one night only five dollars. Than stay fit. Jiu come on here. An Hai network-what to know something. I also told the teachers, the U.S. President's driver is a woman. Or peach.

passionate son: Haha. This girl is too interesting.

me: I go. Dawn of the. I have to save money. , Forgot to tell you. I save a lot of steel collapsing children.

heart moon: save the collapse of steel child doing? Dowry?

me: I see my brother go to Beijing. Celebrity big brother, but I. Everyone knows him.

heart Kisaragi: Who is your brother?

me: I said I my brother Yeah, is not smiling. I also worry. Right. His name is Luo Jing. China Central Television.

passionate son: Luo Jing is your brother?

me: I was I when his brother, he did not know it. So I had enough Gangbeng children, Anjiu to tell him.

network and sloshing up. They to a large halo.

me: your network is always swinging. One to speak to you on the halo. I do not say. I left. It in the net in your halo

read my post ....... that people laugh who love the smooth, cause your heart, family harmony, blessing, such as the East China Sea. Shoubinanshan, life happy ~

course. . Such people are also generous .... would not mind a return to a small post ... happy priceless thing

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half the reason I fell asleep lah ~ ~

I was a little afraid of it, take a look

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first day of work,Beats by dre headphones! How it seems not in the state...


beans are also very comfortable today, yesterday, to eat hot pot hot fingers no longer seems a pain. But still had a long from the bubble! Oh, good looking distressed (⊙ o ⊙) ah!

night dinner, beans grandfather would say that tongue twister of beans! Bean is also proud to say it again special 'grapes do not spit grape skin, grape skin does not spit down grapes'... Haha, although that' s sometimes quarrel.. But very good ~ () / ~ la la la


common limited liability company, the minimum registered capital of 300 million, requires two (or more) shareholders, from January 2006 onwards the new company law provisions that allow a shareholder registered limited liability company, this particular limited liability company called -


1. companies must establish a sound accounting system, you may worry that he will not, how do? Started up companies, small businesses, the accounting workload is very small, you can ask a part-time accounting, monthly to your company to help you establish accounts, two, three days is enough to give him 200 - can pay around 500. -


finally open for business. Attention to the tax returns on time every month tax Oh, do not pay taxes even if no business, but also to declare zero, otherwise it will be fine. -

3. write The last charter signed by all shareholders. -


tax registration certificate, there must be an accounting, because the information required by the Inland Revenue Department One of the accounting qualification certificates and ID cards. You can call a part-time accounting, small companies just starting your normal 200 yuan accounting for part-time wages on it. -

Income Tax: The company's net profit 18-33% of the corporate income tax levy. The profits of small companies, small, usually 18%. The corporate income tax, do account is very important, if your profit on the books a lot, and that tax rates are high. Therefore, the usual purchase of equipment to be invoiced, you eat, ride tickets are to stay together, can serve as your business operating costs. -

basic household needs to fill many open tables, you'd better bring all things to bring along, or else have to run many times, including the original copy of the original business license, ID card, organization code certificate, public financial chapter, legal chapter. -


Second, the registered company steps: -

12. for tax registration: obtain a license, the local tax office within 30 days to apply for tax registration certificate. Companies generally need to apply for two kinds of tax registration certificate, namely tax and land tax. The cost is $ 40, a total of 80. -




5. to the accounting firm to receive a If you are unsure, you can see the newspaper classifieds, there are many accounting firms advertising. -

8. Registered Company: Industrial and Commercial Bureau to receive a variety of companies to set up registration forms, including the establishment registration application form, the shareholders (promoters) list, managing director of supervision of, the legal representative of the registration form, designated representative or agent registration Table. Completed, together with the nucleus were notified, the company charter, rental contract, a copy of real estate license, with the capital verification report to the Trade and Industry Bureau. About three working days to obtain a license. This costs about 300 yuan. -

6. to open a company bank account verification: to bring their shares to all shareholders that part of the money to the bank, bring the Articles of Association, Trade and Industry Bureau of nuclear Name notice, the legal representative's personal seal, identity card, for verification of money,Justbeats By Dr Dre, levy consultation blank form letter to the bank to open a company account, you have to tell is to open bank account verification. Good company to open an account, each of the shareholders according to their capital contributions to the company account into the appropriate money. -


a select company in the form of: -

Note: Companies Act, registered companies, investors (shareholders) must pay the full amount of the capital, can credit money in the form (ie RMB) investment, can also be in kind (such as cars), real estate, intellectual property and other investors. To the bank to do just this part of the money invested, if you have a physical, real estate, etc., as funded, accounting firms need to identify the real value of its value after its investment, more trouble, so I suggest you take the money directly invested, the company No matter what method you use means the money is, whether you own, borrow, whether you, as long as money can be shown with paid-up capital contribution. -


4. inscribed signet: go to the street where engraving a personal seal carved, engraved corporate signet talk to them (square). Cost about 20 yuan. -


open the basic account, you also need to purchase a password device (from the second half of 2005, most banks have this requirement), Device requires 280. The future of your company checks, transfer money, will need to use a password to generate the password. -


bank payment orders, and bank levy consultation cover letter chapter. -

the difference between two kinds of taxes: sales tax is a turnover tax, whether you earn no money, only in the event the transaction, open invoices, we should tax; income tax is a tax on profits, the profit is deducted turnover Less money remaining after all costs, and only made a profit before income tax levy. -

9. with the business license to the Public Security Bureau of Engraving designated agency, to the engraved seal, financial chapter. The back steps, need to use the seal or financial chapter. -



11. to open basic bank account: their business license, organization code certificate to open a basic bank account. Preferably in the original for verification at the same outlets that bank to apply for, otherwise, they will receive more than $ 100 cost of capital verification account. -

If you and your friends, family, venture partner, choose an ordinary Co., the minimum registered capital of 300 million; if only you as a shareholder, then choose a Company Limited, the minimum registered capital of 10 million. -

good rental contract signed, but also to buy a stamp duty tax, annual rental rate of one thousandth of purchase, such as your rent is $ 10,000 per year, then buy 10 dollars of stamp duty, paste Home in the rent contract , followed by those who need a place to use the rent contract, stamp duty needs to be posted a copy of the contract. -



sales tax: sales of goods of the company, the amount invoiced by the levy of 4% VAT; provider of services, according to the invoice amount to 5% sales tax. -



individuals to open the company's processes, the future need it

Each shareholder will be issued

there are two points you may be concerned about: -



There are many other kinds of taxes, but not much money, mainly to the above two, in particular, income tax is very high .-

2. Corporation tax: -


7. for verification reports: took a demand note issued by the bank shareholders, bank levy consultation after the sealed letter, and articles of association, nuclear Name notice, the rent contract, a copy of real estate license, to the accounting firm for verification report. Generally cost 500 yuan (50 million or less registered capital). -

2. rent: office space to rent a dedicated office, if you have your own plant or office can, in some places is not allowed in residential building office. To sign a rental contract after rent and the landlord to provide a copy of real estate license. -

1. nuclear Name: Industrial and Commercial Bureau to obtain an, if not the same name, you can use this name, it will issued a This step of the fee is $ 30. ($ 30 can help you retrieve the five names, many names repeat, it is generally the common name would not try, so wasting the money) -

13. apply for Purchasing Invoices: If your company is selling goods, should be to apply to the tax invoice, if the nature of the service company, is to apply local tax invoice. -

10. for organizations and agencies code card: With the business license to the Bureau of Technical Supervision for the organization code certificate, the cost is $ 80. This card needs to do two weeks, and Technical Supervision will first send a pre -accepted code documents with this file you can apply for back tax registration certificate, a basic bank account opening procedures. -


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Step 3: Click

Step Four: Follow the instructions to fill

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Thank you for the great info–this is an important part of managing PMS symptoms (i.e. reducing stress). As both a family doc and women’s health coach, I use stress-reduction techniques when I am treating PMS and find them to be very useful.

Post simply love the story and the vivid imagery.

great pic, it must of been freezing

I had boller the last time I visited Oslo and I must say it is really nice. That resolution should not be too hard to stick to.

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