Campus for lunch?


As an Italian attending the University of Minnesota, I think that food is not a problem in campus. For your lunch break, for example, you have a huge variety of options, from the classic Chipotle (great burritos!) to the more characteristic Bun-Mi , an awesome Vietnamese sandwich place, passing thru Punch Pizza, my favorite Italian pizza place (in Minneapolis!). And if you decide to have a coffee after lunch, I will suggest either Starbucks (I always get their dark roast of the day, delicious!) or Espresso Expose (go with doppio espresso!).
All these fast food places and many others are located in the Stadium village, about 5 minutes walk from the Electrical Engineering department, in the middle of Minneapolis campus right in front of TCF Stadium.

However, you find other good places inside of Coffman Memorial Union,

about 7 minutes walking, where you could stay after lunch for either studying or for a coffee! Starbucks is there too!!
As a student of the University of Minnesota you get very spoiled, food-wise. This can only be good for an International Student, because I think that one of the first needs you have almost naturally in a foreign country is your home country food and you are likely to find it even during your breaks in campus. And, on the other side, you can also experience and enjoy many different cousine!


Hi Guido,

Great tips for getting lunch fast! Where do you go if you have lots of time and a big budget?


You are welcome Beth! In that case either downtown or uptown Minneapolis (and also Saint Paul)......plenty of places!


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