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Be happy for this moment


...this moment is your life.

Spring is in the air - and so is exam week. With mounting pressure from impending exams, with essays to write and projects to polish, with analyses to run and talks to present, how do we stay happy?

Crisis of Home Country


As most of you already know, my country, Japan is facing several crisis.

Who did forecast this situation? I had never even imagined it, and I am having feeling that i had never had before. I still feel like all of my heart, attention, and mind is not in the US but in Japan.

What do you think you do if your country has crisis during your study abroad...?


It's Spring Break!


Hi all,
Thanks for coming back to my blog this week:-) It's spring break and I am enjoying it in New York! I am very excited to take a break from classes and my busy work schedule. That does not mean I am not using the time to also catch up on school projects. However, I am spending the most of my spring break catching on sleep and having fun. At the U of M a number of graduate students take time off from school during breaks and holidays such as this to rejuvenate after the busy first half of the semester.
I go back to Minnesota next week to start the last half of my spring semester. I am sure I will be rejuvenated and ready for it! I am sure you are also getting ready to make your final decision on the graduate programs to attend next Fall. Choose the University of Minnesota for a fulfilling and exciting graduate school experience and remember to have fun while you are at it like I am! Spring Break NY 2011 036.JPG

This blog is concerned with my top 10 picks of restaurants in Minneapolis. Whatever your flavor, I hope you find something you like! (The picture shows food from Brasa Restaurant, in North East).


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