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Greetings everyone!!! 大家好~(Dajiahao means "Hello Everyone" in Chinese.) My name is Yizhuo Zhao and I'm a second year graduate student from Changchun, China. I'm currently studying Master of Development Practice (MDP) program at Humphrey School of Public Affairs. MDP program is a global program providing interdisciplinary training to prepare students to address issues of sustainable development.

I really appreciate the opportunity to be an international graduate student ambassador to share my experience and perspectives on studying and living at the U, which I hope can be useful for international students better adapting your campus life here. Minnesota is a really amazing and beautiful place famous for its natural lakes and forests. Although the weather might be cold in the winter, you gonna feel warm because of nice and wonderful people here. The Campus of the U is beautiful and charming, you will fall in love with the architectures, coffee shops, libraries and the nature...

I would like to introduce a little bit about myself here. I graduated from Renmin University of China with major in Economics. I'm very interested on developing countries and development issues, especially the development model achieving social values as well as financially sustainable such as microfinance. Learning about different cultures and people is so fascinating to me, I was being a volunteer in Turkey and I did my internship in Cairo this summer. So I'm really happy to know people from different cultures and countries, we gonna be really good friends! As for my hobbies, I love travelling, making friends, doing yoga and watching movies! Campus life at the U is so colorful that I definitely would write more about in my future blogs.

It's really excited to be an international student ambassador and I look forward to being friends with you guys~Thanks for reading my blog! I will be blogging soon~~

All best,
Yizhuo (Serene) Zhao



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