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Hi everybody!

My name is Marina Uehara, and I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina. I am currently a Master of Social Work candidate at the School of Social Work. The School of Social Work is part of the College of Education and Human Development (CEHD).

I also work for the International Student and Scholar Services as a student worker, as well as doing my Social Work Field Placement (or also called an internship) at CLUES (Comunidades Latinas Unidas en Servicios)

I have been in Minnesota since Fall of 2005. I did my undergraduate studies in Duluth, MN. I went to a school that looks very much like Hogwarts!

An interesting fact about me is that my whole family lives internationally:
My parents who are from Japan currently live in Argentina. My dad is Argentinean like me!
My grandmother still lives in Tokyo, Japan.
And my younger brother, he recently moved to Paris, France!

Feel free to ask me, or any of the other ambassadors, questions about the University of Minnesota student life. We have all been where you are at one point of our lives

And please keep on reading our blogs and asking us questions!!! See you next time!

PS: I love to eat new foods! Here I am with my friend from Ethiopia, eating some Ethiopian food!

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Hola Marina,
Mi nombre es Romina, antes que nada quiero decir que casi se me sale el corazon por la boca cuando vi que sos de argentina y de Buenos Aires!!!
Te escribo porque , como quizas ya interpretaste, soy de Buenos AIres y estoy estudiando antropologia en la UBA y quiero hacer la carrera en la Universidad de Minnesota.
Por este motivo estoy poniendome en contacto con alumnos extranjeros recibidos y, otros aun no, para recolectar info.

Te agradeceria muchisimo si pudiera tener una charla con vos por Skype o salir a tomar un cafe (estoy en la ciudad en este momento).

Te dejo mi mail y mi Skye: aguado.romi@gmail.com/ rominaaguado


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