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Deciding to go to a graduate school certainly is a big decision of anyone's life. Besides getting yourself admitted to those schools, the city, where school is located, plays an important role for any decision. Why? Because you will have to live in the city or town, which is so far away from your home town. What would people do for fun after school? What is the weather like? .. etc.

Actually, if you are looking for more insight about the University of Minnesota, here I am! -- as a part of the International Student Ambassadors'11-12 -- will take turn with others to update our blogs to share you our experience, with different perspective and lots of stories. As a part of ISA team, I am really excited to share my view with everyone here!

banchinda.jpgOriginally from Bangkok the capital city of Thailand, my name is Banchinda Laothai, a second-year doctoral candidate of music performance majoring in Collaborative piano & Coaching at the School of Music at the University of Minnesota. This is actually my sixth year in the United States, previously pursued the master degree in the same area at the Cleveland Institute of Music; Cleveland, Ohio. By the end of the third year, I moved to the U of M. Now it becomes my second home; and the Twin cities --Minneapolis & St.Paul-- become my second hometown. In addition to music studying, I have an architectural background, previously earned the Bachelor degree in Architecture majoring in Interior Architecture from the Chulalongkorn University from my hometown; as well as practiced the design for a couple of years.

I was told that change in life happens for a reason. What reason? -- I guess we will eventually discover. Not only my career path has been altered, studying abroad is a huge change of my life. I have experienced uncountable new things; more than that, the new things I am talking about is also about myself.

How about you? Are you approaching a crossroad?; Any potential that Minneapolis could become your 'potential' places? Or are you currently in a transition to the U of M? Either way, please stay in touch and find out more what we are going to share!

And say hi to me if you see me around campus :)

See you soon!


sa was dee ka! im so glad to see Thai ppl on ISA blog. I am going to study at Carlson School this summer. If you don't mind, can I contact you via email or by any means? I am a bit lost here, so many questions to be answered. Thank you so much ka.


You should e-mail us at and we can connect you with our ambassador from Thailand - or we can connect you with our ambassadors who is a current student at the Carlson School of Business if you would like.

Admissions can be confusing, so feel free to contact us so we can help you figure it all out!

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