Do you have a place at The U?

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Oh Yes. Everybody has a place at The U. The U is a short form for the University of Minnesota. As a prospective student, The U knows that you have several options. Higher learning institutions exist in all six of the seven continents worldwide. Why you should consider the U then? The U ranks among the top world universities. But it is down-to-earth to accommodate everyone!!! The school welcomes international students. It has numerous support systems in place to help U get in and succeed. We, International Student Ambassadors, are among the many live examples for U. Should you need more information about the U, need assistance with the application process or anything, please let us know. I was out there like you before. But now I have been through the processes and aware of what it takes to get here. Just know that you have a spot waiting for you here on campus. Talk to you soon.

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