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Hi all,

Are you interested in learning a third language (or even fourth, fifth, ...), other than English and you mother language(s), to know more about other culture and make more friends?? At U of M, there are various languages programs that we could attend, including formal classes and many other programs...

Registered Courses
Many language courses, e.g., Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, German, etc., are offered on campus for all students to register for credits; even you are not in a certain language major. The courses are developed in different levels--beginning, accelerated beginning, intermediate, and advanced, and also some other related courses with focus on literature, writing, reading or else. You could take the courses following the levels step by step. Or, if you already have certain level of the language skills, many language programs have proficiency / placement test, which would help you find the right course level you may want to attend. Generally, your major program would require you to take some elective courses outside your major program. So, if approved by your major advisor, it would be a great idea to take your interested language courses as elective courses as earned credits toward your degree!!

TandemPlus Program (from College of Liberal Arts, Language Center)
Here is the link, CHECK IT OUT:
TandemPlus is a language exchange program. It matches native speakers of two different languages, students of each other's language who learn from each other and help one another to learn. For example, if you are Japanese native speaker and want to learn Chinese, TandemPlus will find you a Chinese native speaker who wants to learn Japanese. You and your partner could schedule your own study time based on your availability, or you could also attend the virtual face-to-face exchange or class-to-class exchange. Don't forget that, there are also a lot of Americans to attend this program who want to learn a foreign language from YOU, so, if you want to improve your English skills as an international student, you will absolutely find a partner here!!! And also, the participants in this program are not limited to current students, but also actually open to public. So, in here, you will not only learn a new language and promote your mother language, but also make more fantastic friends with diverse background and experiences. Isn't it excited?

Hope the information above is helpful for you!! Please let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

See you next time!

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I want to learn english language

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