OMG! Is it December, already?! Thanksgiving is gone. Time flies.

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Couple of weeks in mid- to late-November are always very busy with a full of events and projects to me (and probably to most people). It is probably the most exciting season of the year, but I am glad that I have survived this crazy time again.

1. Thanksgiving
Although I did not grow up with Thanksgiving tradition, it is kind of the "must" as I am living in US (and of course, I LOVE enjoying foods!). As neither my husband nor I have family in US, we have developed our tradition to join our close friend's family gathering. Turkey.JPGIt is a big family gathering with probably over 30 family members. Everybody brings in one or more Thanksgiving dish (stuffing, dumpling, mashed potatoes with gravy, cranberry sauce, casseroles, etc...) and the host bakes turkey and ham. We are not part of their family, but they welcome and treat us as their family every year. We feel so blessed...we will be joining their Christmas dinner in December, too!

2. Black Friday
I'm not talking about only crazy shopping on Friday morning. Of course, I do go to find Friday morning deal, but all the best deal come in on line shopping, too...On Black Friday, we got a sweater and two pairs of pants for my husband, a down jacket for me, and a good sauce pan that we had wanted to buy for a while. As for on-line shopping, I have been receiving a package almost everyday :)

1. Personalized calender
Last year, we created and ordered a personalized wall calender to Shutterfly using a coupon. Because our daughter was born in 2010, we created a calender with her pictures taken in each month. That means we included pictures from May 2010 for May 2011, and so on. The great thing of this personalized calender is that we can include a photo not only for a month but for each day. For example, I put my daughter's birthday party picture for her birthday. We also created one for my parents; they loved it! We have decided to create it every year. Bad thing is when I realized that I needed to do this project this year, my coupon was expiring next day! So my husband and I put together photos and ordered within 24h!!!!

2. Christmas tree and wreathWreath.JPG
As soon an Thanksgiving passed, we start to see Christmas ornaments everywhere. On the next day of Thanksgiving, my family set up a Christmas tree in our living room. Christmas Tree.JPGThis year, my daughter helped me put ornaments on the tree. It was one of the happiest time to me...Next day, my neighbor set up beautiful Christmas light ups in his front yard. We don't have any in ours, but we are enjoying his light ups.

3. Christmas cards
It is still an on-going project, but we ordered and received our cards, again from Shutterfly. Because I want to write cards to my family and friends in my home country, I'd better start writing cards NOW considering international mailing takes several days.....

4. Christmas gifts
My husband and I have prepared gifts to all in our household (husband, daughter, and me). But we have been and is receiving gifts from my family and my husband's family, so I'd better hurry up to get gifts to them! Any gift idea, anyone?!?!Gifts.JPG

I can't believe it is already December tomorrow. Time flies. There will be more events for Christmas and the end of the year, which will keep us busy. Enjoy the exciting last month of the year!


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