My tribulations as a social worker...

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I often wondered why I decided to become a social worker. It is definitely because of the paycheck the social work values:

- service
- social justice
- dignity and worth of the person
- importance of human relationships
- integrity
- competence

I have incorporated these values into my every day life - and often think of what would have happened if I had never changed tracks. I started off my undergraduate degree in Biology, and I had an epiphany... I did not like Chemistry I felt like there was something missing in my life. How can I make a difference and still study in an area that I will enjoy, and not like in my high school laboratory, almost blowing up the lab because I "accidentally" turned the Bunsen Burner to the highest gas degree (I hope none of my high school science teachers are reading this!)

On a serious note, social justice was one of the key fundamentals that attracted me to this field. Not only changing communities is my passion, but understanding how to effectively change them so we can better our societies as well. Of course, I do get the once in a while comments that I am naive and that what I want is quite impossible, but I also have the support from my friends and family to keep on doing this. And the occasionally ridiculous stories that tag along.... maybe for next time!

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