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Many students has began looking for internships for their summer break or full-time jobs after graduation. Busy season is coming! It is a difficult and even frustrating process of looking for opportunities, networking with people, having interviews. However, do not worry! If we work hard, we will find something we truly satisfied eventually! It's a great experience to practice our research and communication skills. Most importantly, through the process, we can have better idea about what we are interested in and what we really want. Today, I want to highlight several resources that you can look for job opportunities!

GoldPASS GoldPass connects University of Minnesota students and alumni to employers. Use GoldPASS to: view job and internship listings access Going Global for information and international career postings post resumes register for career fairs and events schedule on-campus interviews Set up a GoldPASS account by logging in using your x.500 (internet) ID and completing the user agreement. Login to use GoldPASS now.
UMN Job and Internship Fair

The website posts job and internship fair information at the U. You can check this regularly to find out if there is a job fair coming up. There is one actually coming on Feb 23. Don't miss it! You can access the website at: http://www.clacareer.umn.edu/umjobfair/index.html

Interested in policy and development jobs? Check Humphrey School's Career Service website! If you are interested in policy, government and development jobs. Then you cannot miss Humphrey School's Career service website. They have information on how to prepare resume and cover letter. They also have links to different resources looking for job opportunities in this field!
Need a place to polish your resume or cover letter? Do not forget going to the Center for Writing at the U. People at the Center for Writing are indeed very helpful. It is very convenient for you to make a reservation and stop by the center to let someone help you with your writing documents. It is also a great way learning how to write and how to present ideas clearly. Start making a reservation today!
The last but not least! Start to networking with people! Best resources are always got from talking to and sharing with people. From my experience, I think the best way looking for opportunities is from connecting with people. So I will write another blog talking about this if you are interested!

Anyway, let's get started! Good luck to you and to myself!~


It's always a good idea to stay busy and gain as much work experience as possible. This will make it easier to find a job when you leave education and start your career. Employers always like to see a combination of work experience and qualifications. Good luck in your job search!

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After getting some experience of working somewhere you are able to face any interview easily. Every employee wants a good educated and experienced person so as a student you need to skilled yourself before attending any interview.

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